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Tammy leaves England for her new life.

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Second chapter in one night!

We took a taxi to the airport at 8 in the morning... I. HATE. MORNINGS. Luckily it would appear to be a family trait as Gerard also had the look of someone who would give anything to be back in bed.
"I could kill for some caffeine right now" I groaned.
"I know exactly what you mean" he replyed. "When we get to the airport we are going straight to Starbucks." he then looked over at me and chuckled softly "sounds like you got the the Way coffee addict genes then!" he said with a smile
"No genes needed. It is the beverage of the GODS." We both laughed then.
"how you feeling?" he asked
"nervous" I answered honestly. I mean of course I was, I was going to a new country where I wouldn't know anyone! And that's even without adding school into the equation... I couldn't help but wonder if it would be like in one of those teen movies. Well if it was I wanted it to be a rom-com as those at least always have a happy ending.
"I bet you are. But don't worry the guys are all lovely, Linds and Bandit too and if it's school you're worried about i'm sure you'll do just fine!"
"Am I really that obvious?" I couldn't help but ask, how else did he manage to know what I was thinking?
He laughed "No just a lucky guess!"
We soon arrived at the airport and after lots of muddling around with customs and stuff we finnally managed to get hold of a much needed coffee! I inhaled it's fumes and sighed, I needed this. Not just because I was tired but also because this would be my first trip on a plane and to put it bluntly I was bricking it! Gerard went off to check some stuff and I was left to my thoughts which as they always did when alone turned to my Mum. Why did she lie to me? I was putting on a brave face about it for Gerard's sake, well that and to avoid people looking to closely and seeing how messed up I was. FIFTEEN YEARS my mum had lied to me. hell I had even talked about My Chem in front of her and she hadn't mentioned anything! Why? I felt betrayed and yet even with this bitterness brewing inside me I would do anything to bring her back.I felt my eyes burn as I started to well up yet again, but I just blinked back the tears, this was hardly the place afterall.

The Next Day
We had arrived. I stepped of the plane and looked around expecting... well i'm not sure what I was expect to be honest just something different, however I was suprised to find it wasn't all that different to England!
"Lindsey, Bandit and Mikey are meeting us here. you'll get to meet the others when we get home but we decided to keep it to family for the moment." Gerard said from behind me. Home and family. I still couldn't quite believe this was real, Gerard Way was my dad... then I said something I hadn't been expecting.
"Can I change my last name?" Gerard looked at me and laughed
"Sure if you want!"
"Thanks. It's just that Evans is so boring and I kinda wanna just start over if you get what I mean?" Start over and get over the past that is.
"I understand. Now come on Tamsin Way or should I say Tammy Way? Your new family is waiting for you!"
"Tammy is good and i'm coming!" I said with a smile.
I didn't know what to expect when I saw them but it went quite well I think! We walked out and saw the three of them and before it had a chance to get awkward the small girl with dark hair came running at me and gave me a massive hug... or gave my legs a hug at any rate!
"Bandit leave the poor girl alone!" Lindsey said rushing forwards.
"It's fine!" I assured her. "Actually it's pretty adorable!" I laughed. Lindsey gave me a big smile before hugging me herself and welcoming me to the family. Once I had untangled myself from them I turned to my Uncle, Mikey Way, in my head I was going crazy at how insane this was.
He stepped up to me shaking his head and saying "you look just like your dad!
From behind me Gerard called out "I'll have you know I don't have blue hair!" we all laughed and Mikey wrapped his arms around me and from that moment it hit me. This is actually happening.

shorter than last one but oh well! I might put some different POVs in the next one and i'm sure you can guess whats coming next!
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