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Somebody That I Used To Know

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Hannah finds out that the visit to Aria's house was more than she bargained for....Emily tries to adjust through life in California and Spencer jumps back into the " A" game trying and finds a big ...

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Hannah walked into Aria's house and looked at the person behind her this wasn't real she must've been dreaming why would this person show up at Aria's house.
" Umm Aria meet me in the kitchen please!" Hannah said as she ushered Aria over towards the kitchen " Why in all hell is Kate here?" She asked..Aria looked worried at firs like Kate was hiding another secret but Kate knew what she did was wrong.
" She wanted to try to apologize to you and maybe become friends again!" Aria chirped. Hannah digested the thought in her head again.
" NO NO and NO!" Hannah screamed. Aria's face clinched and looked back to make sure Kate wasn't listening.
" Shhh she can hear you!" Aria hushed..Hannah looked at Aria for a moment and decided carefully.
" No and I don't care if she hears!" Hannah yelled. She walked towards Kate and looked at her.
" Hi Hannah!" Kate cheered. Hannah looked at her with a deep dark face.
" Just shut up!" Hannah said, " I'm done with you!". Kate's face swelled up with tears.
" Save the tears they're probably fake anyways!" Hannah yelled...She stormed out of the door and ran to her car. Her first reaction were tears but hers weren't fake
Emily ran out of the house she had already spent one day in L.A and she thought that exploring the town would be a great plan for her second day..She was planning to jog. She turned up her music and started to run. It felt good being in a new atmosphere feeling safe and sound starting over again not having to worry about any problems she left behind in Rosewood. Emily stopped at the crossing sign and saw a fimiliar face up on a nearby truck it was a missing poster and the girl was Alison. Emily didn't know what she was seeing it couldn't have been Allie and it was the same picture that was used with Allison's missing poster from Rosewood. Emily got down a number that it said to call if you had any information about and ran back home.
Spencer pulled up to the Hideway Resort. She never thought that she would be back here but she had to discover how it all worked how Mona and others did it all the information she would need to put the mystery together is right in Room 2 of the Hidaway Motel. Spencer walked up to the door and pulled it open all the pictures lined up on the walls of Allison and all the girls were still there but there was one thing that was there that wasn't there the night of the Dance was a letter on the floor the letter read
Dear Mona and "A" Team,
I'm done with this continuous torture. Get a life. You think you know all my secrets but trust me you don't.When I hide something it stays hidden until I want someone to find it! You will never be able to find me! Good Luck if you can if you lay a hand on Courtney I will bury all of you deep!Rot in hell!
With Regret,
" Who is Courtney?" Spencer whispered..She heard a footstep and a crash. She stuffed the note in her pocket and ran back to her car.
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