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Chapter 6

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Hello. I hope you like this. The beginning probably won't be great as its 04:34 right now and I haven't got a bit of sleep. But I hope it's alright!

Chapter 6

I went home that evening, worried sick for Both Gerard and Mikeys sake. Mikey was half drunk and Gerard was on the brink of exploding  with helplessness. I really didn't know how to help them. What can you do to help an abused kid bullied to the last and his brother who really has no control over his brothers emotions? 

The next day flew by. I text Gerard to see how he was, receiving one word replies. I was worried all the time for them. I couldn't stop thinking about Mikey and how easily he could do something stupid. I mean climbing out the window gave me such a fright I couldn't breath for a couple of seconds. 

Monday morning came around fairly quickly after a dreamless sleep. First thing that came to mind were the Ways of course. Their fathers funeral is on this evening and I am going with them. Apparently Mikey doesn't want to go, not that I can blame him, but he should go. Gerard doesn't fancy showing up for it either. To be felt sorry for by women who have past relationships with their dad, to be recognised as sons of the horrible freak. 

I rushed downstairs grabbing some toast and saying goodbye to my mom. I walked out the door and headed towards school in the cold crisp air. I saw the school gates ahead and quickened my pace a bit, anxious to see if the Way brothers would be in. Hardly if their father just died but I doubt they even think of him like a father. 
But to my surprise I saw Gerard at his locker with Mikey by his side looking around frantically. Probably worried someone will laugh at him or pick on him which I'm sure has already happened to him today. 
"Hey Gerard. Hi Mikes. How are ye?" Gerard nodded and said "Fine". Mikey just stared at the floor not replying. I could only imagine how he was really feeling. Gerard nudged him a little, implying that he should answer. Mikey looked at him and then looked at me. He nodded and made some kind of a grunt.
We had about 5 minutes before First class so we just stood at the lockers talking. The corridors began to fill with people making their way to class. When it had quieted a bit. We notice Mikey had left. Fear and worry grew on mine and Gerard's face. We assumed he had just gone to class. It's not like he had done a runner. Although he really possibly could have. No. I'm taking it way seriously. He had just gone to class.
Gerard and I sat in art for a double class. Gerard drew amazing sketches that he would just roll up and throw away or some would be kept in his bag for Mikey he told.
First break came quickly enough and Gerard and I made our way to Mikey's locker straight away knowing the possible danger that he could be in. Upon not finding him there, Gerard began to panic even more. He scanned the corridor carefully peering into classrooms.
"Hey! There he is." Gerard sighed relief.
We ran up to Mikey who was slouched against the lockers in the empty corridor.
"You okay Mikes?" Gerard asks very concerned as a red, raw hand-print is forming on his cheek.
He nodded not even explaining what happened or that he was okay.
"Are you sure Mikey? Did someone hit you or something?" I asked.
He looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes.
He stood then, he jerked his head in Gerard's direction.
"Gerard?" He asked, his voice full of innocence. You definitely wouldn't think he is capable of tearing his room apart.
"Yes Mikes?" Gerard waited patiently for Mikey's reply.
"W-what's gonna happen to us now that dad is dead?". He didn't even flinch or stutter over the words of his dad being dead. But he did worry about what was going to happen to them.
"What? What do you mean?" Geard said a little puzzled.
"Dad was the only one who ha a job. It's not like mom is gonna find a job." He explained. It hurt to think that he had already thought about stuff like that. Gerard must not have thought of it as he didn't know how to reply.
"Uh...Look Mikey, don't worry about that stuff. We will be okay. I promise." he finished with a reassuring smile but Mikey didn't believe him. I dont think Gerard even believed himself.
"But you can't promise that because you don't know what IS going to happen! Why can't you just be honest with me. I'm not a child." Mikey shouted as his outburst echoed through the hallway. It was true. Mikey wasn't a kid and did deserve to know but Gerard couldn't tell him what would most likely happen. I think Mikey guessed it though. That they were gonna end up on the streets, in the back of an alley. They weren't very well off as it was and losing their only source of income would cause a lot of difficulties for them.
"Okay, okay Mikey." Gerrd calmed Mikey down a bit. "What's gonna happen is that I'm gonna find a job and if we can't afford the house well then I will try to make enough money for a hotel room for a night or two, okay? But I know we are gonna be okay. Trust me please." Gerard almost begged.
Mikey retrieved to his original, shy and quiet behaviour and stared at the ground again. He mumbled an 'okay'.

We walked down to the canteen and took our places in the same table as before. Mikey say across from us with his ear phones in just blocking out the world comtaining the other people who made odd stares at him and sniggered at him every now again. Some people would even throw something at him like a piece of paper with the words 'Go slit your wrists you emo cunt' sprawled along the page. Gerard picked it up quickly tossing it back at them before could would read it. He probably had some idea of what it would say.

"He's not gonna talk at all today. He's in that mood." Gerard said quietly to me.
"He just wants to be forgotten but I'm sure he's the first thing on the ringlear of the jocks mind for lunch or sometime. I just wish he would talk to me. Like even to just say hi would be progress." He adds. I knew what he meant. Gerard must be really lonely when Mikey doesn't talk.
"We leave School early right now and head home to get ready for the funeral. We can talk to him again there. Maybe he will have taken it in a bit more." I suggest knowing neither of them want to spend the rest of the day here and then go home to go to their fathers funeral.
"Thanks Frankie. You're really thoughtful." Gerard said.
He began to wave gently infront of Mikey's vowed face. He looks up just about and pauses his blaring music.
"We are gonna go home now and get ready for this evening. C'mon. Let's go." Gerard informs him. He stands up immediately and starts walking as we quickly catch up with him.
"Wait. I just have to get a book from my locker. One second." He leaves and I stand with Mikey at the wall outside.
"I'm sorry." I hear the little murmur. It shocked me. I wasn't expecting anything at all to happen.
"F-For what kiddo? You haven't done anything."
"Yes I have. I've been so annoying and stupid and selfish. I don't even deserve you or Gerard. I know you've been trying hard to help me and I don't even acknowledge it half the time before I'm drunk or passed out on the floor." He said quietly and then getting a little bit worked up from it all at the end.
"But Mikey, I don't blame you. In fact I think you are really brave and strong to continue to come into school while all this crap is going on. I wouldn't be able to keep going like you and Gerard are."
" I don't think I can much longer." He looks down letting all the awaiting tears to pour over the edge. That really hurt and I could see it hurt himself too. He feels cowardly giving into it yet he can't keep living like he is. He'd just rather be gone with out being noticed.
"Mikey. Please, just don't say that again. You need to keep going. You need to see how beautiful you are and see how brave and smart you are." I hold his cheek to keep him looking at me. Then, without thinking I lean in and kiss him gently on the lips. It lasted a few seconds before I heard a shout and then I was pulled off Mikey by Gerard who looked so angry with me. FUCK! What the hell have I done? I've just ruined everything. That's what. I look at Mikey whos face has a look of fear and confusion on it. I've just fucked it all up.
Gerard punches me straight in the nose knocking me out flat.


Hello! I hope this is okay. I think it's a little bit more exciting than previous chapters even though it's a bit short. Please rate Andrade a review of what you think! :)
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