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You can run away with me- Any time you want.

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This is my new, detailed, realistic fic. Dedicated to my dear friend Emma.- Get ready for the blowjobs, baby.

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She opened the bright red door, to a cold, bleak world. The pavements were scattered with litter, left over breakfast, a coffee cup, gum, here and there- stuck randomly along the sidewalk. This cloudy, sunless morning the streets of New Jersey were unusually empty. Arrow sighed loudly, and stepped out of her small terrace house, onto the pavement. Arrow shoved her hand into her pocket and produced a stick of 'Juicy Fruit' gum and a iPod. She unwrapped the gun and swiftly stuck it in her mouth. She untangled the headphones and placed them in her ears, blasting out Green Day- Holiday loud enough to make her ears bleed. Arrow slung her purple satchel over her shoulder and began reluctantly walking down the street. It was Wednesday and, another day at the crappiest school on earth. New Jersey State High. The teachers don't care, the students don't try. Thats the way it works, at N.J.S.H. Arrow reached the school gates after about 20 minutes of avoiding the cracks on the sidewalk, and being careful to the kids at school that don't like her, also on their way to school. She saw a slender, dark-haired figure standing at the school gates, occasionally looking at her watch. Emma.
Arrow grinned to herself, and quietly approached her.
"Hey, you absolute hoe." Arrow greeted her best-friend, hitting her lightly with her purple satchel. Emma jumped a little, then looked up from her iPhone.
"Oh, its you." Emma replied mock-coldly, before breaking out into a smile and putting her arms around Arrow's waist and pulling her into a hug. Emma smelled like vanilla and coffee. As usual. "You're such an asshole" Arrow replied, hugging back and smiling.
"Lesbians!" shouted a high, mocking, girly voice. It was followed by a series of stupid giggles. "Fuck off, Merlissa." Emma replied, without even turning round.
"Your SO emo, Emma!" Merlissa replied. More giggles.
"And you, Arrow!" Even more, obnoxious giggles. Arrow pulled away from Emma and walked up to the gang of girls in pleated pink mini-skirts and cardigans.
"For your information, for the last time, we are not homosexuals or emos. So go shove some jock's dick in your stupid little pink mouth and fuck off. We all know you sucked Jason Rover's god dammed dick. You whore." Arrow said, galreing directly at the girliest, blonde-est, stupidest girl. Before swiftly turning around and walking back over to Emma, leaving behind the shocked face of 'Merlissa Peddicone' the biggest whore in school and her little gang of 'Merlissa Wannabes'.
"I would smash her face in for 6 bucks and a Dr. Pepper" Emma muttered, and Arrow walked towards her. "Shall we go in?" Arrow asked.
"Good idea!" Emma replied, smiling.
"Uno momento" Arrow said, as they walked down the corridor.
"Gotta get something from my locker.
Arrow walked over to the bright green locker, standing out from all the sludge-gray others.
She swung it open and...
"OWCH! OWOWOWOWOW!" Said a voice.
Arrow slammed the locker shut again, and saw a boy, about her age, stood there holding his nose. He was tall and slender, with a honey brown side-fringe peaking out of the light gray beenie crammed onto his head, over his hair. He was wearing a black hoodie, over a pair of black skinny jeans with one red converse and one blue.
"Oh shit!" Arrow shouted.
She got 'a look' from a passing teacher, which naturally, she ignored.
"I'm so sorry! It wasn't on purpose, I promise! Your not bleeding are you? Oh no! You are! Sorry! Let me and Emma clean you up! Are you okay?!" Arrow continued, frantically.
"I'm fine, its okay!" The boy said, shyly, trying to mop up the bright red blood spouting from his nose, with a tissue he produced from his pocket.
"Emma!!" Arrow shouted.
"I made this kid's nose bleed!! Help!" Arrow shouted over to her friend.
Emma jogged over, shouting "Oh god... Not again?!"
She took one look at the scarlett stream, and fainted.
"Oh bloody hell." Arrow said, looking at the boys nose, then Emma, who was lying on the floor.
"Mikes! Mikes! Are you okay?! Did someone punch you!?" A another boy said, running over to the boy with the nose bleed.
He was wearing a blue 'Black Flag' shirt and black skinny jeans, with green converse.
"Err... I kinda accidently slammed my locker into his nose..." Arrow said, looking slightly uncomfortable.
"Oh..." The boy in green converse said, just noticing her.
"What happened to her?" He asked, looking at Emma.
Who was still on the floor.
"She fainted, at the sight of blood..." Arrow replied.
"Need a hand picking her up?" The boy in green converse said.
"Yes please, I can help mop up your friends nose too, if you like... I just need some help dragging Emma to the bathrooms..." Arrow said, motioning to the boy with the bloody nose and then the unisex bathrooms down the corridor.
"No problem" The boy in green converse smiled.
They carried Emma into the bathroom as the boy with the bloody nose trailed awkwardly behind.
The boy in green converse dragged the boy with the bloody nose over to the sinks and began wiping his nose for him.
"I'm not a kid, Gee, I can do it myself!!" The boy with the bloody nose replied swatting his hands away.
"Okay, okay." The boy in green converse replied, backing down.
"I'm Gerard, by the way." The boy in green converse said, turning to Arrow and sticking his hand out.
Arrow shook it.
"I'm Arrow, thats Emma..." She said, motioning to Emma, who was lying on the bathroom floor.
"Thats my brother Mikey..." Gerard said, looking fondly at the boy with the bloody nose.
"Well, Arrow. We better wake Emma up, shouldn't we?" Gerard said.
"Good Idea." Arrow replied, smiling and starting to splash water on Emma's face, from the sink.
After a little while of splashing water on Emma's face and shaking her, Emma came around.
She sat up and said "Why the fuck am I in a bathroom?"
Arrow, Gerard and Mikey just laughed at her.
"Your in a bathroom because we needed to wake you up as you fainted, dumb-ass." Arrow said.
"And, this is Mikey, and Gerard. They helped. I gave Mikey a bloody nose, 'cause I hit him with my locker door."
"Oh." Emma said, she blinked twice, looked a little confused, then smiled. "Hello, Mikey. Hello Gerard." She said.
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