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6 - Death At the Gate

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The Lord of Bad Faith did create his own destruction. Of his loins did she come. The Sun Goddess of the Vampire septs. Born of Bad Faith Blood by rape. Sired by her own mother as a teenager. She become the first of the Blood Septs to call the Lord Necromancer of the Silver Fang, “Master”. It was by her blood and her word that the First House reigned in the Betrayers for that last final time.
- The Last Page of the Malfoy Grimore
The group of them all went to guest rooms and slept well into the next afternoon. As little Nymphy and the elves kept Harry and Susan busy. The two toddlers did not have the time or the desire to wake their parents. The first adult up was Bella, she suddenly sat up in the bed, for a moment confused, unsure what woke her. She found Harry standing in her doorway. Raising nude from her bed she walked to stand before him and lowered to her knees, sitting back on her heels, with a bowed head, “Master?”

Harry smiled, “Pants and Shoes… Play Time.” He turned and toddled away down the hall where Bella’s enhanced hearing can hear the giggling of little Susan Bones.

Watching her Master walk away, tripping and getting up only to continue toward his goal, in that way only toddlers can, Bella tried to understand his command. With a sigh she rose from her knees and walked to the closet. Finding a robe that fit her, she put it on and then went in search of a water closet. Coming out with her hair still a mess, Bella went to find her Master.

Watching her little Master play and color with the two girls brought a smile to Bella’s lips, a warmth to her heart and a feeling of peace. Although no House Elf was crazy enough to mention it, They knew what she was feeling, and because of this shared devotion, saw the dark witch as a giant house elf.
Sometime later Bella found herself on the sofa with her Master napping in her lap, young Lady Bones curled up next to her and her niece on the floor coloring by herself. When sudden Harry woke, he stood up in Bella’s lap and looked her in the eye, “Out” was all he said yet somehow she understood, looking down at the Lady Bones only to find the toddler looking back, Bella stood up with Harry in her silver arm and lifted the young Lady in her flesh one. She started to head out of the room slowly, not at all surprised that her niece followed behind her.

Stepping out to the Grand Foyer, Bella and the kids ran into the adults following Lily, in a soft voice spoke the Lady Potter, “Harry felt it?” Bella nodded, “Yes Mistress, even I feel something, although I am not sure what it is.”

Lily’s eyebrow rose slightly, “Interesting, I wonder just how tightly you are tied into the Wards. Or is it Harry?” With a shrug as Lady Bones took her daughter from Bella, allowing the daughter of House Black to shift her master to her flesh arm, her magical one given freedom to defend him, Lily opened the door and led the group to the back of the manor, there at the ward line stood a blonde woman, who stopped waving her hand along the ward line as soon as she saw Lily and Harry.


Lily stopped at the Ward line and watched the blonde female, “You aren’t Veela, they can not be embraced as a vampire, so I am guessing born of Malfoy blood.”

The apparently teen girl, nodded her head, “I am guessing you know the curse that makes all Malfoy’s blonde, and not just blonde but this veela like shade of platinum blonde, My Lady?”

Lily sighed, “As a Potter, I do, I know the truth of the Betrayal Curse. I know how to cast it if another family betrays us. What brings a former Malfoy, now Vampire to Potter’s Field?”

The rest of the adults gasp and reach for their wands, none of them realized until just then that it was after sunset. That they have slept most of the past day away after the excitement of all Hollow’s Eve. Lily lifted her hand, “She can’t enter the wards.” Then created a sofa so she could sit on the ward line. “I am waiting Malfoy!”

The well groomed imperialistic looking teen knelt on the earth on the other side of the ward. “While I am a Malfoy by blood, I am not accepted to that Family.” She paused until Lily gave her a harsh get on with it glare. “I am only thirteen and have only been a vampire since my thirteenth birthday. My father is the sadistic bastard you know as Lucicus Malfoy, my mother a muggleborn a year below him at Hogwarts.” She stops and takes a deep breath, not that she needs to breath, its just a habit she has not outlived, being newly embraced.

Sirius knowing more then he cared to about the Dark Family habits. “A child of rape, with your mother given to the vampires as a plaything after Lucy had his fun, most likely not even knowing he fathered a daughter.”

The vampiress nodded and sighed, “Exactly so Lord Black.”

Lily snorted, “Or even more likely, a way to make sure the Malfoy’s don’t become forced by Magic to honor the oath bond, or have a illegitimate son to start a dynasty war.”

Sirius looked at Lily, “Two levels of betrayal? One in Arms and the other in Daughters?”

Lily waved him off, “Not Important at the moment.” She looked back at the Vampiress, “What do you want child?”

The teenage vampire sighed, “Three boons to the Ancient One I beg.” She placed her forehead to the dirt at the base of the rock that rested at the ward line. “I beg by my blood and the blood that came before, that I am heard.”

Lily waved her hand and intoned, “Speak and I will Hear, by blood for blood and with blood.”

The teen somehow lowered herself even more onto the ground, yet her voice was clear, “I am Solerina, daughter and Childe of Rosilend of the Ruby Hair, Grandchilde of Richard the Granger, who once worked this very field.”

Sirius looked at Lily, “Ruby hair, oh god. James would of killed him even back then!” Lily looked around clearly not getting the reference. Suddenly Bella made a gagging sound, “Sirius, Ewww… Just Ewww!!!!”

Lily hissed, “Someone explain now. I know James always had a bit of a Hero Knight complex, but I am guessing I am missing something.”

Amelia suddenly gasped, “Oh Morgana, Sirius you can’t be serious. This vampire was embraced by her own mother. Who you think was only raped and abused because she was easier to get to then Lily Evans? You were all eleven then and Malfoy was what thirteen or fourteen?”

Lily gasped, “Oh god, that is sick”

Bella nodded, “But knowing Lucy like I do, probably true. Back to our guest though Mistress.”

Lily looked down and sighed, “Speak Solerina, I hear your blood call. For whom do you beg boon?”

Solerina whispered, her voice heavy with emotions, “From my grandsire that you look in on the last of his bloodline that still lives within the mortal coil. He has reason to believe that the Magic of the Line is reborn. He begs that the House he served gives this ultimate granddaughter the guidance it once gave him, when he was a child and young man.”

Lily nodded, “If he can get me more detailed information on this child and her parents. The House Potter will make sure his line does not end with him, as long as we draw breath.The other adults just shrugged, it may not have been done in hundreds of years but, such a boon has been given to magical vampires before.

Solerina’s whispered voice becomes stronger and yet heavier with emotion, “For my mother and sire, that I am not given Final Death and allowed to exist. And for myself Vengeance on he that is my Father, take from him all that is his.”

Lily blinked, “And what would you give me if I take his power from him?”

Solerina looked up and stared Lily in the eyes, keeping the rest of her body pressed to the ground. “Anything, even my death”


While Lily was trying to figure out what to say to that, Harry looked at Bella and the obedient Silver Fang stood up, she carried her Master across the ward and set him standing on the ground before her. Lily suddenly cast a shield to stop Sirius and Amelia, “Stop both of you, lets see what Harry has set in motion, Bella is faster then any fledgling.” Unable to do anything the two just stood right behind the shield and watched their godson.

Solerina felt power rolling off these two, though they seemed young the boy’s power seemed to pulse in a way that was rare even among the greatest. Suddenly he spoke, “Mine.”

Solerina did not understand but the power rolled in that word was so strong that she knelt up and bared her throat, as if facing a Master Vampire alone. Her mystical senses screaming, “Submit!” Harry wrapped his arms around that pale throat and Solerina began to scream, not even sure herself if it was due to pleasure, pain or fear. She now knew what she faced, a Necromancer Born. As the silver collar formed under the arms of the toddler, something else happened as well, the Necromancer Rite, used the blood of the Necromancer as the key to the enslavement. It normally would be a complex ritual which could not be used the way Harry just enforced it. Yet Harry was a child, and a necromancer born. The very rituals were in his blood by nature.There was something else in that blood, it had already claimed a mortal evil as its own, now it claimed this vampire girl. There was nothing Solerina or any of her vampire blood could do. Necromancers were feared because they were the only nonvampires that could truly enslave or change a vampire. In Solerina the Flame burned and she screamed as her fangs grew, fell out and regrew as pure silver.

Lily sighed, “So Magic does not care for the choices of a the Heads of House after all. Since Harry somehow claimed a Malfoy who is not legally a Malfoy.”

Sirius blinks then started to to snort. This in turn became a barking laugh. Tonks being three had no clue why he was laughing, but since his laugh sounded like a dog bark she started to giggle and that grew into a full on belly laugh, that sounded a lot like the yapping of a puppy. The two funny laughs set Susan off giggling and gurgling.

Andromeda Tonks glare at her cousin, “Just what is so bloody funny Sirius. I am not understanding most of this and I am sure I am not alone.”

Lily giggled, “Harry pulled a Potter. The first part of the boon to destroy Lucy is done. Magic can careless if Solerina was claimed as a Malfoy, as the blood rite of disavowal was not done. She is a Malfoy and now she is Harry’s creature.”

Andromeda blinked, “Are you telling me that Harry now owns a Black and a Malfoy, one of which is a vampire?” Lily and Bella look at each other over the ward boundary. Lily turned to look at the other adults, “Was a Vampire, she is something else now, alive again.”

Edgar gasped, “Necromancer! That dolt half blood of a Dark Lord, tried to use the Death Spell on a True Born Necromancer?!?”

Lily sighed, “I need oaths, that information can not be shared!”

Sirius nodded, “Wait a moment Lily, we will do so. But first I need to check something. Do any of you know the spell to check for Headship of a House, or do I need to risk summoning the Ring without being sure?”

Edgar blinked and then his face lit up, “Yes that would work. Let me get my Grimore.”

Lily shook her head, “I know its in the Potter book, but I don’t have it memorized.”

Harry released the vampire and turn toward Sirius, he pointed his hand at his godfather and hissed like a snake.

Lily’s eyes widened in shock, “I test this for the Right of Blood. Lord to Rule Lesser House.” She looked at the other adults, “It can’t be that simple??”

Edgar shrugged, “It probably translates to something like that. Though there is no way Harry should be able to do that without a wand even with the Grimore in his soul.”

Sirius’s Aura suddenly burst out into visible Black Flames.

Lily quirked her brow at Edgar, “You were saying? Am I to understand that born necromancers are immune to the Death Curse?”

Edgar nodded, “Yes, no death magic can truly kill a born necromancer, weaken them yes, but it is said they will return to health stronger then they were, A few hundred years ago, my House lost all of its female children and all but three boys before they stopped casting that spell at every child on their third birthday.”

Sirius shivered as the aura faded, “And you call my family Dark Edgar?”
The Lord Bones just snorted, “You know as well as I do, that by today’s standards all of the Ancient and Nobles would have been Dark back then.” Sirius smirked, “True enough. Time to do this.”

Gathering his magic, the Grim animagus spoke in a dead tongue, claiming his Lordship by right of blood and magic. In a flash of Black Flame black walking stick appeared in his hand and the Head of House ring on his finger.

Sirius looked at Dromeda and Ted, “Dromeda, if you wish, the easiest way to do this…” He stopped and waited knowing that she understood.

The eldest Black sister looked at her husband, he just nodded with a smile. She whispers, “Do it, My Lord Black”.

With a smile Sirius cuts his palm and rests his ring in his blood. “By blood, for the blood, I reclaim Andromeda Black Tonks, as a daughter of the Ancient and Noble House Black. I claim her husband Theodore Tonks as a noble addition to the Family Magics, may his Magic make us stronger. I claim her daughter, Nymphdora Tonks as a witch of great talent. Her Talent makes us Stronger. So Mote it be!”
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