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21st century break-down

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There's candy, pizza and secrets revealed. What more could you want?

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Gerard's P.O.V

"Mikes, how long had you been playing 'Bullet-proof Heart' till you learnt it off by heart?"
"Well, it took me about 1/2 a week at professional level, why?"
"Aimee's said she learnt to play in 3 hours."
"Holy shit!" Frank nearly yelled, "dude, your kid seriously caught on fast, look out mikey, she might overtake you," frank joked.
"MIKEY!" I asked him worriedly, "what are you thinking?! That is your evil plan face!"
"Nothing, nothing, fine I won't sabotage your child," he said sort of apologetically, I glared at him, suddenly Aimee walked into the room,
"Hey, I've finished, now where was that Xbox you mentioned?" She said looking really excited,
"Wait! Cause I'm crap at helping with songs why don't I take her to the cool candy store across the street?!" Frank asked grinning like a 3 year old,
"Well the papz will have gone by now, so why not?!" I handed Aimee $10, "don't let Frank buy to much, we don't want him too hyper," I laughed and warned her,
"You guys are so mean!" Frank fake pouted and stuck his tong out at me, "come on Aimee, let's roll!" He said grabbing his jacket and pointing to the door.

Aimee's P.O.V

We checked the parking lot, and the papz were all gone, so we walked across the street to the candy store, it was called 'Cyber Candy'. It was fucking amazing. We looked around for hours, finally Frank settled on 'Nerds', and 'm&m's I chose candy cigarettes, and a massive tube full of sherbet, we payed and headed back.
"Oh god, you didn't let him have 'nerds' did you?!" Ray groaned,
"What?" I asked confused,
"Basically 'nerds' are like speed for frank, he is going to be more hyper than a 6 year old on E-numbers," Gerard explained, "any way, we finished the boring shit for the day, so Aimee, do you play 'guitar hero'?" He smirked at me,
"Ppfftt, you know it, your going DOWN!" I challenged,
"Fine, if your so good can I pick the song?"
"Go ahead,"
"Alright, how about, 'Lithium' by 'Nivarna'?"
"Easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie mother fucker!" I laughed at him.
"Ooooo....," he gave me the 'smart arse' look, "You are SO going down!" He said as he turned on the xBox, he got out 2 guitars and one was a guitar hero version of 'PANSY' Frank's guitar!
"I am so using that one!" I yelled pointing to 'PANSY',
"Fine, but you're still going down," he smirked again, "oh and be careful with 'PANSY', if Frank was gollom, that would be the ring."
"Dude, I really hope she knows "Lord of the Rings"," Mikey said to Gerard,
"Don't worry, I love "the Lord of the Rings", I've been to the places in New Zealand where they filmed the movies, it was awesome."
"Okay enough, 'LoR' talk on with the dual!" Gerard yelled.
Finally, after a bit of screwing around with the xBox, we started playing.

Gerard's P.O.V

"I'm gonna go easy on her," I thought as we started the game, about half way into the song it was getting pretty tough, I mean shit this girl was good, I was playing at my best and she was still beating me! In the end she beat me anyway.
"Haha! I said you were going down and I kept to my word!" She laughed.
"Fine, fine, you win, but I'd like to see you beat Ray or Frank!"
"Oh, it's on!" She said pointing to Frank and Ray,
"But first!" I said quickly, "lunch!"
Everyone agreed and we headed over to a pizza place 2 blocks away called "pizza mama" we sat down and ordered pizza, I got margarita, frank and Gerard got pepperoni, Ray got Hawaii, and Mikey got anchovies.
Suddenly out of the blues frank went,
"Oh my god! I completely forgot," he turned to me and asked, "do you have twitter and do you follow me?"
"Yes....." I replied unsure of what he was going to say,
"Well you know the count down I've been doing?"
"Well, Jamia is pregnant and we're about to have our 3rd kid!" He said grinning,
"That's so cool!" I beamed, "congrats you guys!"
"Thanks, you're coming to see Jamia and the twins in 2 days I think?"
"Yeah we are" Gerard smiled, "it will be cool to see the girls again."
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