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But does anyone care?

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Bad things happen to good people.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-02-19 - Updated: 2012-02-19 - 866 words

So, i used most of the aplicants, but not everyone:L i changed the plot alittle bit to fit the characters and made it more horror/detectivy than frerard but, rate, reveiw, give me advice, and enjoy! -ash

I was jolted awake by someone stomping up our stairs. Scrunching my eyes shut, I pulled the cover over my face and tried to block it out with my pillow.

‘-Been standing outside for 20 minutes! Get the fuck up!’ Sylvie had clearly taken advantage of her spare key and let herself in. My phone buzzed under my head, my alarm finally going off.

I winced at the bright screen, trying to focus on the time. ‘Stop texting and get up! You were supposed to meet me an hour ago! We are ten minutes late already!’ Sylvie’s hands pulled the cover off my bed violently, throwing it to the ground before chucking me a pair of jeans and a shirt, mumbling something unintelligible.

‘Mikey!’ she screeched as she glided out of my room toward my brothers room on the other side of the hall. ‘Get that lazy ass outta bed!’

I pulled my top over my head as I stumbled down the stairs towards the kitchen, only to have Sylvie run up behind me and shout ‘No time! You decide to sleep in, you pay the price.’ Before grabbing my shirt by the collar and dragging me out the front door.

We sprinted to the bus stop, just in time to see the bus drive off down the street. ‘oh, for fuck sake!’ Sylvie cried, chucking her bag on the floor and putting her hands on her hips firmly, glowering at the bus shelter menacingly.

‘How do you always manage to miss the last bus on the first day back? It’s like you do it on purpose.’ Ray laughed as he walked towards us.

‘I tried, Ray, I really did, but they are impossible.’ Sylvie sighed.

Anna joined Ray’s side; she had purple streaks running through her hair, just like every Monday. Mondays are a purple hair day according to Anna.

‘The others got the bus in, said they would meet us at school.’ Anna smiled.

‘Well, looks like we’re walking then,’ I sighed happily, walking to school was always way better than getting the bus. The bus is so crowded and full of idiots; I’d rather take the extra half an hour and make my own way.

‘You slept in on purpose, didn’t you?’ ray whispered to me as we started walking towards the back ally to the woods that led to school.

‘Yep, I do it ever term and she still doesn’t get that I hate that bus.’ Ray grinned.

‘Don’t let her know that, she’s trying to be helpful.’ He chuckled, kicking leaves off the muddy pathway.

The woods was always quiet in the mornings, it was too early for all the skivers but just late enough that all the dog walkers were done.

Anna and Sylvie walked arm in arm, giggling and whispering, occasionally looking over their shoulders to check we were still following. Mikey was typing away on his phone, probably to Bob, who would be stuck on the bus with Ash and Allie right now, both of which were probably doing the same as Anna and Sylvie.

Me and Ray just walked next to each other In silence, both using this as a time to think and empty are minds. After about ten minute, he started to hang back, walking slower, Losing his usual long strides. I slowed my pace too.

‘So, how’s things been with... you know?’ Rays big eyes focused on mine, holding them.

‘We’re doing okay, I guess... It’s not like we knew her too well or anything.’ Lie, LuLu and I had been chemistry partners, she was Funny, intelligent and an all round lovely girl.

‘You don’t seem fine, just... I’m here for you if you need a guy to guy or whatever.’ He stopped to look at me. ‘it wasn’t your fault, she slipped, there was nothing anyone could do.’

‘I know, but, she-‘I looked down at the floor, kicking stones and twigs.

‘Look, no one blames you; you even spoke to her parents about it. People fall over all the time, it could have been anyone.’

‘Ray, she fell head first out a window, that doesn’t “just happen” to anyone.’

‘Well, as long as you didn’t push her, you’re in the clear.’ He laughed nervously, looking into the distance at the others.

‘I guess, I just feel like I should have grabbed her or at least-‘

‘Forget it, you weren’t even close to her, you did all you could, let’s just try not to think about it and have a normal day. One where we are late, we all get detention and we all bunk off like every new term.’ Ray smiled, before taking off down the path at his normal quick pace, making small talk with me about the holidays and trying to distract me from the thing that’s been haunting me all summer.
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