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Eye of The Beholder

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Emily tries to do some research to see who this girl that looks like Allison really is...Spencer looks farther into the letter she found and brings Hannah and Aria into it!

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Emily walked inside her house and shut the door she needed to call the number on the missing poster if this girl was really Allison the beholder of the phone number would have information..Emily grabbed her phone off the counter and looked at the crumpled up piece of paper..She dialed 745-689-6789..The line rang but there was no answer it was disconnected did she copy the number wrong? She couldnt have the numbers were too big and bold to mess up. She put her phone down and sat on the couch she started to process all of it through her head. She thought of a million different therorys of how it couldn't be Allison but with so little evidence she had a gutt feeling it was. Her phone vibrated it was probably her mother asking her what she wanted for dinner she looked at the phone and the text was not from her mother or about dinner it was from "A" Emily nearly fainted on the ground it was all starting again but it couldn't have been Mona she is on watch 24/7 at that hospital could this mean there was a new "A"! She paced back and forth around the room she wasn't sure if she were to call The girls or to leave it alone for now..She heard a bang from outside and then she saw it someone that used to be so close might be Emily's neighbor!
Spencer stared at the letter just like she had done for the past 5 hours nothing she thought of nothing who could she go to for help with detaching the pieces of the letter and she finally came to terms with the fact that the only person she could go to was Mona! Spencer walked up to the Radley Sanatarium and looked through her texts according to Hannah, Mona was housed in room 214 so Spencer would have to go to the second floor..She entered through the sliding doors and glanced over by the sign in desk the lady was dressed up with nice pearls and poofy hair and a big long dress what made her really stand out was the dark red lipstick across her lips and the bright blue eyeliner across her eyes she like like she was no much older than 20. Spencer walked up to her and saw her appealingly big breasts.
" Hello sweet cheeks who are you here to see!" She dolled
" Hi i'm here to see Mona Vanderwall!" Spencer exclaimed.
" Sure sweetie sign here and your good to go!" She smiled
" Thank you so much!" Spencer said. Spencer walked up the stairs to Level 2 the room was all the way at the end of the hallway the very end of the hallway the hallway lights weren't on which set for some creepy murder scene in a movie but there weren't gonna be any murdering today.. 214 there it was nice and big she was to scared to walk in since Mona practically tried to push Spencer off a cliff and almost did Spencer wasn't one to feel safe around Mona anymore.. She quickly opened up the door and walked in and Mona was wide-awake staring out the window.
" Mona!" Spencer said in a hushed calm voice..Mona's eyes turned to Spencer's side of the room.
" Spencer is that you?" Mona creepily said. Spencer stepped a few steps closer to where Mona was placed.
" Yes Mona it's me!" Spencer said. She handed Mona the letter and she started to read it her emotions changed with each line that was written. She started to sob!
" I said I was sorry!" Mona sobbed.
" I know Mona I know!" Spencer cried, " I'm not here about that!".
" Then what are you here for?" She asked.
" Who is Courtney?" Spencer asked, " Can you tell me that?" She asked
" Courtney is Allison's cousin that she really cared about we threatened to kill her but it was just a silly threat!" She said. Monas face turned red and she started to sweat Spencer wasn't sure why this was happening but she was scared to hear what was going to come out of her mouth..
" Spencer!" She cried, " I'm not the real "A"!" Spencer was speechless!
" Then who is really "A"!" Spencer asked.
" I can't tell you the real "A" threatened to kill me if I told anyone!" Mona cried..
Spencer walked up to Mona and hugged her.
" I can't believe the real "A" made you fake all of this why would you put yourself through this?" She asked.
" It was either that or I died!" Mona cried. Spencer walked towards the exit and looked at Mona.
" Hey it's gonna be ok!" She said as she walked out of the room door.
" Wait so Mona isn't "A"!" Aria said as Spencer, Hannah and Aria gathered in Spencer's living room.
" Yeah the real "A" forced her to do it or the real "A" would kill her!" Spencer said
" Oh my god!" Hannah cried.....
" This web is more tangled then it could ever get!" Spencer said
" And I don't think were coming out of it any time soon!" Aria cried
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