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Phin And Andy

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Basically, what happened with Phin and Andy during the house party Phin hosted. I'mma update this at some point and add smut. Not sure when though.



Phin smiled as she walked over to her boyfriend. He smiled back at her, though there was sadness in that smile.

The girl bit her lip guiltily, guessing Andy had seen her kissing Frank. It was common knowledge Phin and her best friend were sluts and would make out with anything on two legs, but that didn't stop Andy being jealous; particularly when it came to Frank.

He knew the two of them were friends, nothing more, but they were so close. Way too close for Andy's liking, but he knew the minute he asked Phin to stay away from Frank she'd reject him. Unfortunately for the boy, his girl would always put her friends before her boyfriend. She'd never actually said this, but Andy knew from experience.

And now he was confused. He loved Phin, he really did. But now - as she walked over to him like nothing was wrong - he was confused. Obviously, he hated her promiscuous behaviour, but had no idea what to do about it. The only thing he knew was that he didn't want to lose his girlfriend. If she had actually been sleeping with the guys and girls, it would have been different, but kissing didn't seem big enough to make a fuss over. So Andy had no idea what to do.

When Phin reached him, he smiled, but it was forced. He expected his girlfriend to kiss or flirt with him, so was very surprised when she silently took his hand and lead him upstairs. Well, if she expected to have sex with Andy after what he'd just witnessed, she was sorely mistaken.

She didn't expect that though. Phin knew her boyfriend had seen her kiss Frank and knew he was tearing himself apart inside. She also knew that she was giving out all of the signs of wanting sex, but she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. The girl unlocked the door to her bedroom and pulled her boyfriend inside, locking it behind her again. The thick wood blotted out the sound of the music, letting just enough through to soothe Phin's nerves.

"I'm not having sex with you." Andy said as his girlfriend sat down on the bed.

He expected her to laugh seductively and begin to flirt until her his head was a lust filled mess. She surprised him. "I wasnt going to ask you to." Andy raised his eyebrows at her. Worry was churning in his stomach - this could not be good. "Sit down." she instructed him. He did so. Phin took a deep breath then launched into a speech that she wished she had had more time to prepare.

"I'm sorry," she began. Andy's eyes closed. He could hear the next few words in his head - 'we're just not working' and the inevitable break up.

Oblivious to the turmoil inside her boyfriend's head, Phin ploughed on. "I don't know what to say. I know I'm a complete whore and I mess with your head and whatever but-"

"Don't." Andy cut her off. "Please don't tell me this isn't working. I know you like making out with other people but I don't care! I mean if you were shagging them I'd be pissed but please! I don't want to break up with you over something so stupid!"

Phin began to laugh as she realised what her boyfriend was getting at. And she'd thought he'd wanna break up with her!

"What's so funny?" Andy questioned, really worried now.

"Oh, God! What, with the way I've been acting - I thought you'd wanna end it with me." Phin chuckled, though she sounded slightly desperate.

Her boyfriend laughed and moved closer to her, wrapping his pale arms round her waist. "Of course not!" Andy murmured in her ear. "I don't like the way you go round making out with everyone, but I'm not gonna break up with you for it - no way."

Phin smiled and to her horror, a tear trickled from each eye. Embarrassed, she swiped at them with her sleeve, praying that her boyfriend hadn't noticed.

No such luck. "Phin? Are you crying?"

"Of course not - don't be stupid! What in fuck's name would possess me to cry?" The last part she really had no idea about. Seraphin was many things - overly horny, mean, direct, curious to the point of annoying - but never weak. And in her opinion, crying was definately a sign of weakness.

Andy knew this, so ignored the fact a steady stream of water was now flowing from his girlfriend's eyes. He touched her lips in one of the sweetest, softest kisses they'd ever shared. She shifted into his lap and they just sat there; lips working together, arms wrapped round eachother. "I don't know," he said, in response to her earlier question. "But I do know I want you - and that I'm not gonna leave you anytime soon."

"You're so corny," Phin choked. "Sweet but corny."

Andy chuckled.

"I'm sorry," she murmured again, burrowing her head into his shoulder. "I don't know why I go round acting like such a slut - making out with everyone. I don't want any of them. Just you."

"Now who's being corny?" Andy teased, but he suddenly felt happier than he had done in a long while. As with crying, expressing feels like love were also seen as weak by Phin. He had no idea what had happened to make Phin think she had to be cold in order to appear strong, but he loved the fact it was him breaking down these barriers.

Phin, on the other hand, felt miserable. She didn't like feeling guilty, as she had when she had realised Andy had seen her kissing Frank. What she hated even more was that she just admitted the extent of her feelings towards Andy. It was cheesey, and it made her vulnerable. Worse still, it made her look weak - letting her emotions get the better of her. If only she wasn't so drunk, she would have been able to handle the situation so much better.

"Hey, Phin." Andy whispered into her hair, interrupting his girlfriends self-inflicted torture. "I love you." The sentence didn't get the reaction he expected.

Phin jumped off of him, as though she had been stung. "Don't be stupid!" she hissed, her insides in turmoil. "I'm seventeen - you're eighteen! Love doesn't exist! only in soppy films and idiotic books! It's hormones triggered by sex cells, making you want to reproduce! So at our age the chemicals that people think cause love don't exist!"

Andy just looked at her sadly. "I don't believe that." He said simply. Phin opened her mouth, but he cut her off. "If you do fine... But you have to believe this: God, this is gonna sound so stupid, so corny; you're gonna hate this! But you have to believe me. You're the most beautiful thing on the planet. If I had the option to be with anyone else, I'd still choose you. Even know I feel like I'm burning every time I see you kiss someone else, I don't say anything 'cos I don't wanna seem like a jealous barstard and lose you. I think-"

"Stop." Phin's gentle voice silenced him. She walked slowly forward, but her steps were sure and her eyes were calm. When she reached Andy, she wrapped her arms round his waist staring into his eyes. "I believe you. And... I feel exactly the same."

The couple kissed. Again, it was sweet - not passionate, not hot, not shove-your-tongue-down-the-other's-throat. But it was heartfelt. Andy stepped back, pulling Phin with him, until they collapsed on the bad. The girl opened her mouth, and their breathe mingled, tasting sweet. Soon the kisses were lustful, but they were still full of that love which neither had felt when making out before. Their tongues washed other eachother's as they fumbled with their clothes. You can imagine what happened next...

N'awwww - this is exactly the kind of corny shit I hate!

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