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Chapter 15

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“Hurry up Gerard!”

“I’m going! I actually have to act like this is the heaviest thing in the world-which it sort of is-! You have a lot of crap! Even for you!”

“Again, I’m a girl!” After 30 minutes of Brandy and Frank pleading for us to not go, we were finally at the airport and getting on my Dad’s private plane. Or was it Maggie’s?
“Woah, a plane to ourselves! “ Gerard said in awe. “Yeah.” He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. But that look was soon replaced by a frown. “You don’t seem excited or happy. I mean considering the fact that you didn’t carry much, plus we have an entire plane to ourselves. So… what’s wrong?”

I looked around the plane. Many memories that I didn’t want in my head were… well… back. “I guess I’m sort of used to it. My family is rich. In fact both sides of my family are. Any ways, my Dad would travel for business a lot and he’d take my siblings and I with him. But we all got older and became busy with other things, so we stayed home.” I shrugged and put my violin up top.

“So you were a rich girl?” Gerard asked putting the bags on top. “Yup, still sort of am. My Dad always pays things for him. Although I rather he didn’t. I don’t want to rely on him for everything. I mean I am technically an adult.” (A.N. she’s 20 years old. Yes I changed her age.)

Gerard sat down and his face, for once, didn’t have that smirk. I began to stroke his cheek and kissed him softly on the lips. “They’ll like you Gee. Don’t worry. Now sleep, I forgot how long this ride is… but sleep. “ I moved around in my seat and got comfortable with my head on Gerard’s shoulder. As soon as I was drifting off he said quietly, “What if they don’t like me?”

“Then you’re screwed.” He grunted in response. “Take a nap Gee.”
I finally drifted off to dream land.

I was woken up by the pilot saying something about 30 minutes left to go. That’s when it finally hit me. I’m going to see my family who loathed me with a passion, and they’re going to meet my boyfriend who isn’t rich, and has cherry red hair.

“Oh God, what am I doing?” I whispered. I took my head off of Gerard’s shoulder and leaned it on the window. Gerard took my hand and said in a very, very soft tone, “It’ll be alright Lily.”

30 minutes later we landed .
“Maggie said James would be here.” I muttered to myself as we were leaving the gate. The I realized… my brother is always late. It would be a good 10 minutes for him to be here.
“You want to get a coffee?” I suggested. “But isn’t your brother here yet?”Gerard answered, confused.

“No, he’s uh… going to be late.” I smiled. 7 minutes later we were drinking Starbucks coffee and waiting for my brother.

“How cute! Young love.” An elderly woman said to who I assume was her husband. Gerard and I smiled.

“Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!” “Shit.” I took my phone out and answered it.

“Lily it’s James, I’m here in the front.”
“Um.. okay. We’ll see you there.”

“He’s here.” We grabbed our bags our bags and ran towards the front. “Where is he?” I muttered to myself.

“LILY!” I turned my head towards the voice. “Come on Gerard.” He moaned in response. “Lily! There you are!” my brother smiled. “It’s good to see you!” he gave me a big hug, to the point where my tip toes were off the ground.

“James, will you please let me go? I’m going to suffocate.” He refused. “No, I haven’t seen you in over a year!” After about a good 5 minutes he let go of me and I just smiled. My brother looked just like me. The only difference was he had brown hair, green eyes, and he was buff. Oh and a nice tan.

“Hi you must be her boyfriend. Um… what did you say your name was again?” They shook hands and exchanged smiles. “Oh… Gerard.”

“I’m James, her brother. Older brother. Let me help you with your bags. Get in the car Lil’s.”

As soon as I shut the car door, I freaked out a bit. “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh my fucking Skally. I couldn’t breathe correctly for a bit. The door closing a bit was what snapped me out of it.

Gerard gave me a look . “You okay?” he whispered. I nodded. I so was not okay. He grabbed my hand, “So… how’d you two meet?” James said speeding off onto the highway. Gerard and I looked at each other with wide eyes. We can’t tell my brother how we really met. I’m sure he’d be extremely pissed that Gerard tried to cut me in half with a knife on our first meeting.

“Um.. uh.. we met at… Starbucks!” I said. Gerard nodded with me. “He bumped into me and I dropped my coffee on him. He offered to buy me another one, and we chatted for a bit. We immediately hit it off. “ I smiled. Smooth Lily. Smooth.
“How nice. Where are you from Gerard?”

“Oh, I’m from Belleview.”

“Oh! We used to live there. But we moved to Hoboken after our Mom died. I think Lily was like 10 or 11.”

“Why’d you all move?”

James sighed. “Lily was having bad nightmares every night. They got worse and worse. It eventually got to the point where she wouldn’t sleep. It was too much for her to handle. So one day my Dad told us to pack all of our stuff and he bought a house in Hoboken. She didn’t have any nightmares for a couple of years. Then out of the blue she just had one. To make it worse my father didn’t really do anything. He was to concerned about his new wife and his business. Our siblings didn’t care much either. I hated to hear her scream and cry. So I would try and calm her down. She did eventually stop having night terrors.”

He shrugged. “During that time the only thing that kept her happy was her music and her dogs.”

Gerard was in awe for the second time today. “So that’s why we moved.” James sounded… perky.
“How are my dogs?” I smiled. “Rachel adores Su, and Anakin is protective of her.” Su and Anakin?” Gerard whispered. “I named my dog Su because she’s sweet and loving. She reminded me of my favorite character from an anime I like. And my Dad named my other dog Anakin because he loves Star Wars.” After that last comment we sat in silence.

“Maggie missed you. A lot. She was happy when you said yes.” He smiled. “How’s her fiancé?”
“Oh, I don’t like him. I think he’s bad news. But… if he makes her happy, I’m happy. I still think she could’ve done better.” James laughed. I nodded.

“So, how’ve you been James?” I smirked. “What happened to your girlfriend, fiance or whatever she was.” He rolled his eyes. “We called off the wedding. She cheated on me, twice. And Rachel didn’t like her much, so I told her off and I called everything off.”

“Oh, now I see.” He smirked, “I see you have a boytoy! Still deciding on colleges?” I blushed. “Yeah, it’s a hard decision. They’re both good schools, and they have great orchestra programs as well as dancing.” Gerard gave us a confused look, I gave him a ‘don’t worry about it’ one. After about 10 minutes of driving down roads, we reached my neighborhood.

“Oh look we’re here!” My heart began to race. Oh God, please help me…

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