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Chapter Eight

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"...Maybe i was putting to much faith in Kellin, I didn't even know him for crying out loud..."

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A/N: its been more than a month since I've updated, sorry, and again sorry for this short chapter and sorry for it being crap, that is all, thank you for reading. c:

Chapter Eight:

I heard voices coming from outside one of those I knew clearly, it was Gerard's and it was louder than the others, he was screaming well no, not screaming just talking very sarcastically and about Kellin.
Why had I listened to Kellin? Why had I hid here, I shouldn't even be hiding I should simply go out there.

I looked around a bit, this place looked deserted there was no way anyone could live here...maybe I shouldn't have left Gerard and maybe i was putting to much faith in Kellin, I didn't even know him for crying out loud...but then again I didn't know Gerard that much either now did I? But there was something about both of them that brought me to think I could trust them but what if one was only faking it what if this was another trap, I shouldn't be out here there could be real monsters out there not just holograms. But then again maybe what Gerard was saying was just getting to me.

"I can't believe you guys were polite for once and to that dick, he wasn't even any help, why say thanks?" he asked the guys.

I could hear Mikey's soft whispered reply, "Come on gee that guy wasn't so bad what's with all the hate?"

"I just can't stand how he talks, stands, fuck i can’t even stand how he breathes! He simply bugs me how can you joke about someone who's missing?" he asked.

"Gerard, he didn't. All he said was something about Frank's personality, I think he might like em," said Bob.

I couldn't help but blush a bit.

"Well isn’t that nice, but if he did he would be worried, like me!...I mean us, his friends. and he didn't seem upset at all," Gerard said.

"Okay...sure and I know you're worried but chill dude we'll find him," Bob said, with a soothing voice.

"Alright, let's just keep looking then." Gerard sighed. I heard them start to continue walking, he did sound worried, but I was fine...or at least I thought.

I turned slightly to the right and saw something a thousand times worse than any Minotaur, or watever greek thing you could think of...

I couldn't help but scream as I scrambled to the door, I was in such a panic I couldn’t even open the door, was it even a door? this place was more of a cave this was like out of a fairy tale except it was dirty...why do I always start saying random shit when I'm scared but anyways I needed out of the place, it was getting closer.

I was scared and screaming my lungs out I couldn’t open the goddamn door, why did these things exist and where was Kellin, had he just left me here to die with that that...thing!

The door creaked, but it wasn’t who i expected it, no it wasn’t Kellin. It was Gerard, i hadn’t anticipated it but there he was standing in the only beam of sunshine coming through this cave other than the candles burning furiously.

A/N: SO yes for those who sincerely have no idea who Kellin is its Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens. Someone...has an obsession going on there so she’s the one that decided to include him cx but of course I was fine with it I mean it is Kellin Quinn cx

also um it'll be a while till the next update, sorry i think i'll start scheduling this, um lets say every month if not every 2 weeks we'll see thanks for reading and tell me waht you think btw cx
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