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Episode 1 - Mr.Ways Way's Part IV

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What happens in the flat?

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Hello. I am so sorry it's taken me so long to update this, I promise it won't be as long until the next update, which is going to be the last part of this 'episode'. Once again, sorry for the wait. Enjoy.

As their feet touched the ground of the apartment, the adrenaline began to flow. They looked around and saw nothing but what looked like an ordinary study. And old, mahogany desk cluttered with papers lay in front of them, large bookshelves overflowing with old, leatherbound  books covered one of the dark green walls. The whole place smelt like tobacco, cinnamon and slightly of lavender. Just a typical old mans study.
The Doctor turned to look at Hannibal and Gerard, putting his finger to his lips and pointing to the door. Hannibal nodded as he started walking slowly forward, the two of them following behind apprehensively. As he reached the door, he placed his hand gently on the handle and pushed down slowly, before pulling the door back a little and peeping through the gap.
Hannibal and Gerard didn't see what The Doctor saw, but they did see him swiftly move round to the back of the door and close it silently behind him.
'Well?' Hannibal questioned, barely a whisper.
'He's right outside, in the living room, but he's got his back to us. I think the corridor stretches down to the left and we need to get down there, just to look.' Gerard had to somewhat strain his ears to hear The Doctor's words, but he did. He nodded in response.
'So we just sneak past him?' Hannibal asked. The Doctor nodded.
'I'll go first, don't leave this room until you can see I'm safely past him, got it?' Hannibal and Gerard nodded in sync as The Doctor crept silently over to the other side of the door, pulling the door open and slipping through to the other side. Hannibal stepped forward, a floorboard creaking beneath her small feet. She cringed and turned to face Gerard, worry playing in her icy blue eyes. Gerard just nodded and smiled, slightly encouragingly. She smiled back and crept forward slowly, approaching the door which remained ajar. Gerard watched as she slithered through the door. He waited for a minute, listening for any signs of the old man finding them, but silence ensued. His heart was pounding in his chest, convulsing in time with the adrenaline streaming through his veins.
He stared at the gap in the door, seeing the corridor beyond and really thinking about what he was doing. Big fat alien sat in the living room, risk of death, but also two amazing people and and amazing adventure; open window behind him, safe way out, but also the cowards way out and the way to guarantee a boring, normal life. 
Before he could change his mind, he crept forward and past the thick, wooden door, seeing The Doctor and Hannibal's smiling faces at the start of the hallway. Just as he thought he was there, he saw The Doctor's face fall and felt a strong hand clamp over his mouth, preventing him from screaming out as another hand grabbed his arm and pierced his skin, sending an ice cold liquid into his bloodstream and making everything ascend into darkness. 

When he opened his eyes, he was stood almost upright, supported by some kind of huge, metal board behind him and his hands handcuffed behind his back. He blinked at the fluorescent lights bearing down from the ceiling, the only interruption to the black of the room apart from the occasional, thin green light. The place seemed immeasurable, ceaseless black spread out in front of him, beside him, beneath him. 
'Hello, sleepy head,' he heard Hannibal say from beside him and turned to see both her and The Doctor in identical positions to him. 
'Where the hell are we?' Gerard asked, voice hoarse. The Doctor smiled at him.
'The flat still, we never left.' Confusion and shock shaped Gerard's features as he stared back at him.
' This room is huge?' he asked, voice dripping with disbelief.
'Its bigger on the inside,' Hannibal replied, which made Gerard smile a little. 
'And another thing, handcuffs?' Gerard asked.
'Yeah...' The Doctor began, 'we're kind of his prisoners, but don't worry, I'll get us out of it.' Gerard shot him a 'I'd like to see you try' look.
'I will!' The Doctor insisted, making Hannibal giggle. 
'Seriously you two, this isn't some kind of competition,' she added, an amused tone to her voice.
They both went to reply but halted when they saw the old man re-enter the room, a slightly sadistic smile infecting his face. 
'Still here are we? Thought the mighty Doctor would had evaded my clutches by now,' he spat, a malicious sarcasm present in his scratchy voice. 
'Well I'm obviously not that mighty then,' The Doctor replied, making the old man scowl fiercely at him. 
'Tell me one thing though,' The Doctor began, making curiosity spark in the the old mans lifeless, brown eyes, 'what's your plan? With all the different alien body parts, what are they all for?' The old man shock his head.
'Like I'd tell you,' he snarled. 
'Ah, well, I'll just have to work it out then,' The Doctor replied sweetly, making the old man's eyes darken. 
'I reckon,' The Doctor continued after a pause, 'that you're using them to build a weapon, an idea that came from my good fried Gerard over here, but what I don't think you've realised is that you can't combine all those body parts. They won't fit together, they won't work. Your cant make a natural brain work again and the wiring for all the different robots won't fit together. You're stuck.' The Doctor smiled at the man, who merely shook his balding head. 
'Not if you inject all body parts with pancuronium bromide and reverse the polarity of all robot parts,' he replied calmly. The Doctor nodded.
'Ah, yes, well, that really is a good plan and, actually quite clever, but there's one thing you didn't think about.' The old man looked at him questioningly. The Doctor pulled his hands out from behind him, holding the sonic screwdriver out and creating a sonic pulse, radiating through everything in the room. The old man fell to the floor, gripping his head and groaning in agony. The Doctor raced over and undid Hannibal and Gerard's handcuffs. 
'Come on!' he yelled, running towards the door and out into the corridor. 
There was three different ways to go, none of which seemed to have an end anywhere in sight.
'This place goes in forever!' Hannibal  exclaimed. 
'Right,' The Doctor said, 'we split up. Gerard, you take the one on the far right, Hannibal, you take the one on the left and I'll go though the middle entrance. Take this.' He handed them a small, flat black square with a blue button on it and a small, white screen. 
'You find anything, a way out, the old man; press that button. I'll be there as soon as I can. If someone else presses the button, the directions will show up on that screen, okay?' Gerard nodded, his stomach twirling within him.
'Good luck,' The Doctor said, cracking a slight smile. 
'And you,' Hannibal replied, leaning up to give The Doctor a hug before they all started off down their routes. 
The corridors were silent, towering, ominous grey walls surrounding Gerard. They jumped and skipped, swerving when he least expected and making the fear peak within him. Every step he took, he felt like he was getting closer the old man, closer to his death. He still kept walking though, his pulse radiating through him. 
He would often catch a glimpse of his shadow as he was turning a corner, whipping round a gasping. 
Paranoia was nibbling at his thoughts, that prick in the back if his neck, that feeling someone was watching him. He couldn't fight any of it. The feeling someone was going to jump out behind him and grab him, making him look behind himself incessantly. 
As he rounded a corner, he could see the old man lurking in the inky shadows at the end of the corridor. He whipped back round and pressed himself against the wall, heart speeding up and pounding against his ribcage, fighting to escape. He could hear approaching footsteps and squeezed his eyes shut, pressing the blue button still clutched in his sweaty hand and bracing himself for whatever was to come.
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