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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 6: Alive!


"WHAT?! SCOTT'S ALIVE?!" exclaimed Jean upon hearing these words from the mutant warrior known as Slayer.

"But I thought you said..." began Storm, but Slayer soon cut her off.

"I know what I said...But what I saw completely defies that. Apocalypse has cloaked himself in such a powerful cover of deception that I was unable to break through it fully. He found out that I was looking for him, so he fought back to slow me down. But in the process of shutting me out...I discovered something else. I saw a lone figure...Who looked as if he was in a great deal of pain. He was dying fast...But I clearly saw who it was...And I know it was your fallen leader."

Jean felt her anxiety levels soar upon hearing the mutant warrior's words. It had been hard enough dealing with the fact that he was dead and had been for the past year, but now things had completely turned around and for the first time in what seemed like forever...There was a small glimmer of hope. However, Slayer wasn't done yet.

"That tyrannical madman...It wasn't enough to simply kill him. No...He had to make him suffer as much as possible as punishment for thwarting his earlier plans. So instead of killing him...He knocked him in to a coma and stuck him in a highly secure place that you would never detect so he could die a slow...Painful death."

The hope in Jean's eyes turned to sorrow as she shuddered at the thought of Scott going through so much pain because of Apocalypse. It was hard enough being told that he was dead...But being told that he was suffering so much was worse. She had to know for sure that he was still out there. Now more than ever...She would have to trust this mysterious warrior if she was to save the love of her life.

"Are you sure it was him? Did you sense anything else?" asked Jean frantically as she was becoming all the more hysterical by this strange revelation.

"I'm certain it was Scott Summers...I saw him. He was in a lot of agony...But he is alive...And getting weaker by the second. And not only did I see him...I also heard him as well...He kept on calling out for you..." said Slayer referring to Jean.

He was alive...And he was suffering. That was all that Jean needed to hear.

"If he's alive...Do you know where his is? Is it possible to save him?" said Jean nervously; unsure of the answer the mysterious warrior would give.

Slayer looked back at the weary young woman that stood before him. He could see that she had at least some hope in her eyes.

"Yes...But only if we act fast. It's a miracle that he survived at all from so much pain. So if you want there to be any chance of getting him back...We have to move immediately!"

There was no time for debate. If there were a chance that the real Scott Summers would be alive, then they would have to take it. Even though they hadn't come to fully trust this mysterious warrior.

"Very well then...Logan, go get Hank and prep the X-jet as soon as possible. Jean, Storm...Go get whatever supplies we may need for the rescue," ordered the Professor, which they all did without question knowing the urgency of this new situation. "Slayer, I think it would be best if you stayed here and..." but the Professor was soon cut off by the mutant warrior.

"Wait...Let me go with them. I can help find him faster than any electronic scanner or telepathy."

"But we need you here to keep searching for Apocalypse," argued Xavier.

"Don't worry...While I was searching for him, I sensed that he was more injured by my sword than he was willing to show. That...And he has been forced to accelerate his plans faster than he had originally wanted to. This has bought us some much-needed time...And I think it is best we use it to our advantage."

"But what if he ends up making his move while you and the others are still out there?"

"I understand your concerns...But that is exactly why you must stay Professor. Because even if that does happen, I know you have more than enough power to detect it. That...And your students need you in such a desperate time. I think it would be best for all of us if I go on this mission with the others...That way it'll have the greatest chance at succeeding."

Professor Xavier briefly contemplated Slayer's plan. There was a great deal of truth in his words about him being needed at the institute. But still...

"If it will put your fears to rest Professor...I'd be more than willing to let you scan my mind for reassurance. Normally...I wouldn't allow anybody in to my head, but I desperately need your trust if Apocalypse is to be defeated."

Xavier soon sensed a sudden letdown of the powerful, somewhat exotic, metal shields surrounding Slayer's mind. They weren't normal mental shields in a traditional sense...But they had power unlike any other. Slayer had his reasons for not letting a telepath in to his mind...But he tossed those reasons aside for the sake of fighting such a foe as Apocalypse.

"No...I don't think that will be necessary Slayer," said the Professor to the surprise of the mutant warrior, "You're actions thus far are warrant enough for me to believe that you are truthful in your deeds."

The mutant warrior then let out sigh of relief.

"Thank you Professor Xavier...And don't worry...I will use whatever power I have to bring your friend back alive. I promise."


The powerful engines of the X-jet roared as the plan took off from the hanger at break-neck speeds. Hank, Logan, Ororo, Jean, and Slayer were all aboard as they sped off in to the sky.

"So where to Slayer? Where do we go to find him?" asked Beast as he turned on the navigational system.

"We go to the last place where he was his true self...Genosha Island," replied Slayer.

"Genosha...I shouda known," said Logan upon hearing that, "I remember leaving there a year ago and seein' a change in him. Now that I look back on it...It should have been as clear as night and day that he wasn't the real Cyke."

"Yes, it should have...But Apocalypse made sure that it wasn't," said Slayer as the jet attained cruising altitude.

"I know...But it's still so hard to believe that after all this time that madman was actually amongst us...And using us," added Storm.

"Well he's not using any of you guys anymore...So you should take some comfort in that."

"Yeah...But it's still kinda strange. After all this time when that thing was usin' us...There was this...I don't know...Voice in my head," said Logan as he stared off in to the clouds as the jet set a path to Genosha. "But since you broke Apocalypse's illusion, as you call it, that voice is long gone. And now it just feels...Weird."

Slayer simply nodded at Logan's observation, knowing fully why that was.

"I know it may feel strange...But keep in mind that Apocalypse has been a presence within all your minds for the past year. That voice you hear is nothing more than Apocalypse trying to control you and how you think and feel."

"But what does it mean?" asked Ororo, still somewhat confused by it all.

"It means that neither Apocalypse, nor anything else for that matter, can tell you who you are...Only you can do that now. But if you keep dwelling on you=re actions in the past...Trying to make sense of them when they were never completely your actions to begin with...You may never fully understand yourself. And it is something you must do if you are to overcome the challenges that await in the future."

A brief silence fell came over the cockpit. Slayer's simple words truly helped make some sense out of all that had happened. For the past year...Everything seemed to be going wrong for the team. Hank, Storm, and especially Logan knew the kind of problems that had plagued the X-men. It had caused unparalleled bitterness, suffering, and overall confusion to everybody. But now they were finally beginning to get a grasp on things after what seemed like an eternity since they felt in control. It was still a strange feeling...But it was getting easier to accept the more Slayer explained it.

As the silence continued, Storm noticed that Jean was not present. She was still sitting alone near back of the plane. She had been the most seriously effected by all of this. She was the main target of this whole plan and she had been subjected to the most pain by Apocalypse. He had destabilized the Phoenix, manipulated her thoughts and actions, and worst of all...He had killed her husband. However, even with a new sense of hope that he might be alive...That still didn't make up for all the terrible events of the past.

"How do you think Jean is handling this?" said Storm as she soon became lost in her thoughts.

"Considering the circumstances...I honestly don't know," commented Hank.

"Yeah...She sure was upset. And I don't blame her," said Logan, "Maybe I should go talk to her."

"Wait..." said Slayer before Logan could take any further action, "Let me do it."

"Are ya sure?" said Logan skeptically as he looked back at the mutant warrior.

"Yes...I'm sure. Besides, it is somewhat my fault that things have gotten so bad to begin with. So...I guess it's only fair that I be the one to fix it."

Slayer then got up from his seat and prepared to head back to find Jean, but before he did he had one last thing to address.

"By the way, how fast does this plane go?"

"Mach 6," answered Hank.

"Well then you best start up the afterburner...Because time is still working against us. And if we don't act fast...Your friend will be dead for real this time..."

And with those final ominous words, Slayer left the cockpit in search of Jean. But as he left, Beast soon found himself following the mutant warrior's advice and pushed the controls that accelerated the advanced plane to even greater speeds.

"Do you think Scott is still alive out there?" asked Storm as the plane began to shake slightly upon the roar of the engines. "Do you think that Slayer is even telling the truth?"

Logan just looked back at the weather witch with an uncertain expression on his face.

"I don't know Ro...I just don't know."


In the back of the plane near the small medical quarters, Jean Grey-Summers sat in a dazed state blankly looking out the window. It had been a tough day to say the least. So much of her world had been turned upside down within the past few hours that it was almost too hard for her mind to process. However, in spite of all these strange feelings and insecurities she remembered that Scott's life was at stake now. She would have to be strong if she was going to save him. There were so many things about their relationship that went beyond mere love. They had once shared an unbreakable bond that helped them so many times in the past. However, since Apocalypse took Scott's shape there was little, if any, bond between them at all. Jean thought that was just him being secretive...And that he had some things he had to deal with by himself. But looking back on that assumption...Jean saw how it was just...Stupid, for lack of a better word. His actions, his feelings, and the affair with Emma...Were all lie. And even with all her power she couldn't see through them. Jean could honestly say that she had never felt this awful in her life.

As she looked out the window in to the serene skyline, Slayer entered the area. However, she didn't notice him all that much, for she was still lost in her thoughts.

"We should be there in a little under an hour," stated the mutant warrior as he walked over to her.

"That's good..." said Jean simply as she continued to look out the window in a daze.

"Mind if I sit here?" asked the young warrior unexpectedly as Jean=s gaze then shifted back towards him.

"No...Go ahead."

Slayer then proceeded to sit in the seat next to her as she soon drifted back towards the window.

"Are you okay Jean? The others are getting kind of worried about you," said the mutant warrior as he tried to get her out of this strange mindset that she seemed to be trapped in.

Jean just let out a deep sigh as she turned her head back towards the young man who had exposed the truth to her and the rest of her friends.

"I know..." said Jean, "But I'll be fine."

"Jean...You know that you're not a very convincing liar," replied the mutant warrior.

Jean turned away to hide her expression, but she knew that Slayer saw it. He gently put his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down, but it didn't help as much as he would have liked.

"I'm sorry that it had to turn out this way Jean. I know it is my fault to some extent that all this is happening," said the mutant warrior as he tried to make up for his actions earlier that day, "And I know I could have done more to stop it...But I didn't."

"Don't blame yourself Jack..." said Jean as she turned back towards him, "You said it yourself, it was out of our hands. If anything, I should be thanking you."

"What do you mean?" asked the mutant warrior.

"I mean...All this time things between me and who I thought was Scott have just been so...Rocky. For the past year everything seemed to be going downhill not just for me...But for the team in general. I was actually beginning to think...That he wasn't in love with me anymore..."

Upon saying that, Jean's voice became thick with sorrow.

"He was so dark, so angry, and so...Different. Now that I look at it...I should have known it wasn't him...I should have known that he wasn't the same man I married...And I should have known that he wasn't the man I love. I just...I feel so stupid. I...I was so dumb to actually think that...That..."

However, Jean couldn't finish. She had become too choked up by her own words to continue. She had so much to deal with now. She had Apocalypse, the Phoenix, and her dying husband on her mind. The weight on her soul was almost too great to even fathom now. Everything was so complicated. Slayer could only watch helplessly as she broke down before him in a wave of sobs.

"It's okay Jean...It's going to be okay," said Slayer as he tried to calm her down.

"How can it be okay?!" exclaimed Jean with tears still streaming down her face. "For the past year of my life I've been living with a DEMON parading around as my husband...And I didn't do anything about it! Even with all my psychic powers...Even with the Phoenix...I couldn't stop him! I couldn't see through all those lies!"

Jean forced herself to take deep breaths as the mutant warrior once again attempted to ease her turmoil. Even with all his power, Jack Robinson knew that nothing could fight the pain she was going through. So...He was forced to do the best he could with what he knew.

"You saw...You heard...You sensed...Exactly what Apocalypse wanted you to Jean," said Slayer as he did his best to console her even after everything that had happened. "Just because you have so much power...It doesn't mean that you don't have flaws. Take it from me Jean, believe me I know...But you have to stop beating yourself up about this."

"How can I not?" reasoned Jean as she struggled to understand, "Can you honestly tell me that I wasn't at fault at all? I saw the future...Remember, you showed it to me. I know this happened because of me...I know that it's still my fault."

Jean just let out a heavy sigh as she closed her eyes and tried to block everything out.

"I just can't believe something like this could happen. I can't believe I was so stupid to let myself be controlled by that monster. I must have the worst luck in the universe..."

Jean Grey-Summers was at a new low. She had never felt so awful. However, the mutant warrior known as Slayer was not about to let her stay in this rut she had dug herself in to. He knew he had to bring her out of it...He owed it to her for being the one to expose the truth in the first place. Jack Robinson took a deep breath as he prepared to lend whatever support he could to help her.

"You're not the only one with problems Jean. You don't have the worst luck in the world. If you think you've got it bad...Well let me tell you a little about my luck. When I was born, my father was already dead from an Earthquake and my mother died from complications during labor...So I had to spend the first five years of my life in an old dirty orphanage with no heat or plumbing. Later on, I got bounced around so many foster homes...That don't even remember the states they were in. Every home was worse then the last. I was beaten, used, abused...You name it. I never had any friends...I never had any family. Anybody I even got close to...Ended up dying. I've been living on the street since I was 13...I have faced death from hunger, assault, and violence more times than I care to recall. Nobody wanted to help me...Nobody wanted to take care of a scared, homeless, mutant kid. I became what I am now...Thanks to the help of an ancient spirit, called Yoshinto. He taught me how to fight...How to cast magic...How to channel the eye of the Sphinx...How to be a warrior. He gave me something to believe in so I could feel as though I had a reason to go on living. But no matter how much power I had...It could never undo the pain I felt from my past..."

Slayer had to hide his emotions upon saying those words while Jean had to hide her shock upon hearing all the terrible things this strange man had gone through. Looking at him one would never guess he had faced so much. However, despite the difficulty of hiding such feelings the mutant warrior was still not done.

"So you see Jean...You're not alone. I know I can never fully understand how you must feel from what Apocalypse did to you...But don't ever think that I can't understand the pain..."

Slayer let out a sigh as he let Jean calm down upon saying those words. He wanted to show her that he had empathy for her situation...But he knew he couldn't lie to her about the part she played in the future. Still...There were some things that she needed to realize if she was going to get through this tough time. And the mutant warrior knew that he would have to help her.

"Jean...I'm not going to lie to you...I know that won't help. And I would most certainly be lying to you if I said that you, or anybody else in the X-men for that matter, were COMPLETELY innocent. While you are at fault in at least some respects...It is not in the way you think. You are beating yourself up because Apocalypse used you to hurt others...And it makes you feel weak. But you have to understand that even with all your mental powers, Apocalypse didn't need a whole lot to deceive you. He simply played off of one of your most critical flaws...Insecurity. He knew that you were insecure about your powers...He knew that you were insecure about love...And most of all he knew that you were insecure about yourself. You see...An illusion is only an illusion if people believe in it. And Apocalypse knew that you would believe the worst if you simply saw it. He knew that you would actually go so far as to doubt your own worth if he just made you see what he wanted you to see. It's ironic...Because Scott had the same flaw. It was one of the many reasons why you two had such a profound connection...But you must remember that we all have our flaws. It's just a matter of how we deal with them that determines how much they hinder...Or help us."

There was a brief pause as Jean took in those words. She still felt tears in her eyes as she looked back at the young man who had exposed the truth about Apocalypse. While she took some comfort in what Jack had said, it still didn't help with her intense feelings of guilt over letting something like this happen in the first place.

"But still...I should have never let it get this far. I should have never let that monster make me hurt my friends...And I should have never let him make me doubt my feelings for Scott."

"What's done is done Jean...You mustn't dwell on it like this. I know it's been pretty hard on you especially...And I honestly can't say that I know completely how you feel. But thanks to my power I do know one thing...Scott truly does love you...More than I'll ever be able to understand. Both of you are just so insecure about it because of all the tribulations you've faced that sometimes you doubt that it's real. But it is real Jean...And neither you nor Scott should ever forget that."

As Jean reflected on some of the event of the past year...She felt somewhat calmer despite the circumstances.

"You know it's funny," said Jean with a mild laugh, "I've only known you for a few hours and yet it seems like everything you say helps me deal with it just a little bit more. It's like you've known me for years."

The mutant warrior just smiled back, glad that Jean was finally beginning to heed his words.

"Well...That's one of the benefits of having an eye that can see everything."

Jean simply nodded as she continued to ponder her thoughts and watch the sky out the window speed along the underlying landscape.

"Slayer...Can I ask you one last thing?" said Jean after a brief moment of silence.

"Sure, what's on you're mind?" replied the mutant warrior as he turned back towards her.

Jean hesitated slightly before saying anything, but she had to know the truth about one last thing.

"What about that affair between Scott and Emma? Was there any truth in it even though you said it was a lie?"

The mutant warrior simply shook his head, for it seemed that Jean was still stinging from the whole revelation about the affair. She had seen its effects first hand when he showed her the future and it was definitely something that she couldn't ignore.

"Jean...Emma was just a pawn in Apocalypse's game. I've shown you that. He used her the same way he used the rest of the team. Only...He actually went so far as to control her mind."

"But how did he get past her mental defenses?"

"It's simple...He made her let them down. Keep in mind that she too believed that he was the real Scott Summers. She too was a victim of that illusion. And for that, Apocalypse took advantage of her and used her own powers against both her and all of you in general. She had no part in it...In fact, I doubt she'll even remember any of this when it is all said and done. You shouldn't dwell on the affair...It was nothing more than a ploy to weaken you and you=re control over the Phoenix force."

It was meant to weaken her...Upon hearing that she couldn't help but feel that Apocalypse actually succeeded in some ways. It was hard thinking about the affair...But it was something she couldn't ignore.

"Well if that was his goal...Then I guess he kind of succeeded," said Jean with a sigh, "My control over the Phoenix has been slipping lately. My insecurities have been getting the better of me. I don't know if you saw it...But I did kiss Logan a while back. I...I know it didn't mean anything to me...I just don't know why I did it to begin with. I knew it would only make things worse...But I did it anyway. That and he had been flirting with me in the past and I just...I don't know. I honestly don't know..."

Jean felt the confusion of the kiss with Logan come over her once again. Thinking about it was something that she had come to hate. It always made her feel weak, guilty, and angry at herself for betraying Scott. Now that self-hate was greater now more than ever because she now knew that the man she thought was her husband...Was nothing more than an illusion. She couldn't deny that she had betrayed her real husband...Even though she didn't know if he was alive or dead.

Slayer saw Jean's despair through the look on her face as she described something that she had been struggling with for too long now. In revealing the truth about Apocalypse, the mutant warrior did make her feel a little better about the issue...But at the same time he made certain aspects of it worse.

"It's okay Jean..." said Slayer as he spoke softly in an attempt to calm the young woman down, "Neither you, Scott, or anyone else on the team for that matter deserved any of this. I know Apocalypse's cruelty runs deep...And you have faced the blunt end of it. But you have to remember...Apocalypse played Logan too. He's a man who has always been confused about himself and his emotions. And with Emma's powers at his disposal...It was almost too easy getting him to feel things that weren't real. It helped weaken him in the same way it helped weaken you."

"But...I still don't know why I did what I did," said Jean as her tone became more exasperated.

"And neither does he..." replied the mutant warrior almost instantly, "The things you and Logan felt were as false as the demon himself. They were lies...It's as simple as that. And don't forget that it wasn't just you...Every other member of the team was subjected to this as well."

As much as Slayer's words helped...It was still hard letting go of everything that had happened to her in the past year. In many ways...She was still under the spell of the illusion that Apocalypse had cast upon her and her friends. The mutant warrior sensed this and continued to try and break her free from her own inner prison.

"Jean...I know all of this must be a great shock to you. But you have to let go! You have to stop believing in the illusion and start believing in yourself! I can't do it for you...Only you can. You have the power Jean...It's just a matter of how you use it..."

Jean didn't say anything upon hearing that. She was still digesting all this new information. Some of it was good and some of it was bad...But in the end she knew it helped her see things more clearly now than she ever had before. This man, Slayer, who had come in to the mansion as an enemy was now a friend. Why he did what he did was still uncertain, but for now Jean put that aside knowing she was already indebted to this man enough as it is.

Finally, after a prolonged silence, Jean actually managed to smile for the first time in what seemed like forever.

"Thanks Jack...I really owe you."

The mutant warrior couldn't help but smile back, knowing that he accomplished at least something on this mission.

"Don't mention it Jean...And try to stay hopeful. Just remember that you have the power to be in control of yourself now. What Apocalypse did to you was bad...But that doesn't mean you can't overcome it. You must stay strong Jean...If we are to find the real Scott Summers you have to stay strong."

Jean still felt the uncertainty of her mind plague her every thought, but with every piece of insecurity she reminded herself that Scott was in pain...And he needed help. She had already felt the loss of losing him once before and she vowed not to let it happen again.

"Tell me Jack...What exactly are the chances that he'll be alive when we find him?" asked Jean intently.

The mutant warrior hesitated briefly as he contemplated his response.

"With all due respect Jean...You don't want to know. But just remember that no matter how remote a chance we have...We still have a chance."

Once more Jean felt herself let out an anxious sigh. It didn't sound at all that promising. But even if Scott was dead, she had to be sure...She needed closure.

As the picturesque blue waters of the ocean began to shine in the bright glow of the sun, Jean was once again left pondering her thoughts. Slayer had done his best to help her deal with this difficult situation...And in some ways he succeeded. But even with his help, Jean Grey-Summers was still far from being at ease...And she wouldn't be until Apocalypse was defeated, and her husband was safe.

"Don't worry about the past Jean...For now, just try to focus on the present," said Slayer as he broke the silence. "As for Scott...I promise you that I will use whatever power I have at my disposal to help bring him back safe and sound. I just need you and your friends to trust me. But from my experience I have come to know that trust is very hard to gain and very easy to lose..."

"You've already proven yourself to me Jack..." said Jean as she smiled back at the young mutant warrior, "You've done a lot for me and my friends as it is. It's just that...It's still a lot to take in...But I'll do my part. I promise you that."

"That=s good to hear," replied Slayer, "We're going to need that for the battles to come. Just remember that it is up to you to take control. You saw the future Jean. And now you have to power to change it."

The future Jean had seen was something she'd rather forget. But try as she may, it was impossible to ignore. The darkness of the past that Slayer had shown to her was bad enough, but the future was far worse. It was just so full of violence, hate, and death that it was almost too hard to think about. That and being a major part in making it all happen didn't help her all that much. But after hearing some of the things that the mutant warrior had said...She was starting to believe that the future was far from absolute. And she would do everything she could to prevent it from happening.

"Oh, and there's one more thing you should know," said Slayer as she turned back towards him.

"What is it?"

"Don't worry about that thing with Logan. Just remember...It was all a part of the same illusion. And besides...I can already see with the eye of the Sphinx that Logan's heart already belongs to another certain woman."

"Really?" said Jean as she felt a sudden intrigue by this revelation, "Who is it? Is it anyone I know?"

"Actually...Yes it is. But I think it would be best if I kept that information secret for now," said Slayer as he managed a smile.

Then suddenly, Ororo entered the cabin area.

"We're almost there," she said, "Get ready for the final decent."

"Thanks Ro," said Jean as both she and Jack returned to their seats.

After she left, Jean noticed that Slayer still had the same strange smile on his face after Storm entered to room. As she turned back towards him to ask why, a sudden hint of understanding came over her. The mutant warrior simply winked as they strapped in for the bumpy decent. As the plane's engines roared through the air, Jean's mind once again shifted back towards Scott. He had been suffering for to long now...And it was time for it to stop. The mind link Jean shared with him was still inactive...But the plane started to land, she sent out one message that she hoped he would hear.

'Don't worry Scott...I'm coming. I know I should have come for you sooner...But I'm here now. I don't know if you can hear me...But please hang on! Don't die...I need you...I love you. And I can't lose you...'

With those final thoughts...Jean mentally prepared herself for the task at hand. She vowed not to let him die...Not after everything they had been through together. At last...She was thinking clearly. Now, it was finally time to take back what Apocalypse had taken away from her.


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