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recovering my life

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Tamsin's life changed the day her mum died of a heart attack, and now she has to try and put the pieces of her heart back together whilst adjusting to her new life.

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A/N First time i've ever done this so apologies if it is crap! Not sure where it is going yet so bare with!

My name is Tamsin, Tammy for short. I'm short and curvy with hair that changes colour on a regular basis due to all the dye I put in it. I have a nose piercing which I did myself much to my mother's despair and a homemade butterfly tattoo on the side of my left hand also causing my mother annoyance. I'm 15 and love alternative music (although I do have a weakness for the odd pop song!). On Tuesday the 17th of April I walked home from school with my friends like any other day. When I got home I walked into the kitchen and saw something that would cause me nightmares for the rest of my life. My Mum ,who I loved more than anything in the world, was lying on the cold stone floor. I screamed and ran to call and ambulance, assuming that she was just unconcious... she had to be, afterall the alternative was to painfull to consider. What Happened next was a blur, I remember the ambulance arriving and taking me and my mum to the hospital; at least i'm assuming that's what happened, all I can remember are bright lights flashing and a screeching noise in my head. I sat in a blank room or as I thought it to be at the time, purgatory. I can still see the doctor walking to towards me with a look of controlled sympathy. I can't remember the exact words she said because I was screaming inside my head so loudly,all I know is it was something to do with a heart attack. My world fell apart that day. I had no family, my mum had told me my dad died shortly before I was born, she was all I had.
A lady with brown hair tied in a pony tale and a kind face took me away to some home. So they could look after me until they decided what to do next. All I could do was cry and cry and cry, until the tears ran out and even then I continued to sob. I looked at the Scars on my shoulder and wanted to inflict more on my body so badly; but I couldn't. They had taken car enot to leave anything I could hurt myself with lying around.
I was there for two days without being told anything and then all of a sudden I was called into the office. I entered to see a serious looking man with grey hair and glasses, registering my presence he looked up and started to talk. However the words he was saying didn't make any sense.
"Ahhh Tamsin come and sit down!" so I sat down at the chair he was pointing to.
"As you know we have been organizing what to do with you and you will be pleased to hear we have made progress! Your father has been informed of the situation and would like to contact you!" I could have slapped him.
"MY DAD IS DEAD!" I shouted. So confused and angry. How DARE he mock me like this? try and give me hope just so he could cruely snatch it away!
"No, no!" The man quickly said in a soothing voice. "He is alive and welland living in america with a wife and daughter!" The anger dissapated and now my mind was full of confusion and,despite my best efforts, a little hope.
"B-but my mum told me he'd died and a car crash." I choked out.
"We realise this must come as a shock but it's the truth." the man told me."He is on his way here right now to meet you. Obviously if yoou don't want to live with him it's your choice but... I think it would be for the best if you did." I nodded and got up to leave. As I reached the door he stopped me.
"One more thing Tamsin!" I turned to face him. "Your father..." He paused for a while trying to decide the best way to phrase what he was trying to say. "You may infact know him as he has quite a high profile job" Again confused I asked him what he meant. "It might be easier to show you" he said beckoning me over to his computer as he quickly typed something.
When I got to the screen I froze in shock. I stood there just staring for several seconds before slowly talking.
"Why the hell is there a picture of Gerard Way there?" I asked in a low voice.
"Because he's your father!" This was too much for me of course and like the witty girl I am all I could do was mutter "wow" before promptly fainting.
I woke up on my bed an hour later and had to take a moment to remember what had happened.
"FUCK!" I shouted when I remembered. Gerard Way, one of my biggest inspirations, was my dad.
"Gerard fucking Way" I muttered to myself. This was the man who's lyrics had played a major part in my stopping selfharming. I had some major thinking to do, on the one hand I needed to be with family and I had no doubt he would make a very good dad. On the other hand I was still grieving for my mum and also... well lets face it, it would probably be awkward as fuck to start off with! I decided to meet with him and see how it went before making and decisions.

The Next Day
I woke up late. Nothing unusual about that however today was not the day for it. Looking at the clock I groaned, I had leass than an hour to get ready before the impending meeting with my father. I half fell out of bed before stumbling over to my wardrobe, I grabbed a green t-shirt with cut off sleeves and Mickey Mouse on the front; faded black skinny jeans, and black converse hi tops. Once I was dressed I wandered over to the mirror to sort out my face. Foundation, mascara and black eyeliner... lots of it. It didn't do much to disguise my red eyes caused by crying myself to sleep for the past forn nights but at least I wasn't quite as hideous. Nervously I paced the room until I heard a knock on my door. Alyson, the lady who had taken me here from the hospital, softly told me he was here and should she send him up? Unable to talk I just nodded. I listened to her footsteps go downstairs and then my heart stopped as I heard a different set head up them.
I just stared at the door not breathing, and then I saw him. In the doorway to my room stood Gerard Way. This was so sureal I thought to myself as I took in his blonde hair, not blonde like in TBP but blonde nonetheless just as it had been in the picture I had seen from big day out in Australia. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a navy T-shirt. We looke dat eachother carefully and then with a slight smile he said the last thing I had been expecting.
"I'm guessing the blue hair isn't natural then..."
"nah shame though" I replyed with a shy smile. We both exhaled deeply, relieved.
We spent two hours just talking. I was right it was awkward at first and pretty difficult to ignore the crazy fangirl screaming my head, but we got over it suprisingly quickly.
"So you don't keep your hair the same colour for longe than three months at a time?" He asked laughing slightly.
"correct. I just get SO bored with it otherwise!" I replyed laughing as well.
"I'm glad you're taking this so well" he said. Suddenly serious.
"Well I was pretty worried it would be awkward but i'm glad it isn't" I said with a shrug. "besides as Dads go you've gotta be one of the coolest out there!" I said grinning.
He laughed "I'm glad you think so but we've only just met... for all you know I could be majorly strict!" I could tell he was just teasing me.
"WHATEVER. you're the lead man in My Chemical Romance for fucks sake! You don't get much cooler than that!" He laughed and looked me in the eye.
"So do you think you would be willing to come and live with me Lindsey and Bandit in New Jersey?" he asked looking hopeful.
I thought about it carefully. Yes I had just lost my Mum and yes I felt dead inside because of that but on the otherhand talking to him today had caused me to smile for the first time since I lost her. I decided.
"I think I would like that" I said softly.
He hugged me then. At first I was shocked, it was Gerard Way afterall! But I quickly got over myself and hugged him back, it felt right to be in his arms, like I was home.
It was decided Me and Gerard would fly out to New Jersey the next day luckily I had taken very few of my belongings to the home, too many painful memories. So it didn't take long to pack. I was excited and looking forward to my new future but that didn't stop myself from crying myself to sleep... and it certainly didn't stop the nightmares.

A/N So that was my first EVER fanfic chapter! I'm excited! let me know what you think and i'll try my best to update fairly reguarly! (also sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)
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