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Chapter Three: Ray's Father Is...

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In Which You Find Out Who Mr. Toro's Father Is...

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A/N: I Got Hit By A Ball Today, Went To The Hospital Got Out From Going To School Tomorrow So I Decided To Write A New Chapter! So Thank The Idiots Who Hit Me For This! Even If It Isn’t That Good In My Opinion. Anyway…Review Please?

Chapter Three
Gerard P.O.V

How many times could Ray get interrupted, gosh, it was all just gathering suspense in all of us.

A guy walked in, serious expression on his face. “Well I’m glad you are getting along,” the man said.

“I hope you all know why you’re here, I am sure you were all told you’d come here to learn how to control all your growing powers, but this camp isn’t just for that but also to prepare you for any emergency that may come.” He informed.

“What exactly do you mean by “emergency”?” I asked.

“Well you may not be aware of our world but we are always under attack at times it’s your own uncle, Hades, or other gods, at others monsters too horrific to name.” he said

We didn’t say anything just pretended to understand, I guess, so he continued, “Your training will consists of normal classes, since all of you are not out of school yet, but will also have a fighting class, and a technology class.”

“Why a technology class?” Mikey asked.

“Because, you’ll learn that it WILL come in handy.” He answered.

“Oh, and you are?” Ray asked.

“Your Father.” He…Ray’s Dad said. Wow. But I still didn’t know who he was until Ray muttered his name.

“Zeus.” Ray mumbled.

I was not expecting that. Everyone just stared back and forth from Ray to Zeus. The silence was broken by Frankie “Lucky! You have awesome powers.” He said jealously.

“Oh, dear Frank, you’re underestimating yourself, and your mother,” said Zeus.

“Why does everyone keep saying that!?” Frank complained.

“Well, I’ll leave you all to talk, I must be going.” Zeus excused himself. And with that he walked out, Ray following seconds later.

That left me wondering what I’d do when I’d meet my father, if I ever did. I think everyone was still in shock, that we had just met the god of gods.

“That was interesting,” said Bob. It sure was.

“I can’t pass classes at a regular school how am I supposed to pass them here?” Bob continued.

“I know right the only class I can pass is music.” Frank said, I expected that he just seemed the type of guy who’d be idolized, to be confident enough to step onto a stage and play his heart out, unlike me, yeah I had a voice but it would take many beers to get me to perform, I loved music and all but I was scared of rejection. I can hardly stand all the dirty looks I get in the halls, how would I take their laughs.

We spent most of the evening talking getting to know each other, Ray had come in minutes after he left, but didn’t want to talk about it. So far I had learned that Bob despises bugs, bees to be exact, and just like Frankie, was deathly afraid of spiders. Every so often one of us would put hands on their backs and make it crawl up their back.

We were now trying to figure out where we’d sleep Bob, Ray, and Frank had already decided, since they were here first. Now it was up to Mikey and I, either I took the bottom of where Frankie was or on the top with Ray. I ended up with Frankie since Mikey seemed fascinated by being able to sleep on the top, why I don’t know. I had a weird brother.

I went to bed, with the thoughts that I was sure everyone had what would it be like tomorrow, what would all the other kids be like, would they be confused as well, competitive maybe. Who knows, but I guess all there is to do now is wait and see.

A/N: Gee’s right you will all have to wait and see how their day goes. Now you know who Ray’s Father is, but other than that this was practically a boring chapter next one shall have A LOT more “cool” stuff. I think. Well anyway thank you for reading. -xo
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