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Chapter Six

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In Which You See What Has Happened To Mr. Mikey Way

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A/N: Still don’t know if this should be Frerard I get perfect times to throw it in there but I hold it back a little and just make them friendly? (Idk) cause idk what you guys would prefer. And I’ve been meaning to update this but too much stuff happening and my obsession with Draw My Thing/ Draw Something has grown…if you’ve never played it you should.

Chapter Six
Ray’s P.O.V

We were all worried about Mikey, at that moment millions of emotions were running through my mind but most of all I was pissed and scared if he died I was going to kill that fucker who sent these things at us. I might not know the kid for long but no one deserved to die especially get killed by a supernatural being, especially an ugly one like that.

Gerard looked lost, scared, and full of anxiety but at the same time he had a clear gaze full of hate, and commitment. He seemed real sure of himself not like before, when he lurked behind his hair and his sweaters and jackets. We all didn’t dare to look down to Mikey’s wound we all focused on his face that was scared and full of regrets.

It was silent up until Bob burst out laughing. Frank and I were shocked; I didn’t get how anyone could laugh at a time like this. But that was until I looked down at Mikey’s “wound” there was nothing, well except for a holographic spear, he must’ve just had all the pain in his head, thinking he was dying, why had none of us realized this earlier, damn aren’t we idiots. Everyone except Gerard were laughing he seemed too distraught to notice, until he looked up from the floor at us then to Mikey who was now crying of laughter instead of pain.

“Ha! Got you,” Mikey said. Pointing and laughing at us.

Gerard looked pissed; he wiped his tears and walked off, Frank going after him. Mikey’s laughing slowed and his face started to show worry. He got up and was about to go after them but Bob interfered, “Let him think and get over the fact he thought his sibling was dying, it was a serious issue and ended up being all a joke, I admit it was funny Mikey, but he’s you’re brother and he thought you was dead. You can’t expect him to laugh it off just like that.”

“Okay, but I was just a joking, I didn’t expect him to storm off like that,” Mikey said.

“Well let’s hope Frank can talk to him.” I said.


Gee’s P.O.V

I ran I couldn’t stand to look at anyone, I was pissed how could Mikey mess with death he knew I was scared of being alone, of everyone I loved dying, I couldn’t lose him, he wasn’t just my brother he was my best friend. I heard Frank come after me but I didn’t stop I kept running. “Gerard!” he yelled.

I started to sprint I didn’t want to talk to him or anyone for that matter, I was full of different emotions one of them was actual happiness, happiness that my brother wasn’t gone but it was suppressed by madness, aimed at him for making a joke of dying. “Stop!” he said.

I felt myself stop I didn’t want to though, I felt his voice consume me take over my senses and
I couldn’t control my actions not anymore; the only thing that was controlling me was him and his voice. I felt him catch up to me and stand in front of me, he looked at me questionably “Why are you just standing there like a statue?” he asked.

I felt my voice come back “I don’t know.” I said.

“Then move!” he said, laughing a bit. I felt my body unfreeze what was happening.

“Gee listen, you can’t be upset over a little joke Mikey pulled, I mean you can but you shouldn’t” he said. Part of me didn’t want to listen, the other half was happy to.

“Gerard, come one say something don’t just stand there and ignore me,” he said.

“I’m not, I’m listening,” I answered.

“Okay then, you wants to talk about it?” he asked. I wanted to laugh at the little accent he added to the way he asked but I was still caught up with feelings and what not.

“Not really,” I answered.

“But it helps if you do,” he insisted.

I nodded, “Fine it’s just that I’m scared I always have been I don’t know what I’d do if I lost Mikey or anyone I care for, I just feel one day everyone will go and I’ll end up alone,” I said. It had been a while since I opened up about that to anyone but my brother.

“You’re not in this alone, you never will, one way or another someone will always be there, even when everything seems lost.” He said.

“Maybe you, but no me all I have is my brother, and well my parents, I have no friends, no one would ever want me,” I said, it was nothing but the truth.

“C’mon Gerard, stop putting yourself down you’re the kid of a GOD for crying out loud! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want you, and if they don’t well fuck them you shouldn’t care.” He said, and out of so many times someone told me that I felt never felt the got it or meant it. But somehow he did,

I tried to give a little smile but couldn’t, it probably came out as a creepy stare, “M’kay.” I said.

“Are you just saying that so I’ll shut up or do you actually believe me?” he asked.

“I believe you,” I said.

“Okay then let’s go back, the guys are probably worried,” he said.

“Okay, um lead the way cause I was running with no direction,” I said.

“Uhhh, CRAP.” He exclaimed

“What?” I asked.

“I was just running after you, I didn’t take notw of where we were going,” he answered.

“So….you’re saying we’re lost?” I asked.

“Um… yeah pretty much,” He shrugged. Well wasn’t that great, I looked around nothing but trees surrounded us , we must’ve run into the woods. I know I took a couple turns, but the thing I didn’t know was in what direction.

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