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1 - Vampire of Raiden's Line

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First Book of the Silver Fangs Series. Rated for Safety. Harry and his mother pre Hogwarts. Repost- I did some editing and clean up hope its more readable

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1 - Vampire of Raiden’s Line
The Threads were thinnest. The Upsurper False Lord came to kill the mother of Arawn. The Blood Lord came to claim the mother of Arawn. Hear ye Arawn reclaims his Throne. Let all Upsurpers and Stewards fear, Arawn returns
- Throne of Arawn (excerpt)

It is the night of Samhain, the year is 1981. The Universe is an offshoot of The Harry Potter Core. The first change was way back at the beginning of 1960. Lily Evans was born a muggleborn witch, this is true. She was also born blessed by Raiden, one of those who if killed in an unnatural way would revive to join the Game. For 21 years none knew this but Raiden himself. On July 31st, 1980 her son Harry James Potter was born, he shared his mothers heritage completely both in Magic and as a chosen of Raiden.

This night just as the grandfather clock in the living room of the cottage struck ten, the wards shuddered. Lily looked up and then at her Husband, James. She grabbed her son then her necklace. “Someone warded against portkeys. Together the pair fortified the room and prepared for battle. If they were going die it will be together protecting their son.

Thirty minutes have passed and the room is littered with stone shrapnel from blocking the spells of Voldemort and Peter, especially the Death Curses. Suddenly James sees a Death curse heading for him that, he can neither block nor dodge. With his last act he casts a severing curse at Peter’s neck, beheading the traitor.

Voldemort stared at James’s corpse as the man “Even in death you ruin my plans. I am glad you are dead you heroic bastard.” He lifted his wand to Lily, “Move aside girl, I only want the boy.”

Lily Potter raised her wand, “Over my dead body Tom”

Voldemort raised his wand, “Crucio!” Voldemort watched as Lily fell to the floor and screamed, “You have no right to use that name wench. I am Lord Voldemort” He released the curse and kicked Lily in the belly. “I was going to let you live, but no more, “Avada Kedavra” Smirking a final time Voldemort stepped over the dead woman and pointed his wand at the toddler in the crib. “I am supposed to fear you? A half blood child. No, I will not fear you. “ He jabs his wand at Harry’s head, “Avada Kedavra!!!!!!”

The spell’s energy struck and for a moment Harry is surrounded by blue lightning. The unblockable spell is rebound, striking the self proclaimed Dark Lord.

Ten minutes later a tall man wrapped in black cloak enters the cottage. He moves to James and finds the man dead and beyond saving. Frowning he moves on faster then human speed and looks in the crib. The man smiled showing a flash of vampire fangs, “The House remains. My blood still flows. Hello my many generational heir.”

He leaned down to check Lily and found that she had a very slow heartbeat. “Interesting, It will be good for him to have his mother even if she is my childe and a mudblood.” The vampire bent down and sucked Lily almost completely dry before placing his bleeding wrist to her lips.

In a normal case Lily would have feed and then awoken a servant of the Master Vampire that turned her. This was not a normal case. Even as she died the spark within her awoke for a Vampire death was enough to wake the immortal within. A normal vampire witch loses her wand magic because she is not alive to contain the needed core. In Lily Life and Undeath fought and merged making her and her childe after her something new something unique. The added strength of her uniqueness allowed her to drain the four thousand year old Potter Vampire completely dry, turning him into a pile of dust on top of herself. Lily Evans Potter rose soon after that with the memories of four millennium in her head and the powers of an ancient Master vampire in a living form that would not die. A master dhampire, the first of her kind. The first thing she did after realizing that she is a dhampire and still alive was grab her son.
The second was to take her wand and write in flaming letters that would take a unspeakable or Dumbledore to remove,

Peter has betrayed us, James and Peter are dead. Harry and I go where only a Potter or the Black raised by Potters may find us. See you soon old grim.
Love Always Lily and little Harry.

PS Albus, I will guard the one marked with my life. You have many fooled but not me. You will not use my son to advance your agenda.”
With a spin Lily disappeared taking herself and her son to Potter Manor which had never been beaten by any dark lord. The wards found her and were about to attack the vampire that somehow entered this hallowed ground where only Potters were truly safe when the sentient magic noticed she was still alive. With a twist the ancient wards took on their first Dhampire mistress. Next the wards scanned Harry and finding him weak but alive called for the house elves to watch over the new Lady and Lord of House Potter.

Lily finding a chair sits down and starts to breast feed Harry without thinking. She did it to take and give comfort. The mix of blood and milk of a Dhampire changed Harry making him a Dhampire as well. Somewhere deep within the aging limiter that all witches and wizards in this universe have solidified from the rock hardness that allowed them appear twenty five well into their seventyth year, into a unmovable hardness that could make Harry as ageless as his mother is now. Deeper still the energy in the blood is taken and molded to fit the growing core with in the boy that lived. The blood energy was found by the boys own energy closer to itself then the dark energy it was fighting. The two energies merged, the vampiric taint in the dhampire energy found the dark energy of the death curse tasty and started to suck the pure energy out of the curse leaving the dark taint of Voldemort and his soul piece behind. Then the vampire taint found that it could even suck energy from the soul piece. Harry Potter grew stronger and stronger as his mother feed him, as he grew stronger, his magical core grew greater as well until the soul piece had faded into dust. The taint of the dark spell and of the vampire blood remained giving Harry a balance very few have, it allowed his energy to battle the darkness with each breath as long as he would live.

About ten minutes after Lily had left the cottage, Sirius Black, his boss in the Unspeakables, Amelia Bones, James’s Captain and Albus Dumbledore appeared and ran into the nursery, they were followed quickly by Moody and Minister Millicent Bagnold. They entered the room almost as one. Sirius instantly began to laugh, “See Amy love, I told you Moldy should never have faced Lily. Amelia shook her head, “Sirius be serious we lost James.” Sirius put his arm around her and spoke, “But not our godson. Harry is alive… Hope yet lives…”

Minister Bagnold began to giggle pointing at Dumbledore, “Did you think nobody knew about you and what you have done to our world Albus. You plans are gone. The Lady Potter has taken the future Lord home. If you wish him back you will need to attack that manor. One few of us can even find, and none have ever won against in its over four thousand years of history.” She looked at the Head of the Unspeakables, “Croaker, I want this man is custody until we know exactly how much damage he caused our world as the head of so many systems within the same.”

Even as Albus was arrested and bound by antimagic cuffs by the head of the Unspeakables. Sirius and Amelia spin together. For Sirius Black was raised by the Potters since before his thirteen year. He knew where Harry was and he took his girl with him.
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