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I decided to have a contest :)

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Art lovers you better read this!

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Hello everyone! I have decided to have a contest. An art contest that is :) I want you to draw Lily, her friends, and family. I will put descriptions in here at the bottom. You have a choice: draw Lily or her friends, or draw all of them together. You have three weeks! The best drawing of Lily will help me with the plot twist. One more thing... I have been working really hard at this new chapter. I've been editing like crazy there's still a lot I need to change, I promise to give it to you guys as soon as possible. You can send me your drawings to my email or my twitter xblckhrtxx I wish you all luck!


Lily: straight black hair,past her shoulders, hazel eyes, full lips, skinny, small 5'4,likes to wear band t-shirts, jeans, and converse.

Brandy: curly brown hair, way past her shoulders, green eyes, thin lips, fairly tall 5'8, wears the same thing as Lily.

Brenda: short black hair, just past her ears, chocolate brown eyes, full lips, not short but not tall 5'6, wears the same as Lily and Brandy.

Justin: (Lily's oldest brother) short blondish hair, buff, green eyes, tall 6'3, wears suits and ties and crap like that. Full lips.

James: (Lily's second oldest brother) short brown hair, looks like Lily, tall 6'2, wears anything but leather, buff, strong and has hazel eyes.

Maggie: (Lily's older sister) strawberry blonde hair, curly and goes down to her shoulders, green eyes, looks like Justin, wear designer stuff, skinny, not short but not tall 5'6

Henry: bowl hair cut, brown hair, dark brown eyes, 5'7, wears well.... Black.

Thomas: (Henry's older brother) short black hair, chocolate brown eyes, buff, tall 6'3, wears anything

Robert: (Lily's dad) looks exactly like Justin but older

Stephanie: (Lily's step-mother) platinum blonde hair, skinny, tall 5'9, wears designer stuff, blue eyes.

Alisha, Kat, Lea, and Sara's descriptions can be found in the first story!

Bonus: Lily's mom (Catherine) looks exactly like Lily, but with green eyes, and is sort of tall 5'7, and looks older. (She will beentionted in flashbacks and whatnot)

Please add me to your alerts! Good luck!!!!
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