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Chapter Two:The Meeting

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In Which They All Meet! :)

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A/N: If Someone Else Caught The Whole Artemis Not Having Kids And What Not, Yes I Know She Was A “True” Virgin Goddess, And Her Only Child Was A Girl, When She Was Tricked By Hera And Aphrodite, But Lets Say Mikey’s A Little Miricale? ^_^ hehe.

Chapter Two
Ray’s P.O.V

I was being led to a cabin by some rude looking lady, but I was walking without thinking, I was still trying to process it all. What I had thought of my life was all falling to pieces. My day had started out normal up until I got home to find my mom in my room packing, at first I thought there was an emergency or something but she was packing peacefully and for me only. She told me to help her pack so I did. Once we were done she told me everything, and why she was packing I listened to most of what she said up until the middle of her story when she said it what I was waiting to her all my life, I finally knew who my dad was. Though the answer wasn’t what I expected.

And I still don’t believe it, I just don’t want to it just can’t be, what if my mom was playing so sick joke and just trying to get me to go to a camp to “help” me.

It seemed we finally arrived at my so called “cabin.” Right before we went in the lady informed me one of my roommates was already there, and we’d be getting 3 more people. Great first this place seemed so old looking, when you first catch sight of this place you’d think that it was just a building, but behind it there were many cabins surrounded by trees the place seemed like a forest incognito.

There was a strawberry-blonde kid, which looked around my age so 17, sitting on one of the beds. The cabin was huge I thought we would all be cramped, by the looks of it outside. The Lady, whose name I still didn’t know said to get settled in and we’d start instruction tomorrow, and with that walked out. I wonder what she meant by that, what would be doing?

I noticed there were two bunk beds and a single. My mysterious roommate was sitting on the single one so I decide to take the bottom on one of the bottom bunks.

He got up and walked towards me and stopped in front of me and stuck his hand out for me to shake. I shook it and introduced myself, “Ray,” I said.

“Bob,” he replied.

“Are you as confused as I am or was this one of my parents’ sick jokes?” he asked.

“Same, I thought the same but if we were both told the same, then possibly not.” I said.

“So, what your parents started going off about Greek gods and them being your parents and stuff?” He asked, he was as confused as me possibly more.

“Practically, yeah so who’s your “real” mom or dad?” I asked

“Dad, actually, and The “great” god of war, Ares” he said, I could tell he wasn’t thrilled especially because he even raised his hands and did little sarcastic quotation marks.

“Oh…” I said. I really didn’t know what to say.

“And you?” he asked. I was about to answer when the door opened, and a short looking kid walked in he seemed to be around 16 but his height said otherwise. I was surprised that bitchy lady wasn’t with him.

“Hey, I’m Frank well Frankie,” he said, and did a little wave as well.

“Hi,” Bob and I said in unison.

“So who of all the gods are you a son of?” Bob asked.

“Aphrodite. I have no cool powers!” Frank pouted.

“Sucks, but its better that way I get stuck being the kid of Ares, so I’ll be expected to be able to fight and crap, and I have not once ever fought someone.” Bob said.

“And you?” Frankie asked, looking straight at me. And again I was about to say it when the door creaked open revealing a tall shy looking kid, and a raven long haired kid.

“Hi?” whispered the shy one.

“Hello!” we all yelled. Making him smile and loosen up a bit.

“I’m Ray,” I said.

“Mikey, and this is Gerard my brother, no matter what those bitch gods say!” he said defensively. And Gerard smiled a bit and waved.

“I’m Frankie” Frank chimed in looking straight at Gerard, with a big goofy smile. Weird.

“Well everyone has introduced themselves so, I’m...” He was interrupted.

“BOB!” Frankie yelled, damn he was a hyper kid.

“Whose offspring are you from?” He asked.

“Well, I’m Apollo’s Son, apparently, and Mikey’s Artemis’.” Gerard said.

“But, wasn’t Artemis the only supposal virgin goddess?” I asked.
“Yeah, I don’t get that either, but she did have a daughter, when Hera and SOMEBODYS mom tricked her.” Bob said, we all looked at Frankie.

“Hey! It’s not my fault my mom’s a total bitch” Frankie said defensively.

“It’s okay Frank.” Mikey said.

“So what Mikey’s like a secret child?” I asked. Every one shrugged.

“RAY! You never told us whose kid you are!” Frank exclaimed.

“Okay well I am…..” And again I was interrupted.

A/N: Hahaha!(Evil Laugh! ^_^) You’ll find out who Ray’s Dad is soon enough! But For now tell me what you think please, and who do you think his dad is? So yeah…Rate & Review! Pretty Please. –xoxo(;
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