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Wouldn't it be grand, to take a pistol by the hand...

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Emma looked at her. Arrow looked back.
Arrow sighed, and produced a un-labeled bottle containing blue liquid.
Emma grinned.
Lici grinned.
The boys looked confused.
"Bleach?" Mikey asked.
"NOOOO!" Lici replied.
"Its blue lemonade" Emma laughed.
"Huh?" Asked Ray.
"BL-U-E LE-MO-NA-DE" Lici responded, sarcastically.
Ray huffed a little.
Lici hugged him. "Don't huff, my little mass of 'fro." she said.
Reluctantly, Ray smiled at her.
Emma grabbed the bottle of Arrow and took the cap off. She downed about half the bottle.
"BITCH!" Arrow shouted, laughing.
Lici drank some, next.
"It stained your mouth" Emma giggled, pointing at Lici's bright blue mouth.
"Your's too!" Lici replied, pointing at Emma's bright blue mouth.
Arrow reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of Cherry Ade.
She downed some, and slamed it onto the table, grinning.
"You can have some if you want, of either!" She said, looking at the four boys.
"Okay..." Frank said, hesitantly picking up the bottle of blue liquid.
"Hey! Your lips are bright red now!" Lici said, nudging Arrow.
"Wanna make purple?" Arrow replied, grining and looking her in the eyes.
Lici lent over and kissed her on the lips, with her arms round Arrows waist.
Arrow put her arms around Lici's neck.
They started making out. (TEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE...)
"MUST, you do this, EVERY day?!" Emma sighed.
Lici looked up at her.
"Yes. Its part of my daily routine." Lici said, winking at her.
Emma muttered something about dating.
She turned to Frank and smiled.
"What do you have next?" She asked.
"Ummmmmm... Science, I think... What about you?" He replied, smiling back.
"Science" Emma said, winking.
"You okay, Gee?" Mikey said, quietly.
"Yes... I'm fine..." Gerard said, distractedly, chewing his lip.
"Okay..." Mikey said, clearly not convinced.
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