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Learning To Trust

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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 5: Learning to Trust


Jean Grey-Summers did not want to believe the words of the mutant warrior known as Slayer, when he said that Apocalypse was alive and well and that he had killed her husband over a year ago. However, she had seen it herself...Both past and future. With her now a believer of this mysterious stranger...Others began to believe as well.

"I'm sorry you had to see that Ms Grey," said Slayer as she regained her balance from what she had just seen through his magic, "But now...You know the truth."

For the first time in a long while, Jean and the rest of the X-men were forced to do something they never did lightly...Accept defeat. Apocalypse had won in so many ways already by using them for so long as his pawns. However, through the anguish of seeing all the truth in Slayer's words...Jean felt a new determination to stop Apocalypse once and for all. That beast took away everything, her will, her spirit, and worst of all...her husband. Now, she wanted to make sure that he would pay for what he has done...And for what he had planned to do.

"Slayer..." said Jean as she stepped forth towards the mutant warrior, "I believe in your words...But there is still something I have to know. How do we stop Apocalypse...For good? How do we make it so that future you showed me never comes to pass?"

Jack Robinson, the mutant warrior, looked back at weary group of mutant with a penetrating gaze. He had succeeded in making them believe the truth...And now they were willing to fight back against the horrid beast.

"Slayer...There is a way? Isn't there?" said the Professor as the rest of the team looked back intently at the mutant warrior.

"Yes...There is," said Slayer as he broke the silence, "Apocalypse has blackened his very being for so long now...That the only reason he always survives every encounter with you or anybody else is because the evil within survives. If you were to destroy that evil...Then Apocalypse himself will cease to exist."

Slayer then withdrew his long glowing sword from the case on his back. In the early morning sun...It gave off a pure white glow that was somewhat mesmerizing to the young team of mutants.

"This sword that I wield...Is forged in the light of purity. It is an extension of my very being. It shares my chi...Hence we function as one. This sword is powerful enough to vanquish any evil that seeks to upset the balance between darkness and light. This blade...This sacred blade that I have wielded through so many battles...Is the only thing that can stop Apocalypse once and for all..."

As the penetrating light from the mysterious sword shone through the early morning sun...The rest of the X-men finally started to let go of the lies Apocalypse had told them...And accept the truth that Slayer had revealed.

"Then let us help you Slayer...Let us fight with you to destroy Apocalypse like we should have years ago," said Jean as Slayer put the sword back in its case.

"Yeah, like it or not...We still have a stake in this," added Rogue, "You said it yerself...Apocalypse used US!"

"I understand that," said Slayer, "And I had a feeling that once you all knew and accepted the truth...You would want to fight the ancient beast out of anger for what he has put you all through."

"You go that right bub!" grunted Logan, "Are you gonna try and stop us? Cause if you do...I gotta warn ya that we ain't gonna run from this...Not after all the shit this guy has done to us!"

Slayer merely let out an exasperated sigh as he listed to Wolverine's words.

"I had no intention of stopping you in the first place...But if you want to fight Apocalypse out of pure anger for his actions...Then you will surly not triumph against him."

"Let us worry about that homme," said Remy as he clenched his fists in anger as his mind processed the information of what Apocalypse had done to everybody, "We beat this guy before...And we will beat him again!"

"Beating him is one thing...Destroying him is something completely different," said the mutant warrior in response to Gambit's words, "Apocalypse has been using the simple rules of war to fight you...While the rest of you still rely on impulse, instinct, and luck. Remember what I said earlier about knowing the enemy and knowing yourself. In the past...You have known yourself, but not your enemy. And despite all the times you have fought Apocalypse...You have not known a thing about him. And for that...Every victory against him has led you all to pay a price. Each time that price has gotten bigger and bigger. Only now, it has gotten to the point where you neither know yourself nor the enemy. Hence, you will succumb in every battle."

"So what do we do about that?" asked Bobby who was beginning to get frustrated, "How do we change it?"

"You must let go!" replied Slayer in response, "You must stop relying on the lies that Apocalypse has pumped in to your minds and stop allowing him to use you! For so long...He has been using his power to make you defeat yourselves so he doesn't have to. Over the past year since he killed and took the form of your leader...He has turned you all against each other. He has made you all fight over the pettiest of arguments and split you up over feelings of false bitterness so that you won't be able to unite against him. He has made you all forget what you're even fighting for anymore. If you all are to have ANY chance at all of stopping this madman...You must let go of the past and start believing in yourselves again..."

Slayer's words were strong...And they definitely struck a chord with the weary X-men, as they struggled to process all this new information. Jean Grey was by far hit the hardest...For she didn't think it was possible to forget her feelings of anger towards Apocalypse after what he did to Scott. She couldn't forget about her husband...She wouldn't. Jean then found herself looking down at the wedding ring on her finger and soon she felt a tear trickle down her eye. Everything was such a mess...Now, she was unsure if she should even fight this battle with the others. As she struggled with countless thoughts zooming through her mind, Professor Charles Xavier stepped forth to address the mutant warrior.

"Slayer...What exactly are you asking of us? What do you want us to do in order to help bring about Apocalypse=s complete destruction?" said the Professor as he and the rest of the X-men listened intently for his response.

"What I'm asking for...Is your trust," said Slayer as he stood before the weary team of mutants, "I know it seems like a lot because you all have so many reasons not to believe me. But I speak the truth...My path is that of righteousness. I alone have the power to stop Apocalypse for good...But I need your help in order to make sure that I will succeed...So that the future I have seen will never come to pass."

Another wave of silence fell over the X-men as they were now at a loss for words.

"I've looked in to your souls X-men...You all have a great deal of good in your collective hearts. Please...Don't let Apocalypse taint it any more. You must believe in me but you also must believe in yourselves as well!"

Slayer then fell silent after saying those final words. Now he waited for their response. He knew that it would be difficult to put their trust in a man who had sneaked in to the institute and tried to kill someone who they thought was their friend. But after pleading his case, he seemed all too truthful in what he said. Some of the X-men were seriously debating whether or not this was just another illusion...But others didn't have to think at all, for they knew their path.

"Slayer..." said Jean as she stepped forward, "I'll fight with you...I believe..."

Upon seeing Jean take the first step, others soon followed.

"Yeah, count me in too," said Kitty.

"Me three..." said Bobby.

One by one, every X-man stepped forth and accepted the pleas of the powerful warrior known as Slayer. Soon, only Wolverine was left.

"Well...How bout it sugah?" said Rogue to Logan as he still seemed somewhat hesitant.

Logan didn't say anything. He just looked back at the mutant warrior suspiciously, unsure of what to do. He was never one trust so easily...But he could find few reasons not to at this point.

"Please Logan," said Slayer, "I know you find it hard to trust a total stranger...And there is nothing I can do to change your mind. You...And you alone must make the decision for yourself..."

After that, Logan made his choice.

"Fine...You have me on board. But if I sense for one moment..."

"Don't worry about that Logan...All I need it one chance...That's all," said Slayer as he cut him off from his threat, "So for now...Let's just worry about Apocalypse. You can take your anger out on me afterwards if you still wish to do so."

Logan shot him a wolfish grin, for he was definitely going to hold him to that.

"That a boy Wolvie!" said Remy, who was somewhat amused by Logan's apprehension towards the mutant warrior.

As Wolverine let out a low-pitched growl towards the Cajun mutant, Professor Xavier then stepped forward.

"Okay Slayer...You have all of us on board. So what do we do now?" asked the Professor.

A slow grin spread across the mutant warrior's face as he finally saw the young team of mutants let go of the illusions that they had been facing for so long now.

"Simple...We find Apocalypse..."


After the initial meeting with Slayer, most of the team was sent down to the medical quarters of the institute to tend to some of the wounds suffered from the earlier fights. Most injuries were minor, but they would have to be tended to in preparation for the eventual showdown with Apocalypse. However, they would have to locate him first.

Down in the chambers that housed Cerebra the Professor, Jean, Storm, Logan, and Slayer stood ready to begin their search for the ancient mutant that had plagued the world for too long.

"So this is Cerebra?" said Slayer as he looked over the strange and exotic machinery.

"Yep, this baby can locate just about anything on the planet," said Logan.

"Except for me..." reminded Slayer.

"Yes, I'm curious as to why that is though. If you're a mutant like you say you are...We should have at least detected a trace of your powers," said Xavier as he prepared the machine for use.

"Well, that's a bit harder to explain," said Slayer, "Because nothing can detect me. My enhanced powers in the realm of stealth make it easy for me to hide myself from anyone I don't want to find me. That's why it was so easy for me to sneak in to this place to begin with. Just keep in mind that your machine operates under principles of physics while I operate with both physics and metaphysics."

"Metaphysics?" said Storm curiously.

"Yes, metaphysics...Magic. Because of my mutation, I can tap vast amounts of metaphysical energy that allows me to use magic in ways normal practitioners aren't able to."

"Then why couldn't you use some of those spells to just destroy Apocalypse in the first place?" grunted Logan as the gentle hum of the machine soon came on.

Slayer just shook his head.

"Magic...Is very difficult. It's not something where you can just wave a magic wand and expect something to happen. No...Magic is far more complex then that. Even with powers like mine it is very hard. In the end...It all comes down to those who wield it in order to determine what it does."

"What about those spells you used on us earlier? Those didn't seem too difficult," quipped Logan.

"Those spells were but basic ones...Far less complicated than many other spells. They are not at all strong enough to stop somebody like Apocalypse...But they do come in handy."

Soon after that, the Professor looked ready to begin his search with Cerebra.

"Okay, I'm going to use higher power levels than usual this time...But hopefully, we'll find at least some traces of Apocalypse," said Xavier as he put the helmet on.

"Are you sure that's safe Professor? Jeannie...Is it possible for you to use the Phoenix force to find him?" asked Logan.

Slayer immediately stepped in upon hearing her suggestion.

"That would not be the wisest move...Keep in mind that Apocalypse has greatly destabilized Jean's control over the Phoenix in the past year. And keep in mind that the power of the Phoenix plays a key role in making Apocalypse's future come true."

Jean felt a wave of anxiety upon hearing that. It was a hard reminder of the part she was to play in making the terrible future she saw come to pass.

"So it's still inside me..." said Jean who shuddered at the thought of the power she unleashed in the vision Jack showed her.

"Yes, but it is dormant. Thanks to a temporary containment spell I used...The Phoenix within you should be out cold for the time being," said Slayer.

"Wait...Temporary?" said Storm wearily.

"Yes...Right now the Phoenix is merely asleep. So Jean still has control of her old powers and won't have to worry about the Phoenix getting in the way. However...I fear that once the holy bird awakens...It may be somewhat 'cranky' if you know what I mean."

Jean began to feel a lot more anxious upon hearing Slayer's words about the entity that still resided in her being.

"What do you mean? Is it going to be dangerous?! Is it..." but the mutant warrior cut her off after that.

"Let's take it one crisis at a time now shall we."


"Don't worry Jean...I'll think of something. You have my word. Let's just stop Apocalypse first and then I'll do whatever I have to in order to help you with the Phoenix."

Jean was still not at ease...But she didn't have a choice. She knew she had to trust this mysterious stranger in hopes of saving the future, but that didn't cleanse any of her fears about the ancient force that dwelled within her. Jean Grey-Summers was definitely feeling the stress of this day. So far, she found out that the man she loved was dead, a terrible menace was out to destroy the world, and on top of it all the Phoenix force was getting more malevolent by the second. With a deep sigh, Jean forced herself to focus on the task at hand. A lot was riding on this...And she would have plenty of time to try and make sense of it when it was all said and done with. That is...If they succeeded.

"Okay everyone...This is it," said the Professor as he began to start the main process.

The four onlookers crossed their fingers as Xavier closed his eyes and let Cerebra enhance his mind. Through the sheer vastness of the Earth and the enormous quantity of the signals out there, he struggled to narrow the possible places Apocalypse could be. Slowly, he cranked up the power as he attempted to increase is searching power...But he was getting nothing. There was not a shred or trace of the ancient mutant anywhere. He kept trying harder and harder, but soon the powerful telepath began to feel the strain of mental fatigue. With an exasperated sigh...He took the helmet off and stopped the program.

"Well..." said Storm eagerly, but she soon noticed the not too promising look on the Professor's face.

"I couldn't find anything...It was as if Apocalypse doesn't exist," replied Xavier.

Slayer let out a sigh, for he now knew that things would only be complicated further if they couldn't find the ancient mutant.

"I expected as much," said the mutant warrior, "He's been living amongst you all for so long now that he knows each and every way to avoid and deceive even the psychic powers of Cerebra. His power is just too grand...And his knack for deception is just too advanced."

It was a bitter reminder to them that Apocalypse's power was gained because of them. And now it would be even harder to stop him with so many advantages in his favor.

"Great, so what do we do now?" grunted Logan.

The Professor began to fiddle with numerous controls on Cerebra's main control panel.

"I'll have to use greater power levels. Maybe then, I'll be able to find something," said Xavier as he prepared himself for another search.

"But...Won't that be dangerous? You know what happens to you when you use Cerebra at such high levels," said Jean in a concerned voice.

"We don't have a choice Jean...We have to find Apocalypse before its too late," said the Professor as he put the helmet back on.

As the machine began to hum again, the mutant warrior suddenly had an idea.

"Wait!" said Slayer as the Professor was about to start the program.

Xavier abruptly stopped as Jean, Logan, and Ororo looked back towards the mutant warrior.

"Let me do it...Maybe I can find him," said Slayer.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asked Jean.

"Let me use Cerebra," said the young warrior as he walked over to Xavier, "You say that this machine enhances your psychic abilities exponentially in order to locate specific psionic signatures across the globe, am I right?"

"Yes, but how will you use it if you're not psychic?" asked the Professor, curious as to what he was getting at.

"Well, if it can enhance your telepathy...Then maybe it can enhance my magic as well."

"Whoa! Wait a minute Jack! Cerebra was not designed for that! It causes enough strain on the user as it is!" said Jean upon hearing his suggestion.

"No, the mechanics are simple enough...I can use the psychic amplification properties to enhance the eye of the Sphinx. That way I might be able to see through whatever shroud of deception that Apocalypse has cast in order to hide himself."

"Is it dangerous?" asked Storm as Slayer took the helmet and put it on.

"Yes...There is some risk involved," replied Slayer.

"Wait...Are you sure you want to do this? I must warn you...The psychic power of this machine has been known to cause some very serious side effects on those who use it. I have experienced it firsthand," warned the Professor.

"Don't worry...I'll be okay. Besides, as the old saying goes...No guts, no glory."

And with that the machine began to run as the gentle hum of the machine filled the room.

"I'd stand back if I were you..." warned Slayer.

The four X-men didn't argue with the mutant warrior. They could tell that he would not be dissuaded by words. They heeded his advice as they took a few steps back towards the main entrance to the chamber. Soon, a mysterious light engulfed the mutant warrior as he closed his eyes and began to chant mysterious words in an unknown tongue. Then, the symbols on the back of his hands began to glow along with the mysterious mark on his left eye. The glow began to get brighter as the power of the machine was cranked up even further. Soon, the four X-men were forced to shield their eyes from the intense light that was filling the room. Through that light, the mutant warrior's face began to twitch and grunt as if he were in pain. Suddenly, he let out an agonizing yell that echoed through the vast chamber.


Then, the glow faded and the young warrior collapsed on to the floor in an unconscious heap.

"Slayer!" yelled Jean as both she and the Professor ran to his side with Logan and Ororo following close behind.

Slowly, they helped him up to his feet as he groaned out in pain from the exertion he had put on himself.

"Are you okay? What happened?" said the Professor as he removed the helmet from the mutant warrior's head.

As the young man's eyes opened he rubbed his head with his hand to alleviate the pounding headache caused by using the machine at such high levels.

"Too much power...Too much strain," moaned Slayer as he regained his balance.

The glowing from the mark on his eye had yet to cease, but it appeared that his search had been stopped abruptly.

"Slayer...What did you find? Did you see Apocalypse?" asked Jean eagerly as she stood besides the mutant warrior.

Then, as the symbol of the eye of the Sphinx stopped glowing...A sudden change of expression came over the young warrior's face. It wasn't a look of despair, worry, or anxiety...It seemed to be one of great surprise.

"My God...I don't believe it," said Slayer in as he took in a new piece of information that seemed to defy logic.

"What?! What did you see?!" said Logan as he saw the strange expression on his face.

"He's alive...I don't know how, but he's alive..." said the mysterious warrior much to the confusion of those present.

"What are you talking about? Who's alive?" said Jean as she struggled to understand what he meant by this.

Then, the mutant warrior's gaze shifted towards Jean as began to regain his composure...But it still didn't alleviate the shock of his discovery.

"Your husband...Scott...The real Scott Summers. He's alive..."


AN: What's gonna happen now? What do you think Slayer means by that? How is it possible? Stay tuned to find out! I have many more surprises in store for this fic, so don't miss it! So what do you think so far? Do you like it? Hate it? What do you think of my character Slayer? Please give me your feedback! Send reviews to me at or post them on Thank you so much to all those who have reviewed thus far and I hope you like where I take this story! Until next time, best wishes to you all!

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