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Axl never thought this could happen.

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I had always wondered what my life would be like. I had always wondered if there really was anything outside town limits, and if so, was it waiting for me?
As I grew up, I would go to my father’s land and lay in the tall grass, looking at the clouds. I remember the sounds of the wind sweeping through the trees and grass, the bees buzzing, and the birds singing; my problems always seemed to disappear there. I remember thinking that if I stayed out there long enough I would never be bothered again, I’d have no more troubles. Then my father would call for me, and I’d come running, knowing if I didn’t a beating would be waiting for me as soon as I walked through the front door.
Daddy hadn’t always been that way though. Before Momma left, he was a perfect gentleman. But after Momma packed up and left, he started drinking and beating me and my older brother Andrew. Finally Andy got old enough and left, but promised to visit. I’d see him about every month or so, and we would go over to the field and sit and talk about all of the things he had seen after moving to New York.
Then one night, Daddy was drunk and saw me and Andy coming back from the field. Daddy must have mistaken him for some local boy and shot him, killing him. We buried him the next day, all of the town came and said their goodbyes. I don’t remember a time before then having ever been so hurt, devastated, and upset in my life.
Andy’s death really began to affect me, first came nightmares, followed closely by depression. I guess I just couldn’t believe that Andy was actually gone. After I came out of shock and remembered Daddy shooting him, I become twice as terrified of Daddy as I had been before.
My name is Willam Bruce Bailey, Axl is what I'm called by friends and this is my life;
I woke up to my alarm clock going off, meaning it was time for school. I got up and got ready for school, fixing Daddy’s breakfast before fixing my own.
“You goin’ to school today?” Daddy asked as we ate.
“Yes sir.”
“All you’re doing is wasting your time, you ain’t gonna be nothing but a drunk anyhow.”
That hit a raw nerve, though I didn’t dare open my mouth. Instead I nodded before cleaning up and leaving for school, grabbing my backpack off the porch.
“Hello Bill.!” The small children at the local daycare yelled as I walked by.
“Hey guys! Ya’ll be good for your mother! Be good for your teacher too!” I smiled and waved.
Finally, I arrived at school, taking a deep breath before walking into the hallway and to my locker. I put my books in and saw my best friend Izzy walking towards me wearing a huge grin. He reminded me so much of Andy, his dark hair and brown eyes, Izzy was the closest thing I had to a brother now.
“Hey Axl.” Izzy smiled as he hugged me tightly, picking me up and spinning me in a circle.
“Hey Izzy….How was Christmas?”
“It was alright…I guess…Here! I got ya something.”
“I got you something too.” I laughed as we exchanged gifts.
“On the count of three we open them…One…Two…Three!”
I opened the small box to find a beautiful silver locket shining up at me, I couldn’t help but smile. I looked up at Izzy who was finally getting his gift open, after having a near death match with the box.
“Cool bracelet! Did you make this?!” Izzy laughed.
“Yeah…Thank you so much for this locket, Izzy. It is so beautiful, you really didn’t have to do this for me.”
“Yes I did! You deserve it! Now open it and look at the picture I put inside for you.”
I sighed and carefully opened the locket to find a picture of me hugging Izzy with Andy in the middle of us, smiling and full of life. I felt the tears beginning to sting the back of my eyes, I remember when that picture was taken, it was my thirteenth birthday party and Andy was visiting.
“Hey now, don’t cry…Come one Ax.” Izzy said as he hugged me tightly.
He helped me put on the locket and wiped a stray tear from my cheek. Then the homeroom bell rang and we hurried to class, taking our seats.
“Alright class, it appears we have a new student! Please, tell us about yourself.” Mrs. Simon smiled at the boy.
I gasped, the boy was totally and outsider, his dark hair curled over his eyes, he wore a smirk on his face... There and then; I knew that he would forever change my life, though I couldn't decide for better or worse.
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