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Forget drugs Gerard is better

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I was stunne this fuckin hot guy kissed me! I looked up and noticed Brendan was looking!!!! "oh shit!" my mind blew with thoughts of what would happen. Finally I looked in Gerard's eyes!

" Frankie we have to do something!" gerard whispered.

" I know, ummmm," I said, " I got it I'll make myself throw up I know how!"

" you'll hurt your self Frankie-poo!" Gerard whimpered.

I did it any way so me and Gerard had to go to the nurses. We stayed their till lunch when I said I was fine. Me and gee went to lunch were we met ray, and Gerard's little bro Mikey who talked a lot.

" hey Gerard this must be frank! Hi I'm Mikey, Gerard's little brother I play bass and I have asthma! We switched schools cause Gerard got called a fag and emo because he was gay! Everyone was my friend though!" Mikey rambled. He went on and on till Gerard told him to stop. Then he ate his lunch in silence. I decided to lay my head on Gerard shoulder and he fed me bits of his banana. We heard a few aww's from Mikey and ray. We gave them evil looks and he started feeding me again.

At the end of the day someone ran up to me and Gerard and told them to follow them in the computer lab. We walked in their and on the computer their was a video on YouTube with about 200 views and 60 comments. They showed us the video it was Gerard feeding me his banana and his chips!

" OH MY FUCKIN GOD FRANK WHAT BASTARD PUT THIS ON HERE!!!!" Gerard yelled. Everyone in the computer lab stared at us. I put a finger to Gerard's lips and told him to sush! That's when Brendan and his girlfriend Mary came up to us!

" hey Brendan baby theirs the faggots make a video of them and how about you beat em up! Or better kill them!" Mary laughed.

" nah I'll just beat up the new one Gerard and take a video of short ass helping him up and kissing him." Brendan smirked.

Gerard and I exchanged looks and ran we ran onto the field and hid then looked at each other laughed and then Gerard smirked and started making out with me!
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