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Chapter One

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Gee & Frankie Find out the truth of where they come from!

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A/N: New Story? Sort of Like Percy Jackson but not really? I don’t know we’ll see where it goes I guess...R&R Pretty Please! I really want to know what you all think of it...-xo

Oh My (Demi) God(s)!

Chapter One
Gerard’s P.O.V

I always thought there was something off about me but not like this, I swear I’m even catholic. God…I mean gosh who would have thought that Greek Gods existed, because I sure didn’t. And I still have my doubts I mean when your mom just blurts out that your dad is the great Apollo, god of music, poetry, oh and the sun, your not going to believe them are you?

And then she says I have to go to some wack camp filled with freaks like me. For an anti-social kid like me that isn’t the greatest news. But maybe that why I’ve never fit in because of all that Greek blood flowing around. It isn’t that I’m excited to go but I’m just plain curious of what other ‘descendents’ are like. What if they’ve known all along and they’re some suck ups. Out of the 17 years of my existence I knew nothing.

And top all of it off my brother isn’t really my brother he’s more of my cousin given the fact he’s Artemis’ and my fathers kid. Apparently my mom and dad were both in on this. You should’ve seen Mikey’s reaction it was priceless, he seemed like he was going to pass out maybe because just the other day at the library he called his own mother hot. HA! Loser!

Who would’ve thought that he’d be a descendent of the goddess of hunt and wilderness?

Anyway…we were now on our way to this so called camp.

Frank’s P.O.V

“What on earth do you mean were going to a camp? What happened to getting ice cream I should’ve known better especially when we hit the highway.” I exclaimed first my dad and mom drop a bombshell on me, you’ll never guess it by the way, so I’ll just tell you, I’m a demi-god!! And now I’m going to some camp great.

At first I was shocked then excited maybe I have powers but no! I get stuck being a descendent of the goddess of beauty and love what the f is that! I mean I’m not as handsome as other people so how on earth am I her kid? And I don’t even have powers not cool all I have is what looks that I don’t think I have and love? Ha! I don’t believe in THAT so what’s the point.

“You didn’t really think we’d drop the news on you for no reason did you?” my Mom asked. I just thought they’d finally decided to tell me.

I shrugged. “No we didn’t, we were looked up and told that you needed to attend this so called camp to comprehend your powers” she answered.

“What powers!?” I shouted, really what powers was I excepted to have.

“You’re under estimating yourself and her!” she said.

I kept quite till we were almost there according to my dad. I can’t say I’m not anxious to know what it’ll be like there and what cool powers they’ll all have. ^_^

We came to a halt in front of an old looking building that seemed to be in the middle of no where. I don’t feel ready to see what was behind those walls but at the same time I knew there was no going back after I went in, that within those few steps I took into the place my whole life would change. For bad or good I don’t know.
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