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Don't ever think, I'd make you try to stay...

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Dirty thoughts. Dark rooms. Sexy Frankie. Get my dift?

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"ARGGHH! YOU BITCH!" Emma shouted after Arrow, laughing.
Emma swiveled round, and turned her back to the door. She was facing Frank now.
An awkward silence filled the air, pretty quickly.
Do something to mother fucking break the silence, STAT Emma thought to herself, chewing her lip, as she always does, when shes thinking.
How the fuck did I end up alone in a closet with a cute girl? Frank thought to himself. Flipping his fringe over his eyes, covering his face.
WHAT THE FUCK DO I SAY?! Emma internally screamed at herself.
"Um... Potatoes are Ireland's staple food." Emma blurted out.
Frank stood there, awkwardly, looking confused.
WHAT THE FUCK, EMMA?! Emma thought to herself.
"I like swively chairs.." Emma continued.
Frank looked even more confused.
"Um..." Emma stammered.
"Word vomit?" Frank asked, smirking a little.
"I get it too, when I'm nervous."
"I'm not nervous!! WHY WOULD I BE NERVOUS?!" Emma argued.
"Okay, okay, calm down!" Frank said, trying to surpress giggles.
"Hello, I'm Emma Jay Carly Hayes. We just met. Now I'm alone in a closet with you. I like Blue Lemonade, rock 'n' roll and Skittles. Nice to meet you." Emma said, smiling.
Frank giggled, and said "Hello, I'm Frank Anthony Thomas Iero. We just met. Now I'm alone in a closet with you. I like zombie movies, dogs and music. Its nice to meet you." he smiled.
Frank proceded to look at his shoes like they were the most interesting things in the world.
Emma sat on the floor.
"I like dogs too." Emma said, looking up at him.
Frank sat down oposite her.
"When I move out of my parents I'm gonna own 345,356,465,786,045 dogs. And I will love them all. " He said, shyly.
Emma giggled. "Thats a good number. The worst thing that could happen now is for the lights to die."
"Yeah!" Frank agreed.
There was a loud bang, and the lights suddenly got brighter. Then, the room fell into darkness.
"Bloody fucking hell... I'm phycic." Emma said, seriously, to add effect.
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