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Chapter ???

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It's a small chapter

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"Why can't we go?" Brandy exclaimed. I was packing last minute things while Brandy and Frank were begging us not to go and why they should go. My wonderful boyfriend was chatting it up with Mikey. "Because, you're not exactly wcome in my house after what you did last year."

"But... But that was an accident!" I rolled my eyes. "Yes because taking my sister's clothes and make up and putting it all over Justin's room was an accident." "Well... It was just staring at me."

I closed my suitcase and carried it to the living room. Gerard raised his eyebrows at me. "That's it?" I laughed, "No I still have my violin and carry on bag." I kissed his cheek. "You're ready?" "I've been ready Lily." "Let me go get my bags!" I said running .towards the room. "Hurry up we need to be there in 30 minutes!" "Going!"

I grabbed the bag and intstrument with Frank and Brandy on my heels. "Pleeeaaaassssse Lily?" Frank pleaded. "Sorry Frankie. They don't like tattoos." He grabbed my arm as I was going into the living room. Then Brandy copied his actions. "Please? Please? Please? Please?" They said in unison.

"No! Now let go! Damn it Kat! Control your man!" Kat giggled and said, "Nahh, too lazy."

10 minutes later Gerard had managed to get Frank and Brandy off of me, and the bags into the truck. I shut the door and Brandy's noser was right at the window.

Gerard got into the truck and a goos soon as he was in we speed off. Frank ran towards us but eventually stopped.

Gerard grabbed my hand and gave me a smile. What a nice way to start off this hectic day.


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