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We'll Carry On!

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Braxton figured out When your in the outcast and turn 13 you fall in a deep sleep and never wake up. Your parents forget about you and so do your friends unless they join you! But the place you go...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-04-18 - Updated: 2012-04-19 - 600 words

I walked through the school hopping to see my friends but all I saw was jocks. 2 hours later it was time to go home I got a call from my mom and she was sobbing, " Braxton are you there baby?" I was silent I knew something was wrong I was Stunned cause she had bad news. People looked at me for a while then I shook my head and went back to reality.

" yea I'm here sorry." i said while unlocking my car door.

" honey I have some bad news." she sniffled. I knew what was coming someone died.

" o-ok." I sniffed.

" honey Alex and Jamie were raped and their dead." she sobbed.

I froze and I still driving OH MY GOD! my two best and only friends were dead I froze and I knew what was about to happen. Though it didn't happen. I woke up in my room yep my room! I got out of bed and went to my closet found a BLACK PARADE JACKET! OH MY FUCKING GOD! I started to smile and put it on their was note that was on a pair of black tight skinny jeans, and a pair of chuck norrises. I put them on then walked out I froze and noticed I forgot the note. I grabed it and read it.

" come down stairs for breakfast thank you."

Hmhm no name. I thought maybe someone remembered today was the day I promised I'd commit suciscide with my two best friends but they were gone and I was, was gone! I ran out of my room and went into the bathroom to add some eyeliner and mascara. I walked down stairs and MY BEST FRIENDS! They were sitting at the table eating pancakes and drinking milk. I sate down and grabed a plate and cup. I poured some milk in the cup and grabbed some pancakes.

" hey Jamie, Alex I missed you!" I said with excitement. I looked at them they were wearing the same thing as me but jamie's hair was cut short like a girl worrier it was a mowhawk that didn't stick up like frank iero's from when they made 3 cheers. Hers was white though and the sides were black. Alex had purple shoulder length hair with no bangs.

" nice hair.l Alex said. I went to go look in the mirror my hair was jet black and I had Side bangs that were red. I loved this style with the eyeliner it looked perfect. I went to go sit down when a 2 minute warning alarm went off. I sat back down finished breakfast and Jamie told me to follow her and Alex. I did as I told we walked outside and I noticed the town burning! I looked around and Jamie grabbed my hand she dragged me to a float and gave me a microphone I looked around and notice IT LOOKED LIKE THE BLACK PARADE MUSIC VIDEO! someone jumped up behind me and spun me around he then kissed my lips I followed his rythym.

" hey baby you look so good today." he said then he started to kiss my neck. I giggled then I started to rub his back he moaned. I had no clue who he was intill someone called his name.

" frank, FRANK, FRANK ANTHONEY IERO STOP TRYING TO MAKOUT WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" the familiar voice said. Frank stopped and started to pout. I couldnt beleave it frank iero was my boyfriend OH MY GOD! I lived a better life in the black parade world then I had ever lived at my orginal home.
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