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Umm, Delilah and Julius get intimate.

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Ok this is my first Delilah and Julius Fan fiction. So it probably really sucks. Also I might get small details wrong, like the color of the carpet or walls. Please note that I said FAN fiction, thus I do not own Delilah and Julius. And please pay attention to the ratings!


Julius sat on his bed. He stared at the plain white walls and blue carpet. Blue curtains blew in the wind. Hung on a gold bar over top of the solitary window. His bed had a plain blue comforter and white sheets; the pillow was in a white and blue striped pillowcase.

He heard soft footsteps come down the hall. They were familiar footsteps and he soon recognized them as Delilah's. The blonde haired boy smiled to himself, chances are she was in her black flannel pajamas her floor length white housecoat, and tiger print slippers holding a mug of coffee. He himself was in his blue plaid pajama pants and had not bothered to put a top on.

He heard a knock on the door; slowly he got up and answered it. He opened the door to see Delilah standing there. Sure enough the brown hair brown eyed beauty was in her black flannel pajamas her floor length white housecoat, and tiger print slippers, oddly enough she was holding two mugs of coffee and offered Julius one. He accepted it with a smile.

Julius made his way to his bed and patted the spot beside him. Delilah sat down beside him cross-legged. Mug of steaming coffee in her hands, Julius took a large gulp of coffee and set his mug on the wooden nightstand. He swallowed and flinched.

Delilah laughed; she could tell that her friend had just burnt himself on the steaming coffee. Julius playfully glared at her, and began to cough. Delilah set her mug of coffee next to his and pounded him on the back.

"Thanks." Julius said as he finished coughing.

"Any time." Delilah said as he leaned across him to grab her coffee. Julius grabbed her wrist and pulled her close before she was able to grab her coffee. Delilah let him pull her in to a tight embrace. She relaxed into the embrace and hugged him back.

Julius tilted Delilah's head up and softly kissed her lips. Delilah remained still for a moment before kissing him back. Slowly she opened her mouth to allow his tongue in. Moments passed, both of them taking in every moment of being so close.

Moonlight bathed the pair. Julius leaned back, Delilah on top of him. Delilah broke out of the kiss for a moment and took of her housecoat, throwing it on the floor. Housecoat gone she kissed Julius again, harder this time. Julius welcomed the kiss and allowed her tongue to play with his.

Julius wrapped his arms around Delilah's thin waist and slowly took her black flannel shirt off. Delilah ran her hands threw his short blonde hair, she let his slip her bra off.
Julius slowly caressed Delilah's now bare back.

Julius traced Delilah's smooth curves; there coffee's now forgotten. Delilah let out a moan in pleasure. Her hands traced Julius' strong body until they found his waistband. Finding their destination Delilah's hands slowly removed his blue plaid pajama pants.

"Please tell me that you don't always go commando Julius." Delilah breathed in his ear as she found that he was not wearing boxers.

"No that would not be practical for missions." Julius breathed, as he returned Delilah's favor and slid off her black flannel pajama pants. Delilah did the honors of removing her own underwear. "Hey I was going to do that!" Julius playfully scoffed. Delilah just gave him a look that said 'Suck it up princess.'

The pair resumed their passion filled kisses. The moon was slowly shifting its position in the sky, and their long forgotten coffees were cooling rapidly. But neither cared, they were to engulfed in there sweet slow passion filled kisses.

Delilah soon let Julius play the game that he so longed to. She grimaced as he began, but soon the pain was replaced with pleasure. Both of them smiled, they had never felt anything like this before.

"Julius." Delilah said quietly.

"Ya De" Julius replied, just as quietly.

"I love you."

"I love you too De." Julius replied as they finished their game. Delilah slid off of Julius' strong body and lay beside him. Julius put an arm around her, and Delilah fell asleep in his arms, sharing the single pillow. Julius pulled the covers over him and Delilah and was soon asleep.


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