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5 - His Will Alone

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“I am myself again, Bellatrix Black, I am for the strongest… Where so ever Harry Lord Potter goes, I will be there. The first and most faithful of his handmaidens, his guardian until he claims my life, leaving me as dust in the wind. No way to deny it, as a child he claimed me. My flesh claimed and marked, my heart beats for it is his will that I lived. Body, Heart and Soul… His alone, none other can claim what he has marked as his own.”
-Bellatrix Black, Slave’s prayer


The corner of the entrance hall was empty and then it was not. With no flash nor sound to warn anyone, a woman holding a toddler and pulling a floating body beside her appeared. Lily moved Bella to the sofa and walked up to the Tonks family, kissing first Dromeda’s, then Ted’s cheek she welcomed them into the wards of House Potter.

Sirius walked up to Bella on the sofa, “Hey Lily what is my crazy cousin doing here?” He looked down into her eyes. “And conscious, what the hell. She is nuts, should be locked up in the crazy house.”

Lily reached out to kiss Nym on the cheek when Harry came toddling in giggling. He waved to the youngest Tonks, “Hi Nymmy… Come play” He then bounced up on Bella’s lap before Sirius could grab him, “Who you?”

Nym Tonks spoke from her father’s arms. “That’s Aunt Bellatrix, Mommy says she is coo-coo and if I see her to run away and change.” Nym changed her hair to red like Lily’s and face changed to look like she was family and her eyes flashed to the sparking green. “See, Change”


Harry clapped his hands and bounced on Bella, moving to avoid Sirius’s human speed reaching, as if the Hitwizard was an overweight house wife. Suddenly he looked down at Bella’s eyes, and before Sirius can reach for him again bit his lip then kissed Bella on the lips, “Mine.” The sure possessiveness of a toddler mixed with vampire blood magic was enough to start a war.

Lily moved fast after welcoming the Bones family she casted a shield between Sirius and Harry. “Sirius back away slowly. You don’t want to enact his instincts. He has claimed her by the old ways. You know how we survived the attack. Can you really face him.”

Sirius looked at Lily, fear in his eyes. “She might hurt him… I am his godfather, I have to protect him even if it kills me.”

Lily smiled, “She probably would hurt you men. She might even be a risk for us girls. She protected Neville with her life…” She smiled at her son. “And if what he just did works she will be Harry’s creature from now until the end of time.”

The Tonks and Bones look at Lily in shock, “What!”, came from the adults with a giggle from little Susan, it was the three year old Nym whose, “Me Too!” that caused most of the adults whiplash and Lily to fall over laughing.

The giggling three year old used her father’s shock to get out of his arms and climb down, with one last giggle she runs to Lily’s shield and waves at Harry, “Harryyyyy! Me too!”

Harry being a kid, pouts as Bella has yet to move and sighed climbed off her to toddle over to Nym. The three year old grabed his hand as soon as he is past his mother’s shielding and slowly dragged him toward the other corner where she saw toys and coloring things. “Come color Harry!” As the adults watch Nym and Harry start to color Susan wakes up fully and demands to put down, she then toddles over to join the coloring party.

Everyone turns to Lily, with a sigh she began, “I can’t explain everything, much of the specifics are a Potter Family Secret. Sirius and Amelia look at each other and nod, they were read into a true secret, now they will learn the public story. Calling an elf to get some tea Lily starts, “First allow me to tell you that the Longbottoms are in a high security hospital and I hope healing.” She rocked Neville softly to keep him asleep. “They were attacked by three death eaters, my guess is the Lestrange brothers and another, Bella was with them but she was protecting Neville causing the other three to turn on her.” Lily looked at Amelia, “Your turn Amy.”

Amelia nods, “We had it easier, somehow the Runess’s pendent got us through the wards put up by the Death Eaters. We grabbed my family and the family book. Then went to the Tonks.” Amelia looks at Sirius.

With a chuckle Sirius simply said, “Got the only family I admit to and high tailed it back to Potter’s Field.” He gave a shrug as if to say the rest was standard and no reason to talk about.

Lily glances at Bella as she started to shake, “As for Bella, in an effort to protect Harry, James and I did a number of ancient rituals.” As Bella opened her mouth to scream Lily wove a numbing and silence rune on the reclaimed Death Eater. “Rituals only possible because I was married the old way, making the Evans family a cadet of the Potter House.”

Lily looked around watching the shocked nods to show that they are following her, even if they would never of done such. Lily turned her head and looked at Bella, “Sirius, tell me when her arm starts to change.”

Sirius blinked and looked at Lily, “Change??”

With a shrug Lily turned back to her story, “The rituals reactivated the old magicks with Harry as the sole beneficiary, or so we thought at the time, It appears that the Family Magick has to some level, self control. When James, the current Head of the Potter House died, all this magic, all that was that energy that makes us different from the mundane flowed into Harry, this was as planned, in hopes that the supercharge of magic would trick the Death Curse into believing its work is done. Just as it happens against Giants and Dragons.” Lily took a sip of her tea. “What was not planned was the odd twist that had the super charge flow through me along the way to Harry. Saving me although it knocked me out, leading to the belief that I had died.”

The listeners nodded, while the theories were probably much more complex and beyond perhaps any of them, Lily was summarizing in simple words that they could follow.

Taking a deep breath Lily continued, “That Magic saved me, but it also copied all my knowledge of magic, all of the Family Grimore into Harry’s soul, he doesn’t have conscious access to it all, but toddlers explore and do things by instinct and not thought.”

While all the listeners looked shocked, it was Sirius that asked, “What did Harry do to Bellatrix?”

Lily looked at Sirius, “Is Bella’s mother of a cadet branch of the House of Black?”

Sirius nodded, still looking confused, “Yes, Bella and her sisters are Black on both sides, not sure why it would mattter.”

Dromeda, suddenly sucked in her breath, “Harry is The Potter, he reclaimed what was already his by right of blood….”

Lily nodded her head, “Frithéileamh trí cheart fola agus draíocht, an ancient blood rite.” She sipped her tea, “Reclaiming a slave by blood right, now we wait to see if the Might of The Potter is greater then that Vol de la Mort.” She looked sadly at Sirius and Dromeda, “Bella was a slave the moment that Mark took, she is not gaining freedom….”

Sirius nodded continuing, “Only changing Masters if Harry is stronger then the Dark Lord. The House of Black understands, and thanks its Liege for finding our lost daughter worth the effort.”

Dromeda nodded, “I just wish we could get Cissa and Draco away from Malfoy before it is too late.”

Lily smiled, “Lets deal with Bella first, I think we might be able to get Cissa here pretty fast if, what I believe will happen to Bella does.”

Suddenly Bella sat up screaming silently unable to break the rune that made her silent. As the group watched from their seats around her. Her robes burned away leaving her topless. As they watched, her left breast entire melted away into a green vapor, leaving behind a silver breast, from there the silver grew across to her left shoulder and down her arm. Until in the end there sat Bellatrix Lestrange panting, topless, her right side pale but clearly healthy human flesh, her left starting with her breast, gleaming that silver color that showed in Harry’s mouth.

Lily blinks in surprise, “Well the chest is surprising, but look at the arm.”

Everyone even Bella looked down at the silver left arm. There on the inner forearm where once the Dark Mark ruled, the Potter chest in gleaming platitum stood in relief. Bella ran the fingers of her right hand along the skin of her arm. She looked up at Lily in surprise, trying to speak, but no sound came.

Lily released the rune keeping Bella silent, and nodded to her, “Try again…”

Bella took a few breaths and then tried again, “It looks like Silver but is as soft as flesh, feels just like my arm.” She moved the arm slowly. “Moves like my arm.” Her voice was raspy still from the earlier screams. But the words were clear and easy to understand.

Lily tossed an apple at Bella’s left breast, before it was an inch within Bella’s arm length, the silver hand flashed out catching the apple and crushing it. “Looks like your left arm is not only silvery but stronger and faster then you are aware of.”

Bella gave Lily a stare and flashed her a smile, allowing Lily to see the flash of silver fangs, “I am my Master’s creature, forever loyal until I am dust in the wind!”

Sirius and Amelia snapped their wands up, “Keep your hands away from your wand Death Eater!” came in stereo from both a male and female throat.

Bella giggled, “I am myself again, Bellatrix Black, I am for the strongest…for the first time I truly know who the strongest is… Where so ever Harry Lord Potter goes, I will be there. The first and most faithful of his handmaidens, his guardian until he claims my life, leaving me as dust in the wind.” She slowly opened and closed her silver hand, “No way to deny it, as a child he claimed me. My flesh claimed and marked, my heart beats for it is his will that I lived. Body, Heart and Soul… His alone, none other can claim what he has marked as his own. As she lifted her eyes, everyone noticed the fanatical gleam and the ring of glowing emerald green, along the outside of her black eyes.

Lily softly intoned, vibrating the words ritualistically, “She is claimed, no longer her own creature, nor the creature of the false lord. Claimed by Potter Blood, for Potter Blood, ever faithful to Potter Blood. Until she is dust.”

Bella glowed and stood up. Every shred of clothing she still wore faded to dust leaving a nude pale twenty year old standing at attention. When the glow faded what was once midnight black hair bore highlights of silver that flashed in the shifting light, a warning to those who would try to harm the one this creature protected. That you would only find your death here.
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