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3 - Battles Bound

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We tried to fight without acknowledging the right of the First House. Ancient Noble and Elder Houses fighting the False Lord Voldemort. We in our childness followed Dumbledore. It is only by Magic's Grace that the Potter was able to show us our folly. In the Child Lord, our salvation from two Dark Lords.
- Frank Lord Longbottom , Longbottom Grimore (excerpt)

Lily knelt down about a foot from the black tiger snake, and set Harry on her lap. "Hello, Mr Snake, Why have you come in my nest?", she hissed softly to the snake.

The snake curled up on himself as Sirius and Amelia froze, partly afraid to attract the attention of the deadly snake and partly do to pure shock that there really is a snake.

The snake hissed softly, "I was sent to strike down those who finished their purpose by the ancient." The snake slithered around in a tight coil. "I find I cannot. No snake will willingly strike a speaker. Forgive me for entering you nest Great Mother"

Lily hissed softly, "Do you remember where your home is? Is there anywhere I can send you." Slowly Lily began to draw energy from the ancient node deep under Potter Castle, instincts trained as James's love interest and the only female marauder told her that she would need the energy soon.

The snake curled tighter trying to appear much smaller then it was, "Whatever you do. I must warn that those who would be nest mates and allies in battle are in danger. The ancient will benefit if the chased off speaker's servants can win battles before the moon sets. Allow me rest Great Mother."

Lily lifted her hand causing glowing runes to appear around it. With a command the runes surrounded the snake. Passing over it as if scanning it. With a sigh she spoke another command, the runes faded into the snake turning it into a silver and onyx belly chain. Setting her son down Lily walked over to the belly chain and lifting her shirt fastened the new jewelry around her mid-section.


"Suzy, Watch Harry... The House must go save their allies." spoke Lily as she fixed her shirt and fastened her dragon hide robe. "Unspeakable, take the auror and bring her family back here. We know not who is the greater foe at the moment."

Lily walked toward Sirius and Amelia, her well worn leather silent without a crackle or crinkle. Her fangs extend slightly past her lower lip as she drew more of the Potter Manor node's energy into herself. "Unspeakable go with the auror and gather your families. Start with the Bones and get the Tonks." Lily pulled a Potter crest pendent off her neck and looks at the runes on the back, nodding her head she ran a bit of her blood over the runes, feeding them. As she continued past Sirius she tossed the man the pendent. "Gift from the Runess, old Grim, should get you through any wards now that Moldy is out of the picture." Lily continued farther into the manor heading for the library again.

Sirius stared at the pendent watching the glowing runes before his lips turned up in a blood thirsty grin. "Hey Amy, lift your hair a moment. This chain won't fit my neck comfortably."

Amelia took one look at Sirius and shook her head. "I don't know what that is...I am not letting your near me with that grin going on. You are crazy enough normally."

Sirius lifted his head and the grin fell from his face, it is a very serious face that Amelia sees, The face of Sirius Black, Scion of House Black, Unspeakable and Hit Wizard. "Lift your hair Amy, Trust me. This is how we can save your family tonight. If Lily thinks they are in danger then we will act now and discuss later."

Amelia lifted her hair suddenly very worried for her brother and his family. It was not often that Sirius Orion Black was truly serious but when he was he was known to be one of the most dangerous of hitwizards.

Sirius closed the pendent around Amelia's neck and hugged her tight. "Spin us to your familial manor love, Edgar and Suzzanna might need some real help."

Amelia closed her eyes and thought of her first home, where her brother now ruled. She thought of the seat of her family's power. The study of her Father and his father before him for generations. Taking a breath she spun with Sirius taking him along in the same way, he took her on the trip to the Potter Manor.

Opening her eyes when she felt her power hit a ward she noticed that Sirius's robes are now Unspeakable robes and that the pendent is glowing.

Suddenly runes appeared around them and they are moved through the ward as if it did not exist. As they faded into the study they could hear a voice taunting Edgar that help tried to come and could not bring the ward down.

Edgar and Suzzana Bones looked with shook at Amelia with her glowing pendent and the Unspeakable beside her.

With a finger to his lips the Unspeakable brings the family together behind the large desk. "Do you have your Family Book and daughter?" the unrecognizable voice asked.

Still in mild shock Edgar can only hold up the ancient grimoire, as his wife shows that she has Susan.


The unspeakable held a sheathed black sword, "One more pick up and then to safety for us all. Grab on.." As each of the adults touched the scabbard the unspeakable spoke one word. "Nymphadora".

Suzzana looked up in shock, that sounded like a name and she only knew one living being cursed with that name. Where would this unspeakable know the daughter of Andromeda.

Whirling and spinning Suz and Edgar watched in shock as they are slowed in their travel as Magic Energy, to the point that they can see the ward blocking their exit, as a glowing wall of energy.

Then the pendent Amelia is wearing glowed stronger and small runes appeared. Suddenly they are passed the blocking wall of magic to the greater shock of the Bones' family. They spun down to appear in a living room. As the group looked out they found Ted and Andromeda Tonks standing with their four year old girl behind them. A pair of wands were pointed at the appeared group.

Amelia nodded softly, "Good form, now grab up your kid, your grimore. And don't tell me you aren't starting one Dromeda... We are going to safety."

Ted and Andromeda looked at Amelia and nodded. Ted picked up Nymph and Andromeda went to the mantle to grab what looked like a locking diary. Dromeda then looked at the Unspeakable, "We are ready. I am glad that mother was both right and wrong about you." Sirius tilted his head and Dromeda answered the unspoken question. "A Blood Traitor that does what is right rather then what would be easiest for one of us... She also believed you would forget your Family and become like a muggleborn."

With a chuckle and a nod of his cloaked head and the Unspeakable wrapped his off hand around Amelia's waist then touched the glowing pendent resting between her breasts on her robes. While his voice is disguised the words ring clearly in the ears of all the Bones and Tonks Families. "To the First of Us... To the House of Grey.. To the Royal Defender... Our Liege and our hope. I give loyal vassal call... Take me Home again, Home to Liege and to Safety in Potter's Field."

Edgar relaxed as he heard the words. He knew now that whomever this Unspeakable was, it was not as an agent of the Ministry but as agent of the Potters that he came to Bones Manor. For no other family would dare take Potter's Field, nor would the ancient magic allow the Ministry to give the ancient titles to another. Suddenly he felt the portkey stop.

The Bones and Tonks families felt themselves held by those same ancient wards that Amelia had faced. And while being trapped is scary, they also felt truly safe.
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