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Like a bullet through a flock of doves...

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"Oh, um... Yes please." Arrow said, desperately trying to change the subject.
"AWESOME!" Lici said, with a smile lighting up her face.
She turned swiftly around and began walking to the cafeteria.
Everyone followed.
Arrow jogged a little bit, to catch up with Lici.
"Miss me during lessons, Licia?" she said, wrapping her arm round Lici's waist and kissing her on the cheek.
"Definately not!" Lici replied, giggling.
"Bitch" Arrow muttered, jokingly.

Back, a few paces behind Arrow and Lici, Gerard and Emma were walking, followed by Ray, Mikey and Frank.
"So... Are they dating?" Gerard awkwardly questioned Emma.
"No, they just clearly fancy the shit out of each other, but deny it if you ask 'em." Emma replied truthfully.
"Oh... Okay" Gerard said, sounding slightly relived.

Eventually they reached the cafeteria.
The all peered around for free tables... It was packed full. Every seat in the room was filled, with someone that disliked one of them, or a chav.
"Oh bloody hell." Lici huffed.
"Shall we sit outside?" Ray suggested.
"It looks like we will have too, whether we want to or not..." Arrow replied, sighing.

They all got lunch... Or... Coffee... If you can call that lunch. Except Arrow, who bought waffles.
They walked outside, luckily it was a relitively sunny day, that wasn't too hot, but it wasn't cold.
They sat down at the nearest available table.
After a moment or two, Arrow stood up and climbed on top on the table, and stood on it.
She then proceeded to rip up her waffle and chuck bits of it at people.
"UGH! YOU BITCH!" A slutty girl, who was eating lunch with her boyfriend screamed. "I JUST DID MY HAIR AND EVERYTHING!" She said, looking like she was about to cry, before getting up and flouncing off in the direction of the bathroom.
Her boyfriend trailed after her, shouting for her.
Arrow watched, silently. Then after a moment or two, she doubled over laughing.
Lici grabbed her ankle and pulled her onto the seat next to her.

"Skittles, anyone?" Arrow said, pulling a bag of 'Crazy Sour Skittles' out her satchel.
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