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I spent the night dancing, i'm dunk- I suppose.

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The lights are out. What shinanigens will our two sexy friends get up to?

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"You are. Fucking hell." Frank agreed.
"Yes... It all started when I was a child, and my mother dropped me on my head." Emma joked.
"Brilliant parenting skills." Frank agreed sarcastically, laughing.
"So, why haven't I seen y'all round school before?" Emma asked, looking at where she asumed Frank's head was.
"I can turn invisible." Frank said into the darkness.
"No, i'm kidding. I guess maybe we're in different populations? What population are you in?"
"I'm in F. For Fucking loser" Emma laughed, "What about you?"
"F. For Frankie?" Frank said. "How come we have never met?"
"I don't know... Maybe we don't have class together?" Emma said, sounding lightly puzzled.
"Maybe..." Frank agreed.
"I guess i'm kinda glad I fainted and ended up meeting you..." Emma said...
Frank began to reply but was cut off by a angry male voice.
"WHO IS IN HERE?!" It demanded.
The door burst open, Emma and Frank were sunned and slightly blinded at the sudden light.
A moment later they got their vision back, and saw...
Gerard. Stood in the doorway, smirking and looking quite pleased with himself.
"Gerard you asshole!!! I ALMOST PISSED MYSELF!" Frank shouted at him.
"Calm yo' tits, Frankie, I was just messing with you!" He giggled.
Emma gave him the death glare for a bit, but eventually smiled.
Arrow appeared at the door.
"Did you get scared? It was my idea!" Arrow said, excitedly, as Gerard nodded.
"Bitch!" Emma said, and walked over to the door and hugged her best friend.
"You asshole. Just wait." Emma whispered threateningly in her ear. Giggling a bit.
Emma pulled away from the hug and went and stood by Frank.
Mikey and Ray appeared at the door, also grinning.
"Your still both virgins, right?" Ray asked.
Ray dodged the punch that Frank intended to collide with his face.
A small blonde girl appeared at the door. "Arrow texted me... She said y'all here and theres sexy boys?" She said, without looking up from her phone.
"Ahem." Gerard said.
She looked up.
"Oh shit..." She said.
"I'm Alicia. Or Lici. I just fucked up. Hello." Said the small blonde girl, bluntly.
The boys all grinned like maniacs and looked at Lici and Arrow.
Arrow's cheeks were flushed pink and Lici was laughing at her.
"Um... This is Frankie, Ray, Gerard and Mikey" Emma said, pointing to each boy.
They all waved.
"She wasn't lying." Lici said, bluntly.
Everyone just stared at Lici. She just laughed at everyone's expressions.
"Anyone wanna get lunch?" She asked.
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