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Pretty Little Liars Season 3

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This story starts off 2 months after the finale of Season 2.....The girls are still coping with Mona being " A" and they are to scared to leave their houses alone..... Just because they know who " ...

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The rain fell on the town of Rosewood as Emily Fields climbed into the car.... It had been two months since the night that the girls found out that Mona was the evil "A" and her girlfriend was murdered....The following week of the traumatic night. Emily was yet to find out that she was moving to Los Angeles. Emily found it tragic that she would have to leave her best friends behind but she knew that she needed to get out of Rosewood as soon as possible! She walked out of her house and saw Hannah,Spencer and Aria waiting to say goodbye....Just seeing this made Emily want to cry. She slowly walked over to them..
" I guess this is goodbye," Emily said...Spencer looked at her
" Goodbye for now," She said. The girls hugged and said their last goodbyes and she got back into the car...Emily waved as the car distanced away farther and farther from an old life but closer and closer to a new one. Hannah pulled up to the hospital and got out of the car she walked into the lobby.
" Hi I'm here to visit Mona Vanderwall!" She snarled
The gates opened and she walked into the room.....Mona gave her a cold stare
" Hannah," Mona growled, " Why the hell are you here?" She asked. Hannah sat down at the chair across from the bed..
" I'm here to clear one thing." She said...Mona sat up
" I know you were treated horribly by Alison and I'm sorry about that but it gives you no right to do that to us!" she growled, " I will never ever forgive you for this you almost killed me you made our lives a living hell!". Mona sat there with no response. Hannah got up and started towards the door.
" Rot in he'll bitch!" She said.. Hannah walked towards Aria's house and knocked on the door..Aria answered after a couple minutes but behind her was somebody that Hannah never expected to ever see again..ever again.
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