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what happens now?

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"Oh thank God Ashley." Mia ran towards her.
"You poor thing." Ashley hugged Mia. "Im so sorry I wasn't here earlier. I was the only person at the store and I couldn't just leave it." Ashley said beginning to cry. "How are you?"
"Better." Mia said ushering Ashley onto the bus. The guys were all sitting around drinking coffee. Mia sat next to Ray and he put his arm around her. Ashley sat across from Mia next to Bob.
"So what happened?"Ashley said as Mikey got up to get her a cup of coffee.
"Well they interviewed me and asked me all these things about Jessica, then the guys got there and gave me an alibi. But they didn't have evidence on anything else, so they just let me go."
"What assholes." Ashley said taking a sip.
"I just don't know what to do. My sister kept my family together. She's the one that helped my mom to understand I wasn't going to play sports and be homecoming queen. She's the one that made my dad realize that I wasn't a bad apple. That I wasn't just another teen statistic. I'm afraid the family is going to fall apart at the seams. That my relationship with my parents will become nonexistent."Mia started to cry now. "What the fuck is my problem. I'm thinking about myself. My sister just freaking died and i'm thinking about my issues."Mia held her head in her hands. Ray brought her in closer to his chest so she could hear his heartbeat. He wrapped his arms around her and she continued to cry leaving a spot on his shirt. He ran his fingers through her smooth long hair. Her eyes closed and she held on to him tight. Gerard got up from the couch and went to the back room to talk to their manager on his phone. They were going to be late coming to the next show. Mia opened her eyes and pulled her cellphone out of her back pocket. She released herself from Ray's grip and looked at the time. "Oh my God! You guys missed your flight!"
"We wanted to be here for you. There is another that leaves in an hour and a half." Ray said in a comforting tone.
"The drive is a half an hour. We should leave. Come on Ashley." Mia said very drearily. Ashley got up and set her cup on the floor. They each got long hugs and Mia even let Frank give her a hug. They left together in Ashley's car. Mia watched out the back window as the bus and Ray got smaller and smaller. It continued to rain. Mia leaned back in her chair and fell into a deep sleep. Once they got to the house, Jesse, Mia's best guy friend was there waiting for them. Ashley got out of the car and motioned to Jesse to get Mia out of the car. Jesse carried the small, wet, and fragile mia into the house and put her on her bed. He took off her shoes and her jacket and pulled her blankets high up to her chin. Mia rolled onto her stomach and stopped in one spot. Jesse sat at the foot of her bed watching her as she slept. Secretly he wished she was his. Mia was an amazing girl. She was an extremely talented artist, musician, and writer. She was also one of the most humble people he had ever met. Mia was delicately beautiful. She always had a sincerity about her. Jesse had known mia for five years. When they met he was very shy towards her. But now, they shared everything with eachother. All the bad and all the good. When his parents had divorced she was there. When he was stood up at senior prom, she was there. He was there when she was kicked out of her house. He was there when her heart was broken in two. They would eat mint chocolate chip ice cream and watch scary movies in their pjs. She wasn't ashamed to be found in the comic book store or in an arcade. She was always laid back and sweet. She hardly lied and would do anything for her friends. Mia always defended her friends, no matter the situation. No matter how embarassing or how much pain she would endure, she would always be there. She didn't care about climbing up the social ladder. Actually, she prefferred that she didn't. Mia never tried to fit in with people who pressured her. After Jesse had sat there for about an hour, he got up, closed the curtains and walked out of the room. He said goodbye to Ashley and told her to tell Mia to call him.
The sound of a car pulling out of the driveway woke Mia up. She pulled her covers off and realized she was still in her clothes. She changed into her pajamas and went into the living room. She saw ashley on the couch with coffee in hand working on her term paper. She barely blinked while she was staring at the computer screen.
"How long was I asleep?" Ashley looked up now.
"Uh... About an hour I think. Jesse came by."
"I haven't talked to him in forever. What did he say?"
"He wants you to call him."
"Okay." Mia picked up her cell phone and walked back to her room. She closed the door behind her and plopped onto her bed. She flipped open her phone and it said she had one message. Mia called her voicemail.
"Hey Mia, it's Ray, by the time you get this we will probably already be gone, but I just wanted to say that the time we spent together was amazing. I'm sorry about Frank and all the lies I told you. I just want you to know that I love you and I'm so sorry about your sister." She could tell the sincerity in his voice. She half smiled and then she realized that she would probably not see him again. At least not very soon. She scrolled the people in her address book and called Jesse's number.
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