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Going to the Dragon Worlds

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This is an old fanfic I wrote years ago where Spyro helps a group of powerful elemental creatures stop an ancient evil from taking over the world. Takes place after YOTD.

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Chapter 1

It was a cloudy and misty morning on the island of Krayle. Over the top of the forest canopy, you could see groups of birds fluttering away. Something stirred below the surface of the trees. A small dragon was trying to loose her pursuers through the brush. She skidded sideways as she quickly steered to the left, but her pursuers were gaining on her. An elongated blade with a four-sided edge soared through the air and landed in front of her. She bumped into it as she tried to stop and was shocked by the electrically charged surface of the blade.

More electric blades shot through air and made a circle around her, trapping her as her pursuers came out from the bushes. The tallest came out first; she wore a tan body suit that came undone with a zipper, a hockey mask obscured any detail in her face, but her dirty-blonde hair showed behind it. She was equipped with a bunch of unknown technology, one of which were the electric blades. She was followed by two other people dressed the same. One was tall and lanky; he brandished a stun pole which was emitting sparks at the sharp end. The other was rather short, but had a huge muscular build. He carried an empty sac and rope in his hands.

The dragon trapped in the circle of electric blades eyed them closely, plotting on her next escape attempt. The female E-hunter, or hunters that track down the element creatures, was speaking in a different language to the short one. He nodded and took out a tranquilizer gun and moved closer to the dragon. Thinking quickly, she started digging a tunnel beneath the electric blades. She could hear the E-hunters shouting in the foreign tongue. She kept digging until a E-hunter's foot fell through the tunnel behind her. She split the end of her tail into two sides, making it sharp(A/N: kinda like Draco's tail from Dragonheart), and pierced the E-hunter's ankle.

He let out a loud cry of pain and removed his foot from the hole he made. The other E-hunters were closing in around the hole when she blew a large blast of fire in their faces. They fell backwards and she leapt out of the hole and ran into the bushes. She kept running until she found herself in a forest of cattails in the misty swamps of Krayle. The fog here was increased tenfold, but it didn't matter to the dragon. After all she had hatched here. She quietly made her way through the bog when a deep, womanly voice came from behind.

"You really need to learn to control your temper, Sydney."

Sydney jumped and wheeled around to see the tall and cloaked figure of the White Witch, Tatum. She pushed her shoulder length, black hair out of the way of her icy-blue eyes. She showed a look of impatience as she leaned on her silvery-white staff.

"Well, it's not my fault if that dragon couldn't keep his mouth shut," She said annoyed, "and where have you been?"

"That isn't important right now, but your temper certainly cost you this time..." Tatum replied, her look of impatience now becoming a look of slight reluctance.

"What do you mean?" Sydney asked surveying her look.

"Because the E-hunters know where you've been living, I have to take you to another land..."

"What!" Syndey exclaimed, "Leave...Krayle?"

"I'm afraid so..."

"But...Krayle's my home...I can't just leave it..."

"You have no choice now...Come...We must leave."

They headed towards the edge of the swamps where the ocean started. The beach near the swamps was almost as misty, but much easier to work your way around. Tatum stopped next to a large rock where the tide was starting to come in. Sydney looked around at her surroundings, taking in the last sight of Krayle as she knew it. She looked up at Tatum somewhat sadly and as though reading her mind, Tatum said, "I don't know how long you can stay in the Dragon Worlds-"

"Wait a minute..." She interrupted, "What are the Dragon Worlds?"

"It's the lands in which you will be staying for the time being...Anyway, I don't know how long you'll have until the E-hunters will catch on, but you will try to behave yourself there." She told her sternly.

"Tch, you say that as if you're my mother..." Sydney grumbled. Though she may as well have been, considering that Tatum had been looking after her since her parents were killed so many years ago. Looking slightly taken aback, Tatum turned to the rock and tapped it with the bottom end of her staff. The rock moved sideways revealing a hole beneath it. A wave filled some of the hole with water that disappeared down what appeared to be a secret tunnel. Sydney looked at the hole and then Tatum as if expecting her to tell her that it was all a joke, but when she didn't Sydney sighed and walked over to the edge of the hole.

"Take this tunnel to the other side of the world, there you'll find the Dragon Worlds..." Tatum instructed.

Sydney nodded and jumped into the hole, landing in the puddle of water that the wave had left. Tatum tapped the rock again and it moved back over the surface of the hole. Sydney looked ahead of what she figured was the tunnel, though she couldn't see two inches from her face given that it was pitch dark. She carefully began to walk down the bumpy path. She walked on for what seemed like hours until she bumped into the end of the tunnel. She pushed up and moved the rock blocking the opening out of the way and jumped out. Tatum was standing next to her motioning out at the landscape around them.

Sydney gasped and went wide-eyed. She had never seen anything It had a few trees and hills here and there, but it was definitely the widest range of field Sydney had ever seen. She stared out at the landscape as Tatum chuckled, tapping her with her staff.

"The openness will take some getting-used-to." Tatum said tapping the rock which moved back into place.

"Obviously..." Sydney said glancing at her once then continuing her stare of the landscape.

"Come...There's more to see." Tatum said moving away. Sydney followed her over to a cliff where, at the bottom of it, larger sized dragons were sunbathing. Some, swimming in a nearby ocean. Sydney stared in utter amazement. Apparently, she had never seen dragons this big before. Tatum chuckled and nudged her with her staff.

"Tatum...Are you sure I'll fit in here?" She asked not taking her eyes of the other dragons.

"I know what you're nervous of, but don't worry... There is another like you here..."

"You mean-" She began, but Tatum had disappeared, "Tatum? Tatum... (sigh) Of course..."

She took one last look at the other dragons, stretched her wings, and fell asleep on the top of the cliff. Near a tree at the bottom of the cliff, Spyro and Sparks had noticed her.

"Hey, " Sparks buzzed, "I've never seen her before. She must be new here."

"Well, obviously."

"You should go up and introduce yourself, maybe show her around."

"What! Why?"

"Why not? You did with your other friends."

"Yeah, but, they were different..."

"How so?"

Spyro glanced at her, obviously looking for an excuse to not go up there. "They weren't sleeping."

"Well, wait till she wakes up."

"Alright, fine, when she wakes up."

They both walked off towards the ocean to enjoy more of the sunshine.
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