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A bit of chapter 7

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I really need some ideas quick.

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It was Gerard.
What the hell was he doing here? After days of not knowing nothing about him he just comes in the middle of the night to scare the living shit out of me? But deep inside I feel happiness. If he came here it means that he still wants to see me after what happened. But I bury those toughts because it kinda does creep me out that he comes at 3:00 in the morning. And how did he even know where I live?

"What the hell?" I said after harshly removing his hand from my mouth.

"How you've been Frankie? I just tought I'd give you a visit."
He smiled widely.

"How damn nice of you Gerard. I love visits after mid night, specially the ones that give me a great scare. Now seriously. What are you doing here? How did you find out where I lived?" I asked closing the door in case we we're being to loud and scared my mom would wake up.

"Hey sugar, relax. I'm not some kind of rapist." He let out a wicked laugh. "I'm only here cause I really needed to see you."

"Really you needed to see me? Well why didn't you just take a look at your wall? I'm sure it would of been enough. Still, you haven't told me how you found my house." I lifted an eyebrow waiting for his response.

"I really needed to see you personally. How did I found your house? Well that's easy. I just followed you after that beautiful day at the park. I needed to see where you lived." He took a seat on my bed.

"Oh..." I said awkwardly. "So why didn't you came earlier? Why at 3 in the damn morning?" I took a seat on the bed as far away from him as I could.

"Just tought it'd be funner at this time, plus you weren't even asleep so what are you whining about?" He shifted closer to me. I could smell alcohol. Well, he'd been drinking.

So like I said before, I need some help, I don't really know where to take this story :/ So if your reading and your interesting in helping me out with the plot, please e-mail me at:

Ps. I know the e-mail adress is stupid but I made it after having a chocolate overdose xD
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