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I am so sorry.

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Sorry :)

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Hey Guys, well, i am so fucking sorry i'm making you wait this long. In ll honesty, i'm writing the new chapter now and it should be up later tonight. I actually kinda forgot about Ficwad tbh. -insert bitch slap- how dare i, i know. However, to make up a bunch of lies would be easy, so thats what i shall do..

Yeah, internet was fucked up (Actually, not technically a lie..)

I needed sleep (again, not lying, just had more than usual)

I soiled my trousers.

I fell down one stair and broke my limbs, all of them.

That enough lying, Yeah, so I will delete this note after i have finished writing it, no promises it will be up tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with this bitch guys, love you all :3

-Claire xo

In other words, LatherTheBlood xo
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