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truth or dare.

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The next part of 'but does anyone care?'

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A/N: sorry this has taken so long! I haven't been writting recently, but i'm hoping to update most of my stories soon! enjoy.

‘I don’t really feel like going to class guys, can’t we just go to the park?’ Ray moaned, walking slowly and clumsily towards the approaching school gates. Normally we would all laugh and Anna would say that we still need to go to school, and even one day can affect our education, blah blah blah.

‘Well, we have already missed registration and first period, so I guess it won’t hurt.’ Anna pulled Sylvie around and they started to walk back down the path, ray grinned and followed after them.

‘I’ll call bob and the others and get them to meet us there.’ Mikey mumbled, already dialling the numbers swiftly into his phone whilst drifting after Ray.

Realising that I didn’t have to go into school and see all those people, all the people who felt sorry for me, or hated me for what they believed I had done. A huge weight felt like it had lifted from my shoulders; the day suddenly seemed a whole lot brighter.

‘Okay, now what shall we do?’ Sylvie asked, dumbing her bag on the grass before crossing her arms expectantly.

‘Well, we can always play a game of truth or dare?’ Ray smiled deviously, practically throwing his body onto the ground next to Sylvie’s bag.

‘I’m up for that!’ Anna’s purple highlight swished around her face as she dropped to the floor.

‘Anyone have a bottle?’

‘I do! It’s got something in it…’ Sylvie pulled a bottle out of her bag, a huge glass bottle of vodka.

‘go on Sylvie, down in one!’ she winked and flicked the lid into the middle of our little circle before swinging the bottle up to her lips, taking long, slow mouthfuls, emptying about a third of the bottle in one go.

‘Save some for us!’ I snatched the bottle out of her hands, taking a huge swing. I wiped my lips with the sleeve of my hoodie and passed the bottle along to mikey.

Mikey took a tiny sip and passed the bottle along to ray, who practically finished it off, leaving a few drops for Anna. She smiled sarcastically at him as he passed her the almost empty bottle. ‘you’re lucky we need this bottle in one piece, because I’m sure it would look great being smashed against your skull.’ She said, batting her eyelashes innocently.

‘Now, now, children. We can get some more when the others get here, you did tell them to come right mikey?’ mikey nodded, glancing at his watch.

‘Well, break started five minutes ago, so they’ll be here soon. Ash did say she was stopping off at the shop on the way.’

‘Tell her we’re all out!’ Anna shook the empty bottle and pouted comically.

‘Let’s get a few warm up rounds in then, we don’t have all day.’ Sylvie grabbed the bottle out of Anna’s hands and placed it in the middle, with a graceful flick of her wrists the bottle spun violently around as we all watched in anticipation.

The bottle started to slow, making one more feeble round of the group before stopping on Anna. She squealed and turned to Sylvie. ‘Truth!’

‘Where have you been all summer? You said you would hang with us, and we didn’t see you at all!’

‘No! Anything but this, I’ll answer anything!’ Anna’s face turned bright red, she buried her face in her hands, giggling.

‘Tell me! Who were you with?’

‘Okay okay! You know we had a new kid starting? Well, he moved in down the road, I went to say hi, that was all! But my god, he is gorgeous!’ a huge smile spread across her face, her cheeks glowng a deep crimson. ‘and then, we got talking and he’s really nice! So I went to his house everyday the first week, and then- oh look, ash is here!’ she quickly changed the topic as bob, ash and allie walked towards us, holding bottles and food.

‘Just the name, tell me the name!’ Sylvie shouted, grabbing anna’s shoulders.

As the words left her mouth, my heart plummeted. That name, of the only person who I had ever really loved, he was here, in new jersey.

‘His name is frank iero.’
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