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Chapter Five

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Their REAL first day of classes and stuff... (:

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A/N: I Love my best friend, even though she didn’t come through with helping me with the story, so yeah I will need some help, to not make this awesome idea suck, so if anyone is interested comment or just reveiw Please? any way back to why I love her so much, she bought me the danger days calendar, and life on the murder scene! :D, even if I’ve seen it a thousand times online I love it!

Chapter Five
Gerard’s P.O.V

I was standing in the middle of a field surrounded by nothing but my shadow, I felt lost, but deep inside I knew where I was but I wasn’t ready for anything or what was about to happen I knew I had to though even if I left behind everything even all my friends. And I saw them now Ray, Bob, Frank, and Mikey though I barely knew them here I felt like I’ve known them thousands of years. I wasn’t even wearing my classic clothes I was in a sort of armor and spear at hand while I held a shield in the other. I didn’t even feel as skinny and weak as usual, I felt strong full of power and that’s when I realized I wasn’t Gerard no not here, the only thing that resembled myself were the eyes, hazel just like mine.

I lost all connection just then I felt, myself morphing back to myself and numerous people surround me many of which were at the camp they all had a look of despair and fear, but of what I had not quite grasped that but, somehow every time I’d try to approach them they cringed, they were full of fear of me…. And they all came at me then they attacked with such hatred what had I done who had I become…

I awoke in fear and was covered in sweat, I hadn’t had these dreams for a while now but then they had no faces I didn’t know their names before now I did I knew whom I had called friends then, I didn’t get the dream or why it had chosen to return and fill the blanks it once had with the people I shared this cabin with, but it was possibly a bad sign or just a coincidence and a meaningless dream, I agreed with the second option I couldn’t mean anything, could it?

I got out of bed deciding I couldn’t excuse a shower today, and I would smell like a homeless person if I went another week without one. I needed to dye my hair again soon, I’m going to be bald by the age of 40, I’ve been dying me hair for a while it was just your typical brown hair before, but I couldn’t stand it, so I dyed it a raven-black. It was short now, but it was getting longer now and soon would be back to being near my shoulder s.

I took a pretty long shower, and by the time I was out everyone was up, and the tidy cabin I had left 30 minutes ago was now a clutter of clothes, cds, comics, and pillows. I stood there in shock watching Frankie attack Bob with a pillow, and Mikey hiding in a corner while ray sat down playing on his DS.

Frank saw me standing there and hit me straight on the face with a very hard pillow. I threw it back and with that a huge pillow fight broke out, with everyone joining in. I ended up on the floor with someone on me and someone else taking their cue to attack poor defenseless me. I heard the door open and we all froze, “What on earth is this?” Echo asked, “What are you teenage girls?”

“He is,” I said, pointing at Frank, earning me a smack in the face with a pillow. Everyone laughed, well except her, unappreciative of my humor.

“Enough! Get ready you have classes at 8, sharp.” She said, and walked out.

I got up, and finished getting ready we only had ten minutes and I had not a minimum idea where my class was, we decided to clean up later, well not exactly I never agreed to anything so it’s on them. I don’t clean up it’s just not me, I make a mess but am a little tiny bit lazy, just a little ;)

We all got out in record time; Ray, Bob, and I had a class together while Mikey and Frankie had a class. Unfortunately our first class was math how much does that suck! I’ve never been good at it even though science and math are supposed to go hand in hand science was my thing, but math just wasn’t.

We reached our class, a little late, okay it wasn’t a little it was 20 okay 30 minutes, I think by now you know i mean a lot even when I say a little. But this wasn’t our fault the class was hard to find and I may have taken a left onto the wrong hallway and gotten us lost, but it was just a minor misdirection and mistake that anyone can make just like passing the class a couple times and not realizing that was it. But, we did not deserve the whole ‘how do you get lost in a two story building?’ talk.

Thankfully we found or next classes a little easier and managed to be only 10 minutes late, We made it to 6th period fine though since it was at the battlefield we visited yesterday. This was the one class we all shared. The teacher dude took role and instructed us to line up by cabin numbers.

“This isn’t your typical Physical Education class, here you will do similar activities but they will come with a twist, shall we start?” he said, “oh and by the way I am just as you a demi –god, Theseus.” You had to be kidding me our teacher was the man who defeated the Minotaur.
“We shall begin with a classic game of dodge ball, no need for teams you are all on the same side, your enemies though will not throw balls at you, but spears, let the game begin” he called out and pressed a remote.

And then all I saw was a hideous creature, at first I thought there was only one but then I saw the rest coming at us I saw no option but to run, and as soon as I did the throwing began, we all ran and dodged until I froze In shock, and saw my brother go down and yelp in pain I ran to his side and so did Ray, Frank, and Bob. He looked up at us with fearful eyes, he looked down to revise his wound and what was there shocked us all.

Could this be the end of Mikey Way?

A/N: I feel evil for leaving you guys with suspense but it had to be done. >_< any way, review and all that other stuff Please? Bye for now Thanks For Reading….. (:
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