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The Aftermath

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Gerard's POV

Kill him
Kill him

These words kept on spinning in my head. They were tempting. They made me wonder how Frank's crimson blood would feel in my hands. Would it feel warm? It surely would. But the feeling wouldn't last for too long, and I wanted Frank to last. Something about him made me want more and more.

Your a fucking coward Gerard! You can find one like him, or better

No. I could never find someone like him. He's something else.

You know you want to

Shut up okay! Just...just shut the fuck up and leave me alone

Surprisingly the voice left. I watched as Frank's chest rose up and down in time with his breathing. He was breath taking beautiful.

Frank's POV
It's 3:00 A-fucking-M and I cant sleep. I'm just laying in bed looking out the window, the moon light thankfully shining bright, I really don't like the dark. Thank god it's Friday and I won't have to wake up early for school tomorrow. I cant stop thinking about Gerard. No matter how hard I try to get him out of my head. Every time I think about him, images of his nails digging into my skin and his tounge envolving mine enter my mind. I know what I did was wrong in so many damn ways but I do have to admit I enjoyed it, no one had ever made me feel so good in my whole entire life.

Of course I wasn't a virgin, but he made me feel like no one else had ever before. I've had several boyfriends (which only seemed to use me), I even had a girlfriend, Joann. But that was because she was the daughter of my mom's friend and they tought we made an adorable couple, much to my dislike. I dated her anyways with the promise of my mom giving me money to repair my guitar.

After the second week of going out with Joann, I timidly came out to her telling her I was gay. I was surprised with her reaction. All she said is that she didn't care because she was seeing someone behind my back scince I never touched her and that she was only dating me to please her mother. Not too diffrent from myself. I haven't heard much of her scince then but there were rumors that she god AIDS and was pregnat. Well good for her, maybe I'll send her a 'Get Well Soon' card, yhea that'll work just fine. I make a mental note to get her a nice one with puppies on it.

Back to Gerard. After the incident in his bedroom everything turned kinda awkward, at least for me. I woke up to an empty bed and a note taped to my arm. It seems like people find leaving me notes easier for them. It read:

As much as I would love to be here when you wake up I'm afraid I have some business to take care of and I won't be able to. Feel free to wonder around the house, though I think when you wake up it will be late and you will have to retire much to my dissapointment. We had a wonderful time. See you soon.
Love, Gerard xo'

So that's all hu? 'We had a wonderful time'? I felt my heart sink. But he did say he'd see me later. I don't know what to think anymore. After gathering my clothes I sped downstairs. There sitting on the couch watching something that looked like 'Star Trek' on tv was a boy.

"Um..h-hey?" He turned to me, cereal bowl on his hands.

I just quickly opened the door and stepped outside the house saying nothing. I really didn't care who he was, at that time I had a lot of stuff on my head. He was probably Gerard's sibling or something, he looked about 14.

Sights Gerard, as much as it hurts I have to admit that he's pretty odd, not to mention a fucking stalker. I mean all those drawings of me! How did he memorize my face so good? But it did flatter me as creepy as it sounds.

"Maybe he has a photographic memory?" I think outloud. "Yhea right, how many people do you know who have a photographic memory Frank? None."

But even if he did, wouldn't drawing someone's face like a million times and showing them come out stalkerish? Gerard didn't seem to mind. Fuck it! He was even proud asking me what I tought about them (which I have to say were magnific). But as much as I hate to say this, Gerard was starting to look more and more crazy by each time I recalled the previous day's events. Seriously,I even made a frikin' list;

Reasons why Gerard might me looney
1. He draws strangers
2. No one seems to notice him
3. He mutters to himself
4. His house is completely dark
5. His clothes are completely dark
6. Everything about Gerard is completely dark (But I secretly find it fascinating)
7. He fucks a total stranger the first time he formaly meets him (not that I really mind)
8. The Girl with the wild hair (which I still don't know her name) told me so.
And the last one
10. Why would someone like him want someone like /me/? That's the biggest proof I have to show that he may be mad.

And the list goes on. It's fucking irritating that eventhough I have all these reasons to get the hell away from him all I want to do is get closer to him, he's like a fucking magnet. Maybe it's the fact that I love mystery, and Gerard himself is made of mystery.

The thing that bothers me the most is that he didn't show up to school the rest of the week. Maybe he doesn't want to see me, maybe he regrets what we did. Luckily I managed to make friends with the pretty wild-haired girl, which I found out her name was Layla Price. She was nice but everytime I tried to get Gerard into the conversation she constantly changed the topic. I don't think she liked him much.

My cellphone starts ringing bringing out of my toughts. For a second I think about letting it ring.
'What if it's an emergency?'
'What if it's about mom?'
But now that I think about it, when I came back from Gerard's I just grabbed something from the fridge and made my way upstairs to my room not coming out at all, I don't even know if my mom came back home. I hurriedly make my way to the far corner of the room where the crappy phone is carelessly laying and pick it up.

No one answers.
"Who's this?"
Still no answer.

The line went dead. I check the number but it says 'Restricted'. Who could it be?

It wasn't my mom's number so she must of already be here. Just to make sure I cautiously make my way out of my room to hers. I grab one anything I can use as a weapon (you never know what might be out there in the dark). I can't help but feel stupid, I'm not some little 5 year old so I just drop the object which happened to be a hanger and walk through the pit dark hall way. I trip on something that felt like a book. I get a feeling of dejavù and shudder.

Reaching my mom's room, very cautious not to make any noise I open a crack on the door and peek inside. There layed my mom under the covers sleeping peacefully. A soft smile marks my features, she really is a great hard working mom. I make another mental note to wake up super early (if I get back to sleep) since she gets home really damn late and hug her. I haven't done that in the longest time, and I do miss it.

Creeping my way through the hallway back to my room I feel a hand cover my mouth and an arm tighten my waist. I instantly regret not bringing that hanger with me, it would of been useful.

As the person drags me to my room I kick and try biting his hand, cause it definately was a man, he had toned arms, arms that reminded me of someone.

As we enter my room he uncovers my mouth and loosens his grip on my waist. I immediatly hit him blindly with a pillow. Wow Frank. Really? A fucking pillow?

"Get out of here!"

"Ow! Shush Frankie, it's Gerard."
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