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Terrified Of What I'd Be...

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Emma, Yes. Blowjobs. Face it. Im gonna write a whole chapter dedicated to a very, very detailed story of you giving Frankie a blowjob.

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"GEEEZZZZZEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!" A high, male voice shouted...
The bathroom doors flung open, a small-ish boy with short dark hair, and a long side fringe covering his face, who looked about 14 bust in. With him was a tall, thin, boy with a dark brown fro', he looked about 15. The small boy was dragging him by his hair.
"OWOWOWOWOWOWOW... FUCK OFF, FRANKIE!" The boy with the fro' whined, clearly uncomfortable with the way he was being toed.
"Geeeezzzy! THIS BIG KIDS GONNA BEAT US UP! WE ACCIDENTALLY KICKED HIS GIRLFRIEND IN THE FACE!" The small kid, whos name appeared to be 'Frankie' shouted, looking worried and flustered.
"Speak for your self, twat! YOU KICKED HER!" The tall boy shouted, batting the smaller boys head lightly with his hand.
"NO I DIDN'T" The smaller boy argued.
"DID TOO!" The taller boy shouted back.
"Calm down, ladies!" Gerard said, speaking with his hands.
He motioned to Arrow and Emma, who was still sitting on the floor.
Both boys suddenly silenced, mid argument, and looked at the girls.
"Oh... Hello." The taller boy said quietly.
"...Sorry..." The smaller boy said awkwardly.
"Guys, this is Emma, and Arrow." Gerard said calmly, motioning to the girls.
"...And this is Frank or Frankie, and Ray or Toro." Mikey said, clearly wanting to be acknowledged.
"Hello, Frank and Ray" Arrow said, shaking each boys hand, cheerfully, smiling.
"Hiyya..." Emma said, getting up off the bathroom floor.
"I fainted, if you were wondering..." She continued.
"Um. Thats cool..." Frank said.
"Yeah..." Ray continued.
"So, whats this about being beaten up?" Gerard asked.
"FRANKIE accidentally kicked Scott's girlfriend in the face... And, he wants to kill us now..." Ray said, looking worried.
"Oh shit... You might wanna hide, Frankie..." Gerard said, looking concerned.
"No shit, sherlock... Where am I gonna hide though?" Frank replied, looking even more worried than anyone in the room.
"I KNOW!" Emma said, her face lighting up.

About 15 minuates later in a supply closet.

"Woah, this place is pretty cool!" Said a voice, that sounded kinda like Ray's, out of the darkness.
"Yeah, Scott won't look here!" Said another voice. This time, it sounded more like Franks.
"Good, 'cause Frankie, we are leaving..." Gerard said.
"WHAT?! Nooooo!" Frank replied.
"We all have class!!" Gerard explained.
"I don't wanna be in here ALONE!" Frank whined.
"Hey... I don't have lessons untill lunch, I have free periods..." Emma chipped in.
"You wouldn't mind staying in here with Frank would you? If you will, that would be sooo sweet of you..." Gerard pleaded.
"Yeah, its fine. I will see if I can find a light switch..." Said Emma.
Suddenly there was a bright light, and the room was lit up.
There was a chorus of moans, the time everyone had spent in the dark was long enough for their eyes to adjust.
"Thanks, Emma..." Frank said shyly.
"No problem" She replied, smiling politely.
Everyone quickly filed out of the room, bidding their goodbyes to Emma and Frank.
"See ya at lunch, sexy. Don't get pregnant!" Arrow said, winking before she slipped away to class.
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