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Chapter Nine

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"...we were supposed to be heroes and what not but I sure as hell wasn't so i did what any non hero would do..."

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A/N: Guys, (and chicks cx) i know i’ve trailed off on my actual plot of all this but i hope this next chapter puts it back on track if not, i might just re-write this, having someone help me kind of set me off track given they wanted frerard no offense to her or anything because i was sending it that way already, last chapter was no help either, but i think they need more problems than just little kellin c: it started off as an amazing idea, CONCIEDED i know cx but i’ve been ruining it and writing CLICHE all over it, so yes my sincere apologies and i hope this makes up for my lack of creativity.

Chapter Nine
Gerard’s P.O.V

I was relieved to see Frank was okay but what I wasn’t okay with was what was behind him, a huge, and i’m saying huge, but it probably doesn’t cover it. It was colossal, i could now see why Frank was screaming so loud i could hear him from almost a half a mile, if not a mile away, I should’ve expected it. No, how on earth was I going to expect a humungous spider to be behind, short little Frankie, it was almost as big as him, he standing only around 5’4 while it was at least 4 feet, it still had all eyes closed but just as, Frank opened his mouth letting out another screech while running to me, i saw it’s eyes begin to open, one by one it’s four, pitch black eyes fluttered open, i couldn’t move, when Frank reached me he pulled me into a hug and held on, clutching onto me like i was his last source of life. Meanwhile, i didn’t even bother hugging him back, given I was in slight shock, as it turned from its sleeping position in a corner and stared right at me, saliva, do spiders have saliva?, how stupid am I? That is probably venom, dripping from its fangs, it began to approach us, and I couldn’t seem to move, I was yelling at myself now, ordering my legs to move yet nothing happened as it’s hairy brown legs moved eagerly closer and closer from across the room, how had Frankie managed to get trapped in here with that thing and not notice it on the spot.

I finally began to feel control over my legs, and just as i stepped back, i fell backwards, losing balance, i had completely forgotten the fact, someone still had a death-grip on me, why had i chosen now to be forgetful, i scrambled to my feet, while I handed Frankie my hand, he took it and we immediately made a run for the door, with the spider not falling short behind us, we managed to reach the door, i had hoped it would be slow enough so i could trap it inside but had no such luck, as we made it outside I could see my little brother, Bob, and Ray, coming into view through the trees, grinning as they caught sight of us, but just as they did they caught sight of what was behind as well, i didn't know what exactly to do, I didn't expect them to fight it, given we had no weapons, we were supposed to be heroes and what not but I sure as hell wasn't so i did what any non hero would do.

“RUN!” I yelled.

I didn’t know if this was another hologram but i wasn't about to take any chances, and i hoped they weren't either, I had no real idea where to go but i presumed camp would be the best option I ran, but looked around as I did I found what I was looking for, the path, just as I signaled for them to follow i heard a lady's voice, “Wait!” it said, I looked around, but there was no sign of a woman, to be seen, “Wait!” it said again, this time I looked back, the spider had stopped, and for looking back, i went face first, pulling Frank down with me, I now realized I was still clutching onto his hand, I pushed myself up looking for the spider, but when i saw it, i also saw where the mysterious lady’s voice was coming from, the spider, the speaking spider, what on earth was this.

Mikes, Ray, and Bob stared at me, confusion filling their faces as to why i had stopped, i simply pointed, in response they all looked back.

“I mean no harm,” she or it, said.

I was still apprehensive, and full of fear but gathered enough courage to respond, “ Then what do you want?” I asked.

It simply responded with “A friend.”

We all looked at it, as if it were insane, which we weren’t at least i wasn't far from given I was talking to a goddamn oversized spider.

“A friend? Well aren’t there many spiders out there?” I continued, I was pondering the thought of simply running, but she showed no immediate threat might as well go with it.

“Spiders? But I am not a spider!” she exclaimed, am I really calling it a she?,

“Have you looked in the mirror?” Mikey said, with a small smirk, even now he was being his amusing self.

“Well now yes, but years, well more of millenniums ago I wasn’t” she stated, like it was obvious.

“But, now you are!” Frank whimpered, moving a bit behind me.

“I can, feel your fear, stronger than all of them, why is that?” she asked stepping closer, to Frank, I stepping in front of him, causing it to give me a look, had a spider just given me a look?

“I’m arachnophobic.” Frank whispered.

“Well that can’t be good, given my name’s Arachne”

“Arachne?” Mikey questioned, “I swear, i’ve heard that before”

I glanced at Mikey, always a smart ass, meaning this was another one of those myths, well not really given she was right in front of us.

“That’s it!” Mikey continued, “You were a weaver, that’s how you ended up like this, by claiming you were better, and had greater skills than Athena.”

“Athena,” she snarled, “She never could admit I was better, so she turned me into this leaving me to weave not string, but webs.”

We actually got ‘acquainted’ with a spider as crazy as that may seem, Ray, Bob, and Mikes did most of the talking, I said a couple things, while Frank sat as far as he could, still expecting to be attacked, and though I was still mad, due to his disappearance I wasn’t about to let him shake and die of an attack so I casually went, and said nothing bad would happen. And nothing actually did that afternoon, we started to headed back to the camp, said our goodbyes Frank even managing to wave at Arachne.

As the camp came into view we managed to get past the ‘guards’ I wondered why they were there yet didn’t question it.

Safely, in our cabin, Ray spoke up, “Hey guys, you think there’s any crazier shit out there?”

“I sure as hell hope not, but I think thats why we're here,” Bob said.

“Well lets not get ahead of ourselves and hope for the best” Mikey said.

“True, lets get some shut eye.” said Ray.

“Yeah, alright,” I said, running to my bed, “Last one in bed turns off the lights!” and with that i caused everyone to move as fast as they could to their beds, sadly Ray being the slowest.

“Ugh!” He groaned, as he walked towards the lights, meanwhile causing us all to chuckle, he reached the light switch and just as he flipped them off, a sort of siren, went off, I had a feeling we were about to get a taste of what Ray was asking about just minutes ago.

A/N: As you can probably see i said screw the schedule i’m in a writing mood, if only i could write English essays as easily, well thanks for reading, bye loves, see you next week!
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