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Chapter Seven: Fuck Off

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A/N: So, my friend finally got around to helping, I just fixed a couple things and added stuff here in there. I’m having some severe writers block so I’m thankful she helped. And don't forget review? and maybe even rate?

Chapter 7: Fuck Off

Frank’s point of view (yes i write the whole thing out) xD

We slept there for the night in the dark lonely forest. We didn't realize we were really lost until the morning when we both got hungry we walked around to try to find food. We walked and walked but seemed to be going in circles until we noticed something different. A tall guy with folded up jeans, big blue eyes, a hat and a shirt made out of what seemed to be scraps of old clothes.

“Who is that?’” Gerard asked, as if I knew.

“I don’t know I’ve never seen him, well before now,” I answered.

The strange guy was sitting by a tree watching a flower grow incredibly fast. he noticed us and stood up. His eyes were big and unlike anyone else's. Of course Gerard’s were too but his were different.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” He asked us roughly.

“I’m Gerard and he's Frank.” Gerard said.

“Frankie! I like Frankie” I insisted.

“So do I” he said under his breath so we wouldn't hear him.

“Well I'm Kellin. Pan the god of nature and wilderness is my grandpa so I have his abilities to control plants, but I didn't get his feet,” He, Kellin, said.

We both laughed and Gerard just stood there awkwardly staring at us.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked with a more welcoming tone.

“Were... were lost” I answered still staring at his big eyes.

In my head:
Stop staring at him!
But his eyes...
No just stop!

Gerard’s Point of View:

“Oh you're lost?” Kellin asked

“Yeah! yeah we are...” I said interrupting them.

They both looked at me with these looks that said ‘Where the hell did you come from?’ why did this guy bother me so much?

“Oh um well just follow the path it should lead you back to the camp,” he said.

“Okay thanks... It was really nice meeting you,” Frank said smiling uncontrollably.

“It was really nice to meet you too” said Kellin, the guy we had JUST met who was obviously flirting with Frank, he knows nothing of him, well I don’t either but still.

We walked and walked not talking at all. I occasionally looked at Frank who had a huge smile on his face as if he was in love which I think he was, and again he knew him for what 5 maybe 10 minutes.

After a long walk we finally got to our cabin where we didn't see Ray, Bob or Mikey... I suddenly remembered the reason why I had left, and just felt like storming out. Frankie noticed and said that he was there for me but then I remembered Kellin. Frankie seemed to like him better and I couldn't help but feel extremely jealous.

I suddenly started to cry because I felt as if my whole world was crumbling down my brother took death as a joke my parents weren't really my parents and the guy, I trusted the most and needed to be there for me was focused on how cute that guy’s eyes were. I just sat there in my bunk bed. Frankie sat in his trying to talk to me and realized he couldn’t so just walked out. I ran out to try to find him but couldn’t. While I was outside I saw Ray, Bob and Mikey they noticed how worried I was.

“Gerard I’m really sorry it was just a joke” Mikey said.

“I know I know but where’s Frankie I need to talk to him!” I exclaimed.

“I saw him heading up the path he looked really sad” said Bob who appeared to have been worried as well.

We all followed the path that led us back to Kellin.

“Have you seen Frankie?” I asked him.

“Frankie..? The short, hyper one... with green eyes?” Kellin said with a smile resembling Frank’s earlier, I’ve never wanted to punch anyone so much, what was with me today.

“Yeah,” I sighed, here we go again with the lovey dovey.

“Nope, nope, haven’t seen em.” Kellin said.
Where could he have gone I walked away without another word while, Mikey and the guys stopped to say thank you, he wasn’t any help why say thanks, oh wait maybe I should thank him...for stealing Frankie’s attention.

A/N: Anyone have any guesses on who Kellin is?
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