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Chapter Four

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Their First Day....

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Chapter Four
Mikey’s P.O.V

I awoke to a horrific sound, if anything probably the most annoying thing on the planet, beating my alarm clock jus by an inch.

I sat up..."Fuck," I yelled, awakening the others it wasn't my intention but i had just hit my head on the ceiling. Why had i chosen to sleep on the top bunk, why oh why?

"What the hell Mikey? You’re disturbing my beauty sleep.” Frank exclaimed. We all burst out laughing, except for him.

With the straightest and most serious face I’ve ever seen on this kid he said, “I’m fucking serious.” And again we started cracking up while he gave us all the death stare.

And once again that bad attempt of a battle cry started again. “Ugh, what, who could make such an annoying noise,” Ray said, loudly trying to overlay the shrieking coming from outside.

Some strange lady walked in “what are you all still doing in bed don’t you hear the bell?” she said.

“What bell, oh wait, you mean that screeching?” Frank asked. She looked offended.

“I’ll have you know that is one of the best noises you could ever hear, other than my echo,” she murmured then walked off , but before said, “Hurry on, you have ten minutes, meet by the battlefield, for your proper orientation.”

I got out of bed meanwhile thinking back to 6th and 7th grade in which we first learned about Greek myths. Then it hit me or at least who I think she is, she was a nymph, cursed to always have the last word and was not to be able to speak to anyone unless spoken to. She was also in deep love with Narcissus, who only loved himself and rejected her. No wonder she was so grouchy.

We all got ready, none of us showered, well except for Frankie even though we were already late.

We walked out and again the sound was heard. But this time we saw it, I stood in awe sure that everyone else did as well though I didn’t dare look away. I didn’t expect such a noise to come from this creature I expected it to act like a horse but no it roared, like a Minotaur, it was beautiful everyone would know it as a unicorn but my geeky brain knew exactly what its actual name was. It wings expanded and it took off just like that, though it was like something had called him.

“Was that a fucking unicorn?” Frankie asked.

“As a matter of fact no that was a Pegasus!” I corrected.

“So a UNICORN!” Frankie insisted. This kid wasn’t going to give up so I gave in.

“Yes,” I said.

“Good you’re all up,” said Echo, as I know knew who she was.

“Follow me please,” she continued. We followed her to the “battlefield” it was full of kids our age, some looked confused and scared others looked confident. She led us ther and left to attend some issues, well at least according to her.

A few minutes later a man came on to the little stage we had gathered around now, “You are all here for a reason, some have known about your descendants since before others are barley entering this world. You all have a mission no matter how small or big or small it shall be you all will undergo your destinies.” He said. “you will learn to use your powers properly and to the fullest, though you might all find this as boring or possibly even us using you for our protection, it is only for the good of mankind and for yours.” The he simply walked off stage and into a nearby cabin.

A lady, this time to the stage, “You heard him, now cabins 1-5 go to your assigned positions, 6-10 as well and so on she said. I hadn’t noticed the signs hanging above us. What cabin were we even?”

We all followed Bob since he seemed to be the only one to know we arrived by the sign the read 11-15. We lined up, none of us saying a word not even little hyper-active Frank. We reached the top of the line after about 20 minutes. They handed each of us schedules, our actual classes didn’t start till tomorrow, today was to get “acquainted” with the place. I looked at my brother, he handed me his schedule, fuck why was he in a higher grade than me, he Toro and Bob shared classes we only shared one which was Battle.

I thought I was all alone till I looked at Frank’s thank god or uhh someone that we only had two classes separated and he also had “Battle” with us.

We didn’t have much to do so we walked around a bit then decided to go back to our cabin, there was one guy who kept looking at me and it seemed that he wanted my head to explode, creep.

Around noon they rang a bell, an actual bell this time, and then announced through the speakers it was time for lunch. We walked toward the cafeteria I was actually pretty hungry and in need for a coffee.

To my luck, the coffee wasn’t that good but who am I to waste coffee so I gulped it down. The food was edible, but nothing compared to my mother’s cooking. The day was going by so slow but we passed the time by playing cards, goldfish, Frank’s idea, and poker, which I won almost every time with my mastered poker face. We ended the day watching A Clockwork Orange on Gee’s portable dvd player.

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