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2 - Truth Shared

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Chapter 2 of the reEdit

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2 - Truth Shared
The First House. The House by whose great ships we reached these shores. If you learn nothing else from me Child. Learn this. Fight not a Potter for you are but clay dust to the Master Potter. Let the younger Houses try to usurp, but for us. We are too old to be the child dressing in our parents clothes.
- The Bones Grimore on House Potter

Spinning and turning. Trapped in a storm of Magic energy, Amelia Bones has the time to think and remember. She was a Bones, a family whose ancient grimoires were loaded with Necromancy and Healing. She was dating the only good hearted male Black, the heir to that house. A house of Black Magic and Combat Magics. They were the godparents of Harry James Potter, heir to the first house, a House of Runes and Golems. Now she was going to that Manor. The Manor that battles for itself. It is said that the Founders saw the moving stairs of Potter Castle and used that in their school, then again it is also said that Gryffindor was a Potter cadet line and grew up fostered among his cousins royal.

Landing and finding herself stuck, locked and frozen, she can’t even move her eyes. Sirius moves into her field of vision. “Hold on Amy, I will go get Lily to welcome you into the Manor”. She had never felt wards like these. So old and strong that she would be held her forever wasting away. At the edge of her mind she swears that she can feel an actual intelligence testing her and judging her right to be here.

While Sirius is looking for Lily, little Harry Potter toddled up to Amelia, falling over and getting up to toddle closer. He tripped over his own feet and fell toward her grabbing her legs through her robes to hold himself up. He looked up at her and grinned, a flash of silver from his new fangs just visible, “Ame, where Padfoo?”

The simple single minded acceptance of a child for someone they trust. Even before Harry changed his core would have fought the wards because right now the child Harry wanted Amelia’s attention, since the change instincts other beings would not have or notice, told little Harry that he could trust his Ame, and that was enough. The Wards exist to protect the House of Potter, they exist to see Harry and his mother continue to exist. The limits of their intelligence is basically a computer program:

• If Vampire then destroy
• If enemy of the House then kill
• If unknown then Capture
• If Member of House then Accept

With the simple mindness of a child Harry just triggered the Member of House clause and Amelia was suddenly free to move. A slight stumble and Harry looked up at her. When she smiled down at him, he lifted his arms off her legs and in the command of toddlers everywhere, “Ame, Up”

Amelia grinned, and lifted Harry into her arms, “Harry-bear, where is mommy?” She doubted she would get an answer she would fully understand but she would have a place to start. She had to giggle a little at the look of concentration on Harry’s face.

Harry suddenly grinned again and called out, “Suzzzzzy”, the name slurred but somehow it was enough as a young female house elf, dressed in what looked like a miniature high class pants suit, appeared as Amelia was trying to puzzle what Harry wanted out. Especially since she didn’t think he meant her niece.

The young elf looked up at Harry, “Suzy here, Master Harry”

Harry smiled, “Ame look Mommy”

It took the young she elf a bit of thinking to translate toddler speak to something she can take as a command then she grinned, “Follow Suzy” And with that she lead the young master and his adult transport back into the manor to the library where she could sense Mistress Lily. “Mistress in Books Room”

Amelia had to giggle, where else would the book worm lioness be if not the library. Amelia could even bet Sirius had not yet found the Library or thought to look there. “Excuse me Suzy?”

The little elf looked up at the Master’s transport, “Yes Miss?”

Amelia smiled down, “Where is Sirius?” Then had to fight the urge to laugh as the young elf answered by shaking her head and muttering in a universally female way, “Silly Dog-Master in kitchen eating.” Amelia sighed as she had been left in the wards while her boyfriend stuffed his face, “Typical.”

Suzy opened the doors to a Library to rival any Amelia had ever seen, “Mistress, Miss and Master Harry here.”, Suzy the elf called out. Lily came out from behind a book case and looked at the door, “Thank you Suzy, and thank you for watching Harry. The house elf seemed to blush as she whispered, “Suzy good elf”, then popped away.


Harry waved from Amelia’s arms, “Bai bai Suzy” to the seemingly gone elf. He then smiled at his mother, “Find Ame, mommy.”

Lily smiled to her son causing Amelia to notice that Lily also had the silver fangs. “I can see that little man, and where did you find Amelia?”

Harry giggled, and cuddled more into Amelia’s arms, “Lock Door”

Lily blinked and puzzled out loud, “There are no locked doors on this floor and the elves won’t let him get to the stairs.” She suddenly looked at Amelia, “I know I felt you come in with Sirius, why would you be stuck at the door, James never welcomed you to the Manor?”

Amelia smiled at her younger friend, who she still believed should have been a Ravenclaw. “Never been to the actual Manor before, I am dating Sirius not James. Though it seems Harry can welcome people if he wants. Now I have a few questions.”

Lily held up her hand, “Lets find that silly grim first, then I will tell you anything I can.” Lily wrapped and arm around Amelia and steered her out of the Library, “So where is that silly man of yours anyhow.”

Amelia smirked as she walked beside Lily still holding Harry. “Deal on the questions, as for Sirius. According to your elf, stuffing his face in your kitchens instead of looking for you like he said, he would.”

Lily pushed the door to the kitchens open, “Hey Mutt get you butt out here.”

Sirius comes running out with a sandwich in each fist. “There you are Lily girl. I am so GLAD to see you alive!” He tried to hug her but Lily moved with inhuman speed ducking the hands full of food.

Lily taps Sirius in the chest pushing him backwards and slightly off balance. “SIRIUS!, You are worse then a baby, seriously.” Lily then puts her hands on her hips and taps her foot, “When were you going to come find me to let Amelia in, mutt?”

Sirius grins, “I went to find you in the kitchens, you weren’t there. And then, I got food since my stomach growled.” This of course earned the guy a smack to the back of the head from both ladies.”Oh I see you found Amelia then. Its all good.”

Lily lead the two back into the kitchen and sat down looking at Amelia, “Ask away my friend… What answers I have I will share.”

Amelia put Harry down and sat to eat, while it was late an auror eats whenever they can. “First how did you and Harry survive.”

Sirius sits down and continues to eat letting Amelia do the questioning. He was quietly mourning the lost of James, and for him that meant stuffing his face in his pack leaders’ memory.

Lily grabbed a pear and ate slowly. Its not like she would sleep tonight. “Merlin’s Fire, it was Merlin’s Fire… My guess is the Fire was already in both of us and that is the easiest way for the prophecy to work out? She lets tears fall down her eyes. “We lost James, as hurt as I am, I am so glad we used the old oaths in our marriage. I don’t think I will have time to grieve right now, we have to find out what happened to Voldemort.”

Sirius and Amelia shivered. Then Amelia nods, “We believe that he is gone. Dead and destroyed.”

Lily shook her head and sighed, “I don’t believe that. It just does not feel right.” Taking another bite of her pear trying to get used to the slightly longer fangs as she can not seem to completely retract them like Harry’s are just yet. Perhaps never will. At least they are only slightly oversized and fit in her mouth easily. It is only getting used to bitting with them that is taking her so much time.

Amelia shrugged, “Knowing the papers it will be out tomorrow morning at the latest. But I have a more personal question.”

Lily nodded her head as she finished her pear and picked up her wand casting cleaning charms on both her hands and her fangs. This allowed Sirius to notice them for the first time, causing the gloomy grim to fall off his chair, “Bloody Hell, you have silver fangs Lily. What the fuck is going on?”

Amelia nodded and added, “And when did Harry get a pair?”

Lily smiled freely showing the fangs and then growing them to full extension.

Both Sirius and Amelia jumped back and drew their wands, “Vampire!!!”

Lily shook her head, “Its a reaction of the Merlin Fire against the vampire venom the ancient vampire injected me with, when he tried to turn me. It seems the oldest elder in the area was a former Potter and wanted to make sure that Harry had at least one parent. According to Merlin, I am something unique and will have to learn what the means on my own. I am a daywalker though. Merlin himself promised that.”

Sirius looks at Lily, “Wait, didn’t you just cast cleaning spells? Vampires can’t cast spells can they?”

Amelia shook her head, “No, vampires can use runes and blood rituals, the magic is tied into their blood and they can’t contain a core for the same reasons a ghost can’t.”

Lily nodded, “That was in the Potter Book. As well as the fact that if I was a vampire the Wards would have destroyed me when I came here with Harry not accept me as Mistress.”
Harry came toddling up to his mother, “Mama, Hisssy says bad man wants to kill me.”

Lily picked up Harry and asked, “And who is Hisssy?” Only to have Harry hold his wrist to her mouth. “Share”.

Lily instinctively bite and took a single drop of blood. Normally the sharing of blood between vampires should share memories and energy. The Silverfangs are a new species and Harry was the necromancer. His blood carried memories and power. Power greater then Lily’s soared through her blood stream, carrying with it not only the memories. It also carried the very skill he used to make that set of memories. As the blood flowed through her, a copy of her son’s stolen talent graphed itself to Lily’s core. One stolen from the soul of the enemy that meant their deaths.

With that drop of blood Lily knew more then her four thousand years of memories. The inherent fear that is transferred from sire to childe, for eons the vampires feared one being among their prey, a true necromancer, one born to the path not just trained in their art. Lily knew her son was one, now by power of his blood she could learn two rare talents. One that could not be taught and another that needed a Master to teach it,

Lily opened her eyes and smiled, she softly hissed to Harry, “When you are older you will have to teach me little Master.” Lily lifted her head and looked at the others in the room. “Did anyone of you know Dumbledore is a Parselmouth?”

Amelia sat up from where she was resting in the crook of Sirius’s arm. “Come again, How is that?” Amelia looked directly at Lily, “How do you figure?”

Lily stroked Harry’s hair. “Because Harry is one. It seems snakes and toddlers have similar thought processes.” Lily stood up and putting Harry on her hip walked toward the door. “Sirius, we have a Black Tiger Snake in the entrance room. Be a boy and come see.”
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