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Welcome to the Jungle kid

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Axl has just seen the new guy for the first time...what will happen

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"I'm Slash...Yes that is my name...Don't wear it out...I am from LA, California, I play guitar....Got any problems with me? Well then tell me and we can settle it like gentlemen." The
boy, Slash, said.

Slash walked towards me and took a seat next to me, I felt my heart beinging to pound in my chest.

"Loser!" The class moron, Brad, coughed.

"Seriously?! The loser cough? That is so old...I feel bad for you really...It just shows what a low-life moron your pathetic self is." Slash laughed.

"Excuse me?" Brad growled angrily.

"Yes, excuse you." Slash smirked.

I looked at Izzy who was wide-eyed and his mouth had hit the floor long ago. Then I turned back

to Slash and noticed how his hair really did cover his face and his grin was something that anyone

could stare at forever. Then his chocolate brown eyes met my green ones and I froze completely.

"Hello." Slash smiled at me.

"Uhhh, hi..I'm Axl." I stuttered and instantly felt like a moron.

"Hey...I don't wanna look like a loser or anything....but will you kinda show me around this place?" Slash asked.

"Yeah...This is Izzy by the way." I smiled brightly.

"He your brother?" Slash asked.

"What?! No...We are practically brothers though...I've pretty much grown up with him." I let out a nervous laugh.

"Cool." Slash smiled at me with his brillant smile that continued to almost hypnotize me.

The bell for 1st period rang and Izzy hugged me before running off to his first class, while Slash and I went to our lockers, which happened to right next to each other.

"Why won't this stupid thing open?!" SLash growled in frustration.

I laughed and hit the locker on the bottom left corner as hard as I could and it opened.

"Had that locker last year."

We grabbed our books and went to class. During class I found myself in quite the internal conflict. Why was I blushing everytime he smiled at me? Why did I find myself getting lost in those brown eyes? Why did he make me feel different than everyone else?

Finally the day had come to a close and I hurried out of school and began to walk. I heard someone's footsteps coming rapidlyy behind me.

"Axl! Wait up!! Can I walk with you?" Slash gasped for air when he finally caught up to me.

"Sure...I'm going to work though." I laughed.

"Where do you work?" Slash questioned as we turned on a street.

"I babysit." I said.

"And you get paid for that?" Slash asked.

"No, I do it for free. Since the woman's husband died three years ago she has had to take on two jobs."

"That is very nice." Slash smiled over at me.

"Nah...I just wanna be a good person ya know?" I said as we entered the house, only to find out that I had the day off.

After a few hours of chatting with the woman, Slash and I left, by now it was dark. I found myself walking with him towards the lake...The walk to the lake was silent but not uncomfortable. We took our seats on a rock by the water and looked up at the stars.

"The stars are so bright here...They were never like this in LA." Slash daid.

" is pretty peaceful...I come here to escape life....Or just to think sometimes." I smiled sadly.

"Tell me about you...You know a lot about me....But I find myself knowing nothing but your name." Slash said as he laid back against the cold stone.

"Well I live with my dad...I'm from here...I used to have a brother..." Then my voice caught in my throat and tears swelled up in my eyes.

"Used to?" Slash said as he sat up and looked at me.

"Yeah...My dad killed him not to long ago." I said.

I couldn't speak anymore, if I did i knew my voice wouldn't stay very long.

"I better get home." I said as I quickly stood up.

"I'll walk with you." Slash offered.

"No!! I mean...My dad doesn't like me around people outside of church...See you tommorow." I said before walking away.

I ran home and fixed steak for my father, opened a beer and brought it to him, setting in down on a TV tray in front of him.

"Izzy's mother sent thes--" I was cut off by his fist connecting to my jaw.

He pushed me to the ground and began to kick me in the stomach.

"Don't ever speak to people William!!! Only church!!!" He screamed before knocking the hot food on me and leaving.

I shakily stood up and made my way to my bathroom and dressed my wounds...Then came the painful part...Treating the burns on my hands.

This was how I was going to die one day...This is all I would ever become...A scared church boy with an abusive father...

'Welcome to the Jungle, kid.' I thought to myself before smirking.
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