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4 - The Runess

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“To the First of Us… To the House of Grey.. To the Royal Defender… Our Liege and our hope. I give loyal vassal call… Take me Home again, Home to Liege and to Safety in Potter’s Field.”
Incantation of the Loyal Grim

Red hair flew as Lily ran for seat of Potter Power. A soft litany of Words of Power flowing from her lips. For the first time in three generations the Head of the Potter House was a rune master. And this was one with four thousand years of knowledge. Wards sang, ancient runes unused for so long appeared like glowing ghosts within the walls of the inner sanctum of Potter.

Lily sat down on the throne like chair in the middle of the sanctum. With a string of words older then any currently spoken language, runes along the chair and its base, glowed bright white. The chair and its controller fade from existence. Both chair and user appeared in a room of black stone, the oldest room within the Potter estate.

Waving her hand she spoke a single word causing the wall width crystal mirror to glow, “Show me Frank Longbottom!”, was spoken in a whispered command.

The glowing crystal cleared to show an image of Frank and Alice Longbottom, screaming under the torture curse, from two deatheaters.

Lily shot to her feet, and screamed at the crystal, “Show me Neville Longbottom!!”. The crystal clouded over completely then cleared showing Neville being cared for by what was clearly a female death eater, just the way the robe flowed around her as she rocked the young toddler.

“Thank Lord and Lady.”, slid from her lips as Lily checked her armor and gloves one last time. “Show me North corner Longbottom Greens”.

The crystal turned black before returning to a clear image. A clear view of three death eaters moving form the adult Longbottoms and starting to torture the female one, while she was protecting Neville appeared. “Rotate 75 Left!”. The image blurred for a moment, then cleared to show the back three black cloaks. Lily started to jog toward the crystal mirror, “Open Portal!”.

Runes along within the crystal glowed, a rippling of the crystal was the only sign and Lily stepped through as if it was an open door.
Walking from one moment to the next, there was no flash of light, no clap of sound, not even the pop of a house elf to warn them. Suddenly the three Death Eaters who were attacking the one protecting Neville found themselves surrounded by runes, then with a flash were encased in crystal coffins, and that was the last they knew.

Lily stepped forward out of the shadows. Glowing blue, gold, bronze and red runes circling her raised right hand, her battle robes were closed, her hood was up in Unspeakable style, on her breast rested the badge of the Unspeakable, the only hint of a name was ‘RUNESS’ on the banner below the black badge.


Lily stopped at each of the adult Longbottoms and force feed each a potion then placed a rune stone necklace around their necks. “I hope I was fast enough. Please Lord and Lady, allow this to work.” She breathed a sigh of relief as all three adults began to stir and slowly open their eyes. “Alice, Frank, can you both hear me? Just nod, your throats are to raw to speak.” Lily relaxed even more then the shaking from the two adults slowed and very clear if repeating nods could be seen.” Lily took out a pen and parchment, she wrote a note, duplicated it three times added a few words to each of the copies, then pressed her badge to the bottom of the parchments. “All three of you have been held under the torture spell. Neville was protected by someone else, Neville is fine… He will be with at Potter Field when you are all better. Neville is at Potter Field.. Can you say it for me?”

Two voices croaked repeatably trying again and again to say the words. Finally the pair were able to repeat the words coherently. With a smile Lily kissed each on the check. “He needs his family.. Fight for Neville. Get better for Neville.” Stepping back Lily spoke one command word, sending the three adults to the heart of the Unspeakable Research Hospital. “Get well my friends, and remember Potter Stands with Longbottom, as it was in the beginning so it shall be.”

Deep within the minds of the three victims those last words vibrated without pause…. “Potter Stands with Longbottom… Potter Stands with Longbottom…” The House of Longbottom was old, old enough to still remember and pass down the old ways.

Those four words, while they would have helped any good hearted wizard or witch, for the Longbottoms it meant more. They were old enough to remember that it was always a Potter to lead them when darkness came. Like many of the oldest Houses, those who existed before the schism of Light and Dark, they had their own dark magics and their own legends. Among them were legends that spoke of magical pottery ships that allowed the old families to escape the loss of Atlantis.

They spoke of the Clan that lead, of Myrddin the potter’s son and heir. While the histories spoke of the House of Emyrs. The truly old families remembered. It was a Potter’s son that lead them to safety, it was he who taught them to use their magic without the great crystals of Atlantis to help them. When war came, be it between the Houses or with outsiders, it was always a Potter that led the winning side.

For the Longbottoms who had been herbalists since before the sinking, who used the great rune greenhouses and pots the Potters made for their loyal allies, from grandfather to father to son. From granddame to dame to daughter. Each generation giving of their younger years as aurors and other civil servants, when retirement came, they returned to their greenhouses, and their herbs, to the seat of their power, and the bond between their House and the First House.

To hear the words, to feel the power of Magic within them, to know that their heir, their child was with the Potters, in the seat of all that was Potter. This gave each of them the strength they needed to fight. To fight for their son, to prove themselves worth of the only Royals the true Pureblood Houses will ever admit to. Let the young nobles fight and battle for rights not their own. The truly old families knew from whence magic came, and which House was Royal. Their little Neville, whom they so loved was safe with Liege at Potter’s Field.


Lily shook herself and moved on to the barely coherent female deatheater that was slowly rocking Neville as she silently cried. The hood had fallen away during her torture by the others, and Lily saw the face of her class mate, Bellatrix Black. “Oh Bella, I don’t know why you are one of them. But for what you did for this little one, I will make sure the Auror’s do not get you. This I swear on my Magic.

Bella was barely able to understand when hands reached out and started to take Neville from her, instinctively she moved to protect the sleeping child with her body. She did feel a sense of peace fall upon her. As she was put into a conscious stasis by runes Lily empowered.

Lily lifted the young toddler from Bella’s now unresisting arms and cradled him to herself as she spoke the words that would allow her to open a portal using the runes etched in her bracers. Neville stirred in his sleep a bit as he was jolted in moving from one set of arms to the next. Yet his young toddler nose smelt a smell that for him meant his Aunt Lily, and even if his mind would never realize it, deep within the boy’s body hormones were released that allowed him to fall into a natural and deep slumber. The sleeping spell Bella used to protect him falling from the boy in a natural and calm fashion.


Lily looked around, “Is there any elf of the House of Longbottom still alive and well?”

There was a tiny pop as a young male elf appeared, before he could speak, Lily spoke again. “Bring the Longbottom Grimore, change it to a locket form by elf magic, and allow the young master to take his secrets with him to safety.”

The young elf nodded, as these words were the first command a elf was taught at the knee of their sire or dame, if ever all of the family was hurt, the one least hurt was to be given the Great Book to wear, so that none can come and find it, while the family was healing. With a pop the elf was gone, with another pop he returned carrying the Great Book, with a wave of his hand and a snap of his fingers the book was a pendent and chain. The young elf blushed as the witch knelt on the dirty ground to allow him to place the pendent on the young master. The Pendent sealed, the elf got ready to go, to help heal the rest of the elves and start cleaning the mess.
Lily spoke before he could pop away, “Remember, Potter’s Field.” The elf nodded like a bobble head, he was a young elf, but he knew his legends, he know of the Great House, were human and house-elf seat at one table, where the Great Ones are born and the Mighty are taught. Just hearing that their young master is going there.

It told the young elf much. Who this stranger in the powerful cloak was, where she was going, why she was going, where to go to find the young master again. In three words Lily had told the young house-elf all he needed to know to raise the morale of his kind in the Longbottom estate. The young elf was happy his little master would be with the mightiest of his kind. Let the Great Ones and the Mighty protect the young master while the elf clan of Longbottom healed from this battle on the seat of Longbottom. Pushing a floating Bella before her, Lily stepped from one moment and the next. One instant three people and a house elf were there, the next only the house elf remained.

Moody, Master Auror, trainer of Unspeakables and Hit Wizards, and his squad appeared before the elf could pop away, “Elf, did any of the house take the Book to safety?”

The elf squeaked in the voice of a house elf just out of childhood, “Little Master… Safe… Book Safe…”, then he popped away before this human could ask more.

Moody nodded, he looked around and grinned a truly sick grin. “Alas Laddies, it looks this these three have run a foul of our own Runess, just like the healers said.” The rest of the squad chuckled, knowing that their work here was just beginning. They began the clean up, to make sure none in the Ministry ever learned who the Runess was and what her mastery of runes allowed her to truly do.
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