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Time to Kick Some Tail!

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This is an old fanfic I wrote years ago where Spyro helps a group of powerful elemental creatures stop an ancient evil from taking over the world. Takes place after YOTD.

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Chapter 2

After being unsuccessful once more in capturing an elemental creature, Cardia and her cronies were reluctant to see the Boss. Giving him such a pathetic report about the Krayle mission would certainly worsen his already stressful mood. She knew he'd been under a lot of stress nowadays since the elemental creatures have been careless in keeping themselves hidden, making their job somewhat easier, but they always managed to fail regardless. Each setback would definitely foreshadow another death in the team, as was the Boss's way of venting his anger. Cardia hesitated before knocking on the door to the Boss's office. The echoes of the knocking reverberated off the walls of the cathedral-like hall.

"Enter." said a deep, cold voice from the other side of the door. Cardia took a deep breath before going inside the dark room. The sound of the door closing echoed in the cold, circular office. She never knew why this room was always the coldest room in the headquarters, but nevertheless slowly walked over to the Boss's desk. He had become so obsessed with capturing the elements that the walls of his office were covered with pictures of creatures suspected to be them and places suspected to be their homes. His black, leather chair was turned on her so that she could only see the back of it, but she could still hear his slow breathing behind it.

"Well? What of the element?" He asked placing a pale, bony hand on one of the arms of his chair.

Cardia pushed her dirty-blonde hair out of the way of her face before answering shaky, "W-we were uns-successful again, s-sir." She saw his hand grip the arm of the chair in frustration.

"I-it outsmarted us again..." She continued. He stood up, walked over to a picture of an island with a large, mountainous volcano, and stared at it with his hands folded behind his back. She could see the agitation in the small sight of his face behind his graying, brown hair. He sighed before he spoke in his usual cold voice, "Do you morons delight in vexing me with your pathetic blunders?"

"No, sir..." Cardia replied in a low voice.

"Or is it that I don't make myself clear enough to get it through to you idiots the seriousness of these setbacks that with each new tactic are never improved!" He said, his voice rising with each word. Cardia remained silent at this. It was best not to say anything during his rants. He turned around to look at her with his cold, green eyes. His black cape swished behind him as he did so. He slowly walked toward her, at the same time she stepped back.

Cardia was now becoming desperate to get herself out of the path of his anger, lest he chose to vent it out on her. She pleaded in frightened voice, "P-please, sir, give us another chance! If we can lock on to the element's position, we can send an extraction team to-"

The Boss had now grabbed her by the collar of her body suit, "You've lost it's position!"

"W-we can track it down again, sir, please we just need time!"

"Time! What time do you possibly think we have? I need to have all five of the elements in my capture in order for my plan to work!" He threw her into the wall near the door.

"S-sir, please! Another chance! It's all we ask!"

He glared at her, obviously considering whether or not they deserved another chance after all the blunders they've made. He turned away from her and sighed, "Fine...One more...And if you fail me again, there will be great consequences..."

"Thank you, sir!" She said immediately getting up from her fallen position, "We won't let you down!"

"You better not... However, to insure your success...I will send reinforcements to help your search..."

Cardia smiled at the thought of reinforcements, but the Boss's cold voice broke through her thoughts, "Now go! Time is precious..."

Cardia left in a hurry to tell the others, thoroughly pleased about the Boss's sudden generosity.


Sydney's dark blue scales shimmered magically in the sunlight. She had been sleeping for at least two hours before she opened her deep blue eyes, yawned while stretching, and walked towards the slant of land that led to the bottom of the cliff. She looked around and noticed that the dragons that were sunbathing were either swimming in the lake or talking in deep conversation with other dragons. She walked by them, apparently unnoticed, and sat at the edge of the far end of the lake. She dipped her tail in, enjoying the coolness of the water, when a voice came from behind.


She wheeled around and saw another dragon her size. He seemed to have been followed around by a golden dragonfly which was now buzzing by his head. She stared for a moment then said, "Hi."

"So, uh...Are you new here?" He asked moving closer to her. She had a huge urge to say "duh", but thought better of it.


"What's your name?"


"I'm Spyro and this is Sparks." He said referring to the dragonfly now buzzing at the top of his head. She smiled slightly and nodded her head. He sat down next to her, Sparks now buzzing over both of their heads.

"So...Where are you from?"


"Krayle? Where's that?"

"On the other side of the world..."

"Other side of the world? I thought only the Forgotten Worlds were there..."

"Forgotten Worlds... I've heard that somewhere..." She looked away, obviously thinking. Before Spyro could explain, the Professor came running up breathless.

"Spyro! (huff huff) Spyro! I'm glad I've found you..." He said panting.

"Hey, what's the problem?"

"My lab...(huff huff) People...invading my lab...(huff huff) Destroying my research!"

"What! What do they want with your research?"

"I don't think...(huff) It's my research that they want... They appear to be looking for something..."

"Like what?"

"I'm not exactly certain...but I think I heard one of them say something about an element..."

"What did they look like?" This time Sydney had spoken. The Professor stared at her for a moment.

"Oh...Who is this?" He asked.

"She's new here," Spyro answered, "Her name's Sydney."

"Well, welcome Sydney, but to answer your question before... They wore tan jumpsuits..."

Sydney stared at the Professor in almost complete shock. She muttered, "They couldn't have followed me here...Could they?"

"I beg your pardon?" The Professor asked.

"Oh, nothing..."

"Please! You have to help me!" He pleaded to Spyro.

"Okay!" He said at once, he then turned to Sydney, "I'll be back." He turned with a smirk and ran off to the portal that went to the Professor's lab. Sydney considered staying for a moment, smirked as well, and ran off after him. The Professor stood on the spot, both hoping that his lab doesn't get fully demolished and wondering what Sydney was doing going after Spyro.
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