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Running Into Bullies' Chest's Isn't Such A Good Idea

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A friendly game of tag. POINTLESS FILLER BTW :L

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A/N: HEH, forgot to write an authors note last night, at what ever time it was because i was very tired. VERY tired, so tired that i needed sleep instantly, LOL you don't care :L After school today i came home and slept ^.^ i enjoy sleeping :D Anyway, yeah, this is a filler chapter basically because I wanted to write it? :L It's kinda important though so read it carefully, the bit about the piss, yeah, i just went for a pee after writing such thing :L PLEASE R&R?? it would mean so much too me? Thanks if you do :')

LatherTheBlood xo


That’s all my brain could conjure up on such shock. I couldn’t exactly say ‘fuck’ now could i? So I went in for a hug.

A hug shows someone that they’re not alone, shows them that they’re loved and that people do care. No matter how cruel or heartless some may be. Right now, a hug is what Frank needs.
So I gave him one, like all good boyfr—friends should, because friends stick together through it all.

I ended my warm embrace around Frank and pulled away slowly. His face was red with embarrassment, like he’d just been caught watching porn or dancing around naked. Which would've been nice.. i mean.. horrible..of course..


He nodded his head and looked up slightly, still not connecting his eyes to mine.

“You know, this isn’t the way to go. You can always and I mean, always talk to me or Mikey, we’ll always be here to listen” I lifted his chin up, making him gaze into my eyes. I gazed back in a loving tone into his dreamy hazel eyes, perfect little orbs of pain filled wonder. It’s a mystery how something so sorrow filled can be so joyous too.

“Thanks Gee,I’m sorry” he whispered, barely able to be heard.

“You have pretty eyes”

“Uhm, thanks. You have pretty eyes too” he replied, smiling.

I gave him one last hug and exited the room, slowly closing the bathroom door so I didn’t wake the sleeping teenager next to me.

“Night Mikes” I whispered into his ear, my little brother. Still a baby that needs protecting in my eyes, even if I’m not very good at protecting myself.

I climbed into bed, pretty much falling straight to sleep when my head hit the pillow, I was exhausted.

A field. Always a field. A field filled with flowers and horses grazing. It was a pretty field. Gorgeous in fact, it held the most precious things in the world. My precious things. There was Batman and Robin and coffee and Mikey and.. and Frank. Frank, the newest addition.

The annoying beep of the alarm clock tore me from my slumber paradise, I swear it had only been about five minutes since I woke up last night, time seems to think otherwise.

Half past seven is far too early to get up.

I sat up in my bed, looking over towards Mikey to see if he had woken yet.

To my surprise, he wasn’t there. He must’ve gotten up earlier.

I looked over towards Frank. He was still sleeping, all curled up on top of the sheets, he probably didn’t have the energy to get in them last night, it was late.

I got up, grabbing some loose clothes from the cluttered floor and headed for the bathroom, I’m not comfortable with my body.

I didn’t bother showering, no point. I smell fine.

I quickly shoved the clean clothes on, brushing my teeth after. Minty fresh.

I glanced into the mirror and sighed, this is what the world gets for being such a shitty place, they get a shitty looking Gerard. Nothing special about me, I’m the same as everybody else. I have a stupid haircut, a stupid smile and a stupid brain.

Frank has a nice smile and a nice haircut and a..

I was torn from my thoughts by a small, quiet knock at the closed door.

“I’ll be out in a second, I have to piss”

I heard a chuckle from the other side, a happy chuckle.

I smiled to myself, knowing I made someone happy. That was always a good feeling, making someone happy when they’re down.

I pissed, relieving my bladder of urine.

I opened the door, walking out and dumping the used clothing into the small pile that was growing next to my bed.

“Finally man” Frank stated, rushing into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him, he’s obviously not a morning guy.

“Sorry, hey I’m leaving now, I got some homework I need to do, you wanna come with me?” my face was pressed against the white door, waiting on his perfect voice travelling through with an answer.

“Uhh.. nah I’ll catch you up at lunch” my smile was erased from my face, that was not the answer I was looking for

“Well, alright, I’ll see you at break, maybe Mikey will be back for you, I dunno” i grabbed my black canvas bag from the floor and threw it over my shoulder, it wasn’t that heavy. I doubled checked inside to see the homework I had to do was in and left swiftly through the door. I had at least fifteen minutes to make it to the art department before the jocks actually realise they have school today and emerge from their caves.


The bell was ringing through my ears, the start of first period. Great.

I suppose it’s not all that bad, I have English. Most people don’t pay attention to me in there, they just leave me be. Leave me sulking in the shadows at the back of the room, head down and drawing stupid little drawings at the side of my book. I bet the teacher doesn’t even know my name, not many people do, they all just refer to me as ‘emo fag’ or ‘nerd fuck’.

Nothing exciting happened in English, the usual. The teacher says a dirty word, not realising what it meant and the students all start laughing. Then they all complain when he asks them to work for five minutes.

The rest of the morning passed by as usual, English then Art. Maths then History.

The subjects I fear for my life in most are Biology and Chemistry, and I have them next.


As promised, I met Mikey and Frank outside the locker room, you could see them a mile away.

They stood out from the crowd in their black clothes, rather than all the colourful shit all those mainstream sheep wore.

“Hello dearest friends, how are you this fine morn?” I snuck up behind them, giving the small, sweet little Frankie a fright. His facial expression was hilarious though.

“You idiot, you almost gave me a heart attack” he screamed, he panted fakely and clutched a hand to his chest.

“Shut up Frankie, it wasn’t that bad” I pushed him the tiniest bit, causing him to ‘fall over’

“Look what you did now Gee, you made me hurtie..” He gave me the sweetest little puppy dog face and baby voice he could, I just wanted to whisk him away to a magic room..

“Yeah, whatever, how did your lessons go?”

“Not bad, only had three life threatening notes, it’s an improvement!”

“Well, that’s good I guess.. How ‘bout you Mikes? Have fun?” I turned my head to the shy boy next to me, he never really did talk much in school, at all for that matter.

“Yeah, I love spending time in a stuffy classroom with people who make my life living hell, its makes me so happy and joyous inside” Mikey said sourly.

Something tells me he doesn’t wanna talk.

“Hey Frank, I’m going to be really childish here okay, since you seem to have a lot of energy I’m sure you’ll like it. Ready?” I turned back to Frank after making a deranged smile at Mikey.

“Uhh..sure but what are you doing?”

“TAG!” I screamed at the top of my voice, dropping my bag at Mikey’s feet and launching towards the double doors that kept the corridor and locker room separate. I ran as fast as I could, I needed to win this game, I needed to be faster than Mr Speed himself.

He chased me everywhere, right through the school, out into the field and right into that insanely strong jock’s chest.

This is gonna hurt.

I blame Frank.
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