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You're Leaving!

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Gerard getting kicked out, and Frank's reaction.

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"What?!" Gerard Way was not happy. But then, what teenager would be at the prospect of leaving home in order to 'clean up his act'? "This isn't fair! I'm not even that bad - all of my mates are worse then me!" Yeah, he thought bitterly. All two of them.

"Look, it's just for a little while sweetie. I'm sorry, but I don't care what your friends do - this behaviour isn't good for you." The teen's mother said, apologetically. Her voice was firm though - it was clear that Gerard had no choice in the matter.

"But, why?" He protested anyway. It wasn't as if he couldn't understand - this wasn't the first time that he'd had to talk to his parents about his drug taking and drinking habits. But despite this, he thoroughly resented being pulled up from his basement and into the butter-yellow living room, to be told that he was being sent to live with his uncle - half way across the fucking country.

"Because your mom and I think that it'd be good for you to get away from the scene here." It was his dad's turn to reply. "There's too much drugs. Too much violence."

He had a point really; although Belleville wasn't the worst district in New Jersey, the whole state was pretty fucked up, and many of its inhabitants couldn't wait to get away. Plus, it was incredibly easy to get your hands on drugs - as long as you had the money - and that was the problem that was facing Gerard at this moment in time.

It wasn't uncommon for teens to experiment, his parents knew that from their own experiences. Everyone went out and got drunk from time to time. But their son had just taken it too far - drinking yourself to sleep in your bedroom each night wasn't normal, and it certainly wasn't healthy. Their solution? To send him away, and hope the problems would sort themselves out.

That didn't make it fair though - and certainly not in Gerard's eyes. "What?! I've never been in a fight!" Not that his mom and dad knew of at least. "And I'm fine - I'll stop the drugs and everything, I promise! Don't send me away!"

"It's not good for you Gee." His mom spoke softly again. "Locking yourself up in the basement every night, or coming home high at two in the morning. You've got to get away from this for a bit."

"I like it here though! And you know how hard it is for me to make friends - fucking California's gonna be hell!"

"Don't swear." His dad said, automatically.Then he sighed and continued. "We've talked about it enough Gerard, and you haven't gotten any better. What else can we do?"

"I'm not some two year old!" The teen shouted. "I can make my own decisions and if you don't like them; tough! I'm not fuckin' going!"

With those words, he stormed out of the room, and up to his younger brother's room. Mikey was sprawled across the deep blue sheets that were spread unevenly across his bed. He appeared to be asleep at first glance, but Gerard could see his headphones were buried in his ears his foot was tapping to a beat that no one but him could hear as it hung over the edge of the mattress.

His elder sibling walked over and collapsed on the bed next to him. Mikey opened his be-spectacled eyes and peered at him. The two didn't look all that alike - Gerard's hair was dark where his brother's was light, and the younger was skinnier (though the other didn't exactly have much meet on him either). Despite the fact that he was three years his brother's junior, Mikey had already out-grown him, something that the sibling privately blamed on his cigarette and drug consumption.

They didn't say anything for a few second's just tried to outstare the other. The younger looked away first, but that was probably because of the sadness and accusation in Gerard's eyes.

"Why did you tell them?" He said quietly, pulling the brown haired boy's ear-phone out as he spoke.

Mikey sighed. He felt guilty about have told his parents about his brother's drug habit, but it had been after several months of having to deal with sneaking Gerard in when either high or drunk, and then watching him sleep to make sure he didn't drown in his own vomit. It wasn't as though their mom and dad hadn't noticed anything, but they seemed incapable of accepting the fact that their eldest son was so far gone in to the world of drugs and drinking. Even after having caught him come home drunk several times over.

"I'm sorry Gee." Mikey replied, reaching out to squeeze his brother's shoulder in a gesture of comfort. "But you were killing yourself, and I didn't know what else to do."

"They're sending me away, you know. To our uncle."

His brother's eyes widened at that. "What? John's?" When Mikey had told his parents, he'd never imagined that they'd send Gerard away. He thought that they'd be able to convince him to break his habit, or send his Alcoholic's Anonymous. Not ship him to the other side of the country for their mom's brother to deal with the problem.

"Yep!" The elder Way's voice was laced with bitterness. His brother couldn't really blame him.

"What good is that gonna do?! Sending you to the fucking West Coast? Do they think that they don't have drugs there or something?" Mikey was now thoroughly regretting saying anything to their parents. Clearly, they had less idea how to deal with this than he did.

"Apparently." Gerard sighed. "John lives in a decent town - it's not like here."

Mikey nodded; he could remember visiting their uncle years back, and being able to wander freely around the streets, something they had never - until recently - been allowed to do in their home state.

"They shouldn't be doing this." He muttered, though both brothers knew that this would be little if any help. Once their parent's minds were made up, it was basically impossible to change. Still it was worth a try.

"We'll talk to them, yeah?" The younger brother said, sitting up. "They might listen to us if we both say that they can't do this, and it isn't fair."

It didn't work though. Despite the fact that both Mikey and Gerard put up a united front against their parents for the rest of the week, the elder of the siblings left the local airport (amidst many tears, and hugs) on a flight departing to California that Sunday.


"It's not fair!" Frank banged his head on the soft mattress beneath him in frustration. He'd just found out that one of John's - the man he was staying with - nephews was coming to stay with his uncle indefinitely. Which meant that he was going to be staying with the teen who was currently moaning about to a small group of his friends.

"How ain't it fair?" One such friend sat up to peer at the black headed boy now flopped on her bed. "He's John's nephew - he has more of a claim to the house that you do."

Frank made no response other that to growl. This was mostly because he knew Lissa was right. After all - he was just some stupid, stupid, little faggoty kid that had only been taken in out of the goodness of John's heart. That didn't mean that he liked the situation though.

This was for two reasons; the first was that he had far to much empathy for the kid who was coming to stay with him. Really, he was exactly like Frank from the sounds of things - had a drug problem that got out of control, until it reached the extent that his parents kicked him out. Ok, in his case, it had been more that he was a complete cock slut, but when push came to shove, he and this boy both their addictions and the people who were supposed to care for them couldn't deal with it.

The second reason, Frank was even less likely to admit than the first: He was slightly scared of the boy. Or scared at the prospect of him.

Obviously, the two had never met, and the teen was terrified that his new house mate would be the type of person that got way to handsy and way too violent when high. Or even when not. That the guy would be homophobic and would feel obliged to make Frank pay for who he was. He'd had experience with those sort before and had no desire to repeat the experience.

The teen shivered and shook off those feelings. The solution was simple - he wasn't a weak, pathetic little thirteen year old boy anymore. He could look after himself, and would just have to make sure that there wasn't a chink in his armour. That this new kid had no way of getting through, and hurting him. If needed, he'd make the kid's life hell.

"What am I supposed to say?" Frank shrugged. "That I'm oh-so-incredibly-happy to have to random, stoner, loser kid staying with me?" He scowled just at the thought.

"Like you aren't one." Bob smirked. He was lying on the floor next to Lissa, and stunk of pot - which made his last comment as hypocritical as Frank's had been. He seemed to realise this, because he changed tack quickly. "Anyway, you never know, he could be nice."

"And he could be hot." Jared put in, making the other three roll their eyes. Of course, it would be the man-slut of the group that came out with something like that. Ok, Frank wasn't much better, but he tended to go for one night stands instead of three-day romances, that ended in a broken heart.

"When was the last time you were with a dude anyway?" Lissa questioned.

"I dunno, like last month." The brown haired boy shrugged. "It all been girls since then."

"You're sick, man." Bob scowled.

Frank rolled his eyes again. Sometimes he wondered why they even hung out with the blonde boy. It was clear he couldn't stand Frank, or Jared, namely because of their promiscuous nature. But then, the answer was right in front of him. Bob stuck with them because they were friends with Lissa. And he had a stupidly obvious crush on the dark skinned girl. Frank couldn't really understand why she didn't just put the boy out of his misery and go out with him. As it turned out, Lissa was just as cruel as Frank with his one-night stands; Jared with his dating sprees; Phin with her playing with people's emotions; or Lena with her beauty and inaccessibility.

The teen shrugged it off. "I gotta go." He announced, standing up.

"Work?" Lissa asked from her place on the floor.

"Yeah, it's a bitch."

"Tell me 'bout man." She smiled sympathetically. "When's the kid arriving anyway?"

"Later today." Frank groaned as her question reminded him of a new housemate's impending arrival.

"Good luck!" She smirked.

"Thanks!" The boy mock saluted her, waved at the other two, then made his way downstairs and out of her house.

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